Review Of Purple Vs SleepOvation Mattress

Shopping online can be hectic. There are so many products to choose from and each of them seems to have great features. This makes it difficult to settle on one.

Today, we’ve picked two bed-in-a-box brands, Purple and SleepOvation to compare against each other. We will put their features under a magnifying glass and see which one would be a better fit for you. Let’s get started.

Purple Vs Sleepovation – Which is the best?

Both SleepOvation and Purple are household names. Both mattress brands have set themselves apart in the market by their ingenious designs.

SleepOvation splits its foam layer into small cubes that provide unprecedented pain relief qualities. Each cube is designed to offer precision in comfort and pain relief making it more comfortable than its competitors.

The division of the foam layer into smaller cubes also helps cool the mattress increasing its comfort qualities. Purple, on the other hand, uses dense foams to provide its users with the much needed firm support.

The dense foams are fitted with something they call Smart Comfort Grid to provide incredible pressure relief qualities. This means that regardless of the position its users sleep in, they will be comfortable.

The Smart Comfort Grid also gives the foam unheard of cooling abilities increasing its comfort. In addition to their smart designs, both SleepOvation and Purple have very aggressive marketing strategies.

If you have a TV or connection to the internet, you have seen at least one of their adverts. Purple’s egg challenge went viral causing the name Purple to be on everyone’s lips!

On the other hand, SleepOvation’s tag line – “fix your back or get you money back” makes it seem like the ultimate choice. Now let’s put the features each brand advertises and see if they are what they are all they claim to be.

Purple and SleepOvation product description:

Purple Mattress

Purple Mattress - Queen, GelFlex Grid, Better Than Memory Foam, Temperature Neutral, Responsiveness, Breathability, Made in USA
1,244 Reviews
Purple Mattress - Queen, GelFlex Grid, Better Than Memory Foam, Temperature Neutral, Responsiveness, Breathability, Made in USA
  • CUSHIONS & SUPPORTS – The Purple Mattress features 2'' of Purple’s GelFlex...
  • OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE - With over 1,400+ air channels built into the...
  • INSTANT RESPONSE - The GelFlex Grid immediately flexes to support your position...

Just like SleepOvation, Purple’s main selling point is its unique pressure point relief system and firm support. However, instead of dividing their foam layer into several tiny mattresses, Purple uses a grid texture on the top layer to give its users precise support and pressure point relief.

The textured grid also functions as the mattress’ cooling system giving you that fresh feeling when you wake up. Every purple mattress comes in a removable cover.

When the time comes to clean the mattress, simply unzip the cover and wash it. The cover works with the top layer to ensure there is little motion transfer as you change positions while sleeping.

SleepOvation Mattress

Buying a SleepOvation Mattress is like buying 700 tiny mattresses sawed together. The foam layer of the SleepOvation mattress is divided 700 times to give precise support in every part of your body. Each ‘tiny mattress’ measures 2.25 inches by 2.25inch by 3 inches.

Each cube sits on a coil pocketed in the fabric giving the part of the body it supports perfect support and comfort. Since each cube concentrates on just a small portion of the body, SleepOvation is considered to give superior lumbar support.

In addition to this, SleepOvation mattresses come in a removable cover that is flexible enough to make it easy to change positions.

Purple and SleepOvation best price

Let have a good look and compare these to quality mattress;

Purple mattress cost

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Compared to SleepOvation, Purple is more affordable.

Its queen size mattress is priced at $999. Compared to its competitors in the foam mattresses market, this price is on the high side. However, if you consider the benefits that come with its features, $999 is a fair price.

Besides, you get a 100 night free sleep trial and a warranty that lasts 10 years. The 100 nights free trial gives you time to decide if that’s the Purple mattress you want to settle for. If not, you have an opportunity to return it and choose a different purple mattress.

Cost of buying SleepOvation mattress

A SleepOvation queen size mattress goes for $1749. Compared to Purple, this is almost twice the price.

However, if you consider the unique technology used to develop this mattress, the multitude of benefits it comes with and the comfort you will enjoy each night, SleepOvation is priced just right.

You get to enjoy a pain-free night thanks to the 700 tiny mattresses. Besides, it also comes with a warranty that lasts 10 years and 100 nights free trial.


When your mattress is delivered it will have some odors regardless of the brand. The odor is due to the fumes emitted during the manufacturing process.

The fact that the mattresses are delivered rolled up and compressed into bags and boxes only contributes to increasing or prolonging the bad odors. Therefore, when you receive your mattress, after setting it up, it is advisable to leave it to off-gas for a few days.

The odors emitted by both Purple and SleepOvation mattresses are harmless. However, they may cause some irritation especially to people who are sensitive to smells. Though Purple mattresses decompress and take shape in a matter of minutes, they need up to five days to off-gas.

This means that after you set up, you will have to wait five days before you can sleep comfortably on your new mattress. If you decide to use it anytime sooner than five days after set up, you’ll have to endure the bad smell.

SleepOvation also needs some time to off-gas. What sets it apart from other brands is the foams they use to make their mattresses are CertiPUR-US. Meaning, the odors released during off-gassing are non-toxic and minimal.

