How Do You Spread A Bed Nicely?

Spread your bed nicely and create a spectacular centerpiece for your bedroom. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, your bedroom can resemble a first-class haven, only if you put in some work.

Even though you have the most luxurious beddings, you have to use an advanced technique to make your bed. Let’s look at a detailed process on how to spread your bed nicely in this article.

Best technique of making a bed well

Never underestimate the power of a nicely spread bed. Think about it. Your bed is where you unwind and destress after a long day. When neatly spread, it offers the warmest and comfortable to have a good night’s sleep.

Below is a detailed step by step process of how to apply your bed nicely.

Step one:

The first step would be to remove anything lying on the bed; your beddings, mosquito nets, clothes, among others. Find the right spot to hang or keep these items. Do not place them on the floor. I mean, they could catch anything; dirt, insects, water.

Step two:

Once the bed is free from clutter, grab the bedsheet’s long side and fit it to one side of the bed. As you do this, spread out the whole sheet across the mattress evenly. The amount of material hanging on each side should be equal.

Tuck and fit it on all sides of the bed while paying attention to all the corners. In the end, ensure that you have an even surface that is free from all folds. Note; it easier to work with high quality bed sheets.

Step three:

The next step would be to spread your flat sheet. Spread the flat sheet across the whole bed evenly. Ensure that the flat sheets have an equal amount of material hanging on the sides. The result should be a uniform surface with no folds and creases.

Then, start tucking in the flat sheet under the mattress starting from the far end of the bed. Then, do the same for the sides. When it comes to the corners, it would be best to use hospital corners.

These type of corners keeps the sheet firmly fixed to the bed for the whole night. Leave some space on the upper section of the bed (where the headboard usually is). Doing this enables you to fold over the sheet later.

Step four:

Spread over your blanket across the bed. This step is not compulsory, especially if you don’t use a blanket. Once you spread the blanket, begin tucking it in under that quality mattress. Ensure that you have a uniform surface that is free from folds.

Heavy blankets can be challenging to spread across the bed. But do your best to ensure that the blanket stays smooth on the bed.

Step five:

The next step would be to find the right topper for your bed. It could be a duvet or quilt. It depends on your preference.

Spread the topper over the blanket uniformly. Since you will not tuck in your topper, you should have an equal amount of material draping on all sides.

Pull the topper downwards such that you leave a few inches for the pillows. Then, remember the fitted sheet we left hanging?

Fold it over the topper.

Step six:

Now that you have your topper, it’s now time to place your pillows. But first, ensure that you cover them using a suitable and clean pillow cover. Let your pillows lie against the headboard.

On average, you should place three pillows on your bed. But it depends on the size of the bed. The larger the bed, the more pillows you would require. Additionally, before placing them, ensure you fluff them. This way, your pillows would look fuller and more appealing.

Last step

Once you finish doing everything, you can now add anything you’d like. Consider throwing small pillows on the top of the bed.

Alternatively, you can place a fur blanket to increase the bed’s aesthetics. All you have to do is ensure that all the accessories complement the décor of your room.

Commonly asked questions about bed spreading

How can I create a hotel-style bed?

If you wish to invigorate your bed and make it look like those in first-class resorts, all you have to do is follow a specific technique when making your bed.

The best way to do this is by incorporating hospital corners. Not only will this boost the bed’s aesthetics, but also keep the sheet fastened onto the mattress. Then, think of adding three or more luxury pillows on the upper section of your bed.

Aside from functional pillows, use throw pillows to decorate the bed. Also, spread a small high-end blanket at the foot side of the bed. All these techniques will help you create a hotel-style bed.

Do I need to make my bed daily?

Unquestionably, you have to spread your bed every day. Making your bed not only keeps your room organized but keeps your mind organized throughout the whole day. Make it a priority to spread your bed first thing in the morning.

How can I increase the comfortability of my bed?

If you desire to make your bed cozier, consider using a mattress pad or get a gel memory topper. A mattress pad protects the mattress from sweat stains, among other forms of dirt. Also, some mattress pads are well known for regulating temperatures at night.

In turn, they provide the perfect temperature for a good night’s sleep. Using soft and functional pillows also makes your bed more comfortable. Nonetheless, ensure you buy a high-quality mattress.

In summary

You have to follow a specific step by step process if you wish to spread a bed nicely. Luckily, this process is pretty much straightforward. So, you can always modify your bedroom into a premium haven just by spreading your bed nicely.

The secret is often to come up with good hospital corners. Hospital corners make the real difference. You might have to watch a few YouTube tutorials to make sure you master this technique.

But it’s all worth it in the end. Additionally, you have to spread your bed daily and clean your beddings frequently to maintain its aesthetics.