How To Decorate A Teenage Girl’s Small Bedroom

Teenagers are choosy on just about everything. Especially when it comes to their room bed type, type of mattress, pillow design and size, type and color of bed sheet material and so on.

Girls especially tend to be keen on details from the outfits they wear, the shoes they rock, hairdos, make up et cetera.

How to design a girl’s room

Finding the right room design worthy of their approval can be exhausting, much more when you are working with tiny spaces.

The idea with congested rooms is to free as much clutter and create an illusion of space. The layout has to be neat, refined and well organized.

Here are a few ideas to create a happy room that your teenager will love you for.

Upgrade the Pink Shades

A lot of young girls have grown in bright pink rooms similar to that of Barbie. If you imagine your teenager will want to retain the same coral, think again.

Instead of the old boring norm try throw in different subdued shades within the same family, for instance blush pink or purple. This gives a modern and more mature look fitting for your daughter.

In case you have a tom boy in your hands who gravitates towards darker shades, you could pair up dark grey with either white or lighter grey hues.

This saves you from the temptation of going all dark instead, it gives both a conserved but descent appeal.

Remember that neutral colors go well with bold ones, so be careful not to overindulge with very bright walls or floors; you may end up with a mouthful. Blend the two to create a balance.

White bases also come in handy because they easily allow you to change corals any time your teen is bored.

A carefully thought out color palette could be all you need to switch up your space. 

Apply interesting wall themes

Aside from paint, feature walls connote a sense of style and edge. The beauty with such themes is that you can play around with it to create just about anything.

It offers limitless options apart from style. This could include aspects like soundproofing which some paints can offer on the door and wall.

A wall theme can be a series of decals, sculptured maps of different geographic, beautiful art pieces hang up, the list is endless.

Usually, the artifacts come with some little space that can fit in memorable photos or heartfelt memories, it is the perfect deal.

If you want to go the extra mile, incorporate beautiful wall papers on top of the paint. They give extra detail and ambience. You can never go wrong with a nice wall theme.

Install liberal lighting fixtures

Lighting is everything, whether it’s natural light or artificial. Any setting could do better with more light, particularly smaller rooms.

Because of limited space already squeezing in things, at the least have a variety of lighting equipment if you don’t have large windows.

Night stands and floor lamps work well. If you cannot afford one you can always create simple homemade lamps. String lights are quite an affordable trend.

They are very flexible meaning you can fit them onto any surface, for instance on bed head boards when you want a soft lighting as you read or along linen drapes beside your bed.

If your bed is placed in the middle of the room then the lights illuminate a bright warm centerpiece.

Lamp stands are not limited to bedtime stands and tables; place them in dark corners of the room for a brighter lounge space. Pick graceful attractive lampshades for an aesthetic appeal. 

Get mirror galleries

Mirrors of different shapes, sizes and cuts add life into the room. They are a great feature and work perfectly well even with limited spaces.

You can fit a large one behind your closet door while incorporating smaller versions in areas you feel need a touch up.

Some of the cool designs show mirrors layered just above head boards as a form of art. Remember to position the mirrors in appropriate spots such that they do not reflect. 

Add slim chic furniture

Slender profile chairs add a classy touch. The thinner the equipment the more space you achieve. Work with fairly small tables too to bring the look together.

White or nude shades equally tend to give a clean fresh finish. Ensure you position the furniture at the corner of the room and not in the middle, preferably facing back against the wall.  

Have colorful and sizeable drawer units

A good dress wardrobe size is an effective way to collect all the extras, especially those make up brushes that scatter everywhere.

Designers suggest use of a magnet make up board for a neat make up design that will free your dressing table.

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Feel free to go for playful mixed patterns t and lively outlooks. The monochrome pattern  particularly has proven to be a great trend for girls seeking to make a bold fashion statement. 

Get matching floating shelves

Just for extra space consider building floating shelves that match the room’s color. They are a safe place to keep school books, diaries and stationery.

The resemblance to walls not only keeps the color theme going, but also adds a youthful energy compared to plain dull surfaces. Part of a beautiful room involves a presentable working space. 

Blended boxes and suitcases with the theme of the room

You can never have too much of auxiliary space. If the drawers and shelves grow insufficient then boxes are another viable option for the excess clutter.

Colorful boxes and not just any kind. Vintage suitcases are perfect for a toned down yet unique look.

If you can get the boxes to match with your room’s color palette the better, they will look like an accessory rather than take up more space.


Buy a vibrant bed frame

Bed frames do not have to be casual, they can add contrast if matched well. In the case of a small room getting a roll away bed or a cozy daybed could work well.

A vibrant shade adds a pop of color without trying too hard. This is a good option especially if your teenager is a bit shy of obvious, radiant hues. It is best to let her decide what color she would comfortable with.

Spread luxurious bedding on the bed

In most instances the bed is the largest furniture in the room. Great duvet or comforter set covers will turn it in to a statement piece.

Purchase good quality covers that come in a burst of color or matching pillow pieces. Measurements are also very key so get the right fit.

As for decorative throw pillows, soft fury ones are the best. Go for different shapes and sizes.

You can opt to spread the pillows casually or hone into a sophisticated look with more organization. Get varying patterns that work well together as it gives the room so much vibrancy.

For an even cozier feel substitute old rugs with spongy ones that are friendly to the feet, the end result will be game-changer. A touch of floor pillows that match the theme color of a room would also be perfect.

Get a mounted head board for the bed

They not only save on space but spruce up your sleeping space as well. Add some sparkle with a unique headboard.

You can find simple tutorials on You Tube on how to make one for yourself. A substitute for headboards alternative would be tapestry or decorative linen. Use of high hanging drapes creates a charming illusion.  

Pick tropical themes

What better way to add an outdoor feel to your indoor setting. Floral patterns exude so much warmth and life. They can be incorporated on anything from bedding, walls, ceilings , cushions even carpets.

Their unique embroidery designed with birds and butterflies insert a whimsical atmosphere. Blue hues  especially work perfect with outdoor designs.

A deep orange paired with softer shades also gets the job done. Do not shy away from new ideas, that complement the scene. A Boho scheme for instance is very close to a Tropical setting.

Add cute little details in the room

It’s the little things that complete the whole look. Settle for crafty details such as attractive wall clocks, marble plant pots, flower lamp shades et cetera.

The bulbs, curtain drapes, trendy and colorful bean bag, this is where all your creativity comes in to play. If you can splurge a bit and get chandelier lights, go ahead.

To make the room smell amazing get an air purifier. You are at liberty to add fine points to your taste. 

Add a unique personal touch

Your teen will probably want to customize her room to her preference. Photos of family and friends are one way to go about it.

Work with beautiful picture frames to sparkle the walls. Placing equally matters, a frame positioned on gloomy surfaces enhances visibility.

Add pretty trash can

As minute as this may sound, it helps maintain cleanliness. It is of no use to have a pretty room with papers lying all over the floor. A trash can keeps the room tidy; again, it has to be good looking and matching your floor mats.                                                                

A few things to keep in mind when decorating a girl’s room

  • Involve your teenager; it is her room after all.
  • Consult with experts for more ideas on how to turn small rooms into beautiful ones.
  • Revamps work equally well; you don’t always have to buy new stuff.
  • Stick to your budget
  • Keep it simple, simple is classy.


A decorative room has no limits to what you can explore. Keep an open mind and adjust to better options if your initial idea does not seem to work well. With the help of the above guidelines you should be on the right track.