Therefore, in addition to the two days, your mattress will need to firm up after set up, you only need one extra day for it to off-gas. So three days after setting up your mattress, you can sleep comfortably on it.

Comfort of Purple compared to SleepOvation

Regardless of the materials used to make a mattress and the way it is delivered to you, if it is not comfortable then nothing else matters. Both SleepOvation and Purple are advertised as the most comfortable mattresses in the bed-in-a-box market. Well, are they?

Let’s take a closer look.

Purple mattress comfort level

The Purple mattress raw egg challenge best illustrated the comfort Purple mattresses have to offer. These mattresses are designed to be firm enough to offer you the support that you need yet soft enough to give you the pressure relief other mattresses do not give.


Because of the polyurethane foam used to make it, it gives side sleepers and back sleepers the much-needed support. When sleeping in these positions, users enjoy optimum levels of lumbar support and spine alignment resulting in a night of restful sleep. However, stomach sleepers and people with heavyweights might not find it firm enough.

The responsive knitted cover works with the Smart textured grid to give pressure relief, especially at the hip and shoulder for the side sleeper.

SleepOvation comfort level

SleepOvation set themselves apart by their 700 tiny mattresses in one design. Each tiny mattress is fixed on top of a coil combining the comfort of foam and coil to give you the support you need.

Each tiny piece targets a small portion of your body giving special attention to the different parts. Meaning, for the side sleeper, the shoulder and the hip will get that extra support needed while giving the other parts of the body the light support it needs.

Apart from giving different parts of the body specialized attention, the 700 tiny mattresses offer pain relief for every point in your body.

This makes it perfect for people who have physically involving jobs. The SleepingOvation design also allows the user to easily change position while sleeping. Since each part of your body is supported by several smaller mattresses, they barely leave an impression.

So when you turn in your sleep, you won’t have to wait a few seconds for the previous impression to fade away. However, because of the flexibility that comes with the design, back sleepers may not find it firm enough.

Material used to make SleepOvation Vs Purple mattress

Knowing the material a mattress is made of enables you to judge whether it will serve you or not. Both Purple and SleepOvation have outdone themselves in choosing the materials to make their mattresses.

The materials purple chose resulted in a mattress that is firm enough to support you but soft enough to keep a raw egg pressed against it from breaking.

The materials SleepOvation chose to make their mattresses firm enough to support all weights but flexible enough to give you pain relief at every part of your body.

Purple choose to make their mattresses three-layered. Each layer contributes to its signature medium-firm feel. The first layer is made of a hyper-elastic polymer Smart Comfort Grid that measures 2 inches thick.

This first layer is responsible for the pressure relief Purple mattresses are famous for. This hyper-elastic polymer is soft enough to give that ideal sinking in areas where greater pressure is applied.

As a result, when one sleeps on his or her side, the mattress sinks at the shoulder and the hips retaining the natural body outline.

The second layer is made of a polyurethane foam which is responsible for the mattress’ firm feel. This 3.5 inch segment is charged with balance distribution making the whole mattress feel consistent and comfortable.

The balance distribution made possible by this layer also contributes to the longevity of the mattress. The last layer is made of a polyurethane foam that is denser than that of the second layer. Its main purpose is to provide the user with the support he or she needs.

But that’s not all. The purple mattress also comes in a knit stretchy mattress cover that works with the top layer to give you ultimate pressure relief.

The cover is responsive to movement thus making it easy for you to change positions in your sleep. It is also breathable giving you that fresh feeling when you wake up.

Just like Purple, the materials SleepOvation chose to make their mattresses have been a game-changer in the bed-in-a-box industry.

SleepOvation mattresses are designed in such a way that the top part of the mattress is divided into 700 cubes yet they are all joined together at the base.

Each cube, cushion pocket, is made up of two layers: the top layer made of foam, and the lower layer made of springs.

The foam layer is wrapped and fixed on top of an 8 inch tall spring. Each spring is made of 0.78 high carbon steel and is wrapped in a fabric pocket.

Together these two layers give you the best of foam and spring mattresses. SleepOvation also comes in a beautiful knit cover that is specially engineered to keep you cool. The air channels it is fitted with ensures you remain comfortable in your sleep.

Sleepovation and Purple mattress sleeping cool

Purple mattress cooling aspect

Purple chose its name, color, and cover design intentionally. All are temperature neutral. Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid is designed to be an open grid. The open grid allows for adequate airflow keeping the mattress cool.

In addition to the ample airflow, the Purple knit cover is designed to be thin. Meaning, even areas whether the body exerts a lot of pressure the cover can still breathe. Therefore, regardless of the weight of the person sleeping on the mattress or the position you sleep in, you will sleep cool.

SleepOvation Mattress cooling system

The design SleepOvation chose for their mattresses gives them the perfect cooling system. Since the mattress is partitioned into 700 tiny mattresses, air can easily flow in between the cushion pockets to give you the cooling effect you desire.

This design not only works for cooling but also for cleaning. You can easily run your hand vacuum cleaner through the rows and columns to remove any dirt trapped in between.

