How Do You Decorate A Small Boy’s Bedroom?

A small boy’s room can be quite a challenge to decorate. It is every parent’s dream to have a bright, cozy and uncluttered room for their little one.

The use of the bedroom evolves as the child grows. The bedroom will not only be a place for your child to sleep but also a place for them to do their homework and play.

This is why getting a lofty bed for kids or a well designed bunk bed will enable you achieve the above.

Small boys are known to be quite adventurous and so it takes quite some creativity to make their rooms a place that they would love to be in.

Since little boys have a love for superheroes, you can consider their favorite heroes when decorating their room. This knowledge can easily influence the theme chosen for the room.

And again, being his room, his likes need to be considered when choosing the décor for the room.

This ranges from the kind of bed pillow designs, floor pillows, bed sheets and the patterns appearing on the mattress covers.

While it might be easier to choose the décor for a baby’s room, as they grow, you will get to know what your little boy loves and prefers for his room.

His bedroom needs to be a cheery little space that is not only cozy but also a place that they would love to creatively spend their time in.

How can I make a room cool for boys?

Sometimes, you are stuck with quite a small space that you have to decorate so that the room can be beautiful as well as useful to your little boy.

Small spaces, as well as large places, can be tastefully decorated to suit the needs of your little boy by maximizing the use of every inch of the room.

Top priorities must be placed on the bed storage, space, and some desk space. You can use the following ideas to make the room look cool for your little boy:

Maximize on the floor space

First things first! The most important thing about any bedroom is the bed. When working with small spaces, you can create more floor space by raising the bed off the floor.

You can build a bed that is about 5 feet off the ground to build some space on the floor. Since little boys love adventure, a bed with a ladder is more than a welcome idea to them.

The floor space under the bed can be used for countless creative ideas. Most important of all is that it can be play space for your little boy.

He can play with his toys, Legos, camping space or even a place to build his little kingdom. A portion of the space beneath the bed can be used creatively for some study space.

You can fit in a small pouf or table and a foldable chair can be placed in at one corner. This way, the table lamp can also be used for studying as well as reading in bed.

There is also the option of having a floor cushion for reading which enhances the room appearance. You might also want to consider investing in furniture that can have multiple uses.

For example, invest in a bed with inbuilt storage space. You can also have a table fitted in the room to serve as both a bedside table as well as a study table.

The folding chair for the study can also be useful by mom or dad when reading a bedtime story. Ensure that each piece of furniture is measured carefully and fits into the space very well. This can reduce the cramming of furniture in the room.

Be creative with storage spaces

Small built-in storage can make a whole lot of difference in the décor of a room. You can also use the increased floor space created by a raised bed to build some more storage space for toys and other personal items.

You can have some drawers and shelves to create sufficient storage spaces.

A built-in wardrobe can be done on one wall while leaving some room for a place for a little desk for studying. This can create an illusion for space while at the same time being useful for storage.

You can fit in a rail peg on the wall above or beside the bed for hanging things like their robes.

This can also be a place for them to hang frequently used, but easily forgotten or misplaced items like their PE bags.

Use color to create the desired effect

How you use color determines the general outlook of your room.

Key is the color of the wall since it can determine the color of all the other items and how they blend and also offer soundproofing for the door, window and wall, we know how boys are get noisy.

Bearing in mind that most of the items that are meant for children are normally brightly colored or boldly patterned, you need to have a balanced color scheme on the walls of your little boy’s bedroom.

For smaller rooms, you can use light colors to create an illusion of space. Some bold colors can make a room feel cramped and busy. Ensure that the wall and floor colors are similar and blend well to get the desired effect.

You can also choose to use wallpaper on the wall and a touch of a beautiful wall-clock. Limit the use of wallpaper on one wall so that the room walls do not get too busy.

There is an array of pictures, wall signs, wallpapers in different colors and themes that can be used to decorate your little boy’s room. You can even make it a little more fun for them by taking them shopping with you.

You can maximize the choice of colors on the bedding and other fittings around the room.

Some accessories like cushions and rugs can be used to create the desired effect of not only a cozy room but also add to a tasteful finish to the room.

You can scatter cushions in a variety of to increase their impact in the room’s décor. You can also tastefully design the bed to fit into the theme of the room.

The type of bed and bedding is also important in creating the theme of the room. Consider the color of the walls and another décor in choosing the bed.

You can also play around with paint colors to tastefully playoff simple bed designs. Then top it all up by adding a quality air freshener or purifier, make sure it works well.