Though both mattresses emphasize on their ability to cool, we can recommend them to warm sleepers as well. The ability to cool referred to in this article does not necessarily mean that the mattress will be cold. It simply means that it can breathe. Warm air can find its way out and cool air can find its way in.

Motion transfer

Most people do not sleep alone. We sleep with our partners, pets, and sometimes with our children. When you share your bed with someone, each time they change positions or get up, you feel some motion transfer.

Both SleepOvation and Purple have gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone sleeping on their mattresses experiences as little motion transfer as possible.

SleepOvation has a simple yet effective mechanism for making this possible. Each tiny mattress is wrapped separately and fixed on its own coil. Since the coils are not attached to each other, you will not feel the motion transfer common with other spring mattresses.

This means that even if your partner gets up while you are asleep, you will barely feel it. If you are a pet owner who lets their pets sleep in bed with them, SleepOvation is perfect for you.

You will barely notice when the pet jumps in and out of the bed. This mattress is also perfect for partners who have different work schedules.

Purple, on the other hand, employs an elaborate technique to help minimize motion transfer. Each of the three layers has a role to play in this. The Smart Comfort Grid helps insulate movement as you change positions or get up from the bed.

In case some of the vibrations get past the Smart Comfort Grid, then they are absorbed by the other two layers. Because of this system, Purple users experience way less motion transfer compared to other foam mattress users.

Edge support

It’s true that most people prefer sitting on chairs as opposed to sitting in the edge of their beds. If for whatever reason, you prefer sitting on the edge of your bed instead of a chair, then neither of these mattresses will give you the support you may be looking for.

Other mattresses are designed to have some sort of reinforcement at the edge of the mattress. The aim usually is to make the mattress comfortable for anyone who wished to sit on the edge for a long time.

While purple offers sufficient support for you to sleep anywhere on the mattress, you will notice that you do not get the same support when you sit on the edge.

This may not be a deal-breaker for many people since very few people prefer sitting on the edge of their beds. SleepOvation also shares in this flaw.

Since each tiny mattress is fixed on top of a single spring, there is little consistency at the sides. As a result, you will notice that when you sit at the edge of the mattress, it sinks. This makes it uncomfortable to sit for a long time.

However, for both SleepOvation and Purple, if you sleep on the edge of the mattress, you get just as much support as you would sleeping in the middle. This is the saving news for both of them.


Both Purple and SleepOvation are delivered at your doorstep. The delivery prices of purple are included in the final pricing so you won’t have to pay any extra charges.

The mattress will be delivered in a package weighing around 100 pounds. You might want to ask a friend to help you get it to the desired room and set it up.

Your mattress will arrive compressed and rolled up into a beautiful purple bag. Once you have it in the desired room, take it out of the bad and unroll it.

It only takes a few minutes for the mattress to decompress and take shape. Then remove the plastic wrapping and let it off-gas.

The SleepOvation mattress arrives at your doorstep rolled up and compressed into a signature box. Just like Purple, the package weighs approximately 100 pounds.

This means that you will need to ask a friend to help you carry it to the right room and set it up. However, if you wish to do it alone, you can pay extra for a ‘back saver’ box.

The ‘Back saver’ box comes wheels attached to the bottom of the package making it easy to roll the package to the right room. Once you have your mattress in the right room, unroll it then remove the plastic covering.

It only takes a few minutes for the mattress to unroll and take shape. However, it takes up to two days for the mattress to decompress and firm up.

So in addition to the two weeks, it takes for your mattress to arrive at your doorstep, you have to wait an extra two days before you can comfortably sleep on it.

Purple Vs SleepOvation mattress – our pick!

After comparing there two mattresses against each other, we had to pick one over the other. Before we do so, please note that both mattresses have awesome features to offer.

Purple stands out among other foam mattresses with its Smart Comfort Grid that gives its users unheard-of pressure relief. It also has a wonderful medium-firm feel that makes you feel like you are sleeping on the clouds.

However, we noticed that regardless of their unique technology, for the price it comes at, you can easily get a different mattress that offers different qualities.

These other mattresses definitely don’t use the same technology as purple but the results they offer are pretty close. In fact, some of them come at a lower price. SleepOvation on the other hand is a breath of fresh air in the bed-in-a-box industry.

The design they chose for their mattresses is unheard of. Their 700 tiny mattresses target different parts of the body giving you amazing pain relief.

The cooling effect it offers is incomparable to any other mattress design in the market and it’s easier to clean, compared to the rest. Because of its unique design and this design comes with, SleepOvation is our pick of the two.

However, it is important to note that our pick was solely based on comparing the features of the two mattresses. To settle on one, focus on your needs. For instance, we know stomach sleepers might prefer SleepOvation over Purple.

Purple lacks the support that stomach sleepers enjoy. We also know that back sleepers will probably prefer Purple over SleepOvation.

Because of SleepOvation’s many tiny mattresses, the mattress is pretty flexible. The result is, back sleepers don’t get that firm mattress support they need so much. Therefore, to make your pick, focus on your needs.

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