Best Use Of Down Throw Pillows

Floor pillows and cushions can really liven up a room. They are a great source of extra seating in your room, and add color and texture to your floor.

It is possible that you are asking whether it is healthy to sit on the floor in the first place.

Why get throw down pillows

Yes, sitting on the floor is great, it is mentioned by experts as one way to help improve your body posture. The explanation is that it aids in skeletal support.

It is also said to aid in relieving back-related pain, and helping in improving spinal conditions. There are specific muscles that one needs, to sit on the floor comfortably.

Those muscles develop when you create time and conscious effort to develop and strengthen them. That is why we have taken time to develop this article on floor pillows. It will shed so much light on the same, helping you to make informed decisions.

When you sit on the floor, there are a few things you need to remember:

  • Sit such that you your body weight is distributed evenly on both hips.
  • Let your knees bend at a right angle
  • Let your feet rest flat on the floor.
  • Try as much as possible not to sit in the same position past half an hour.

What if I need to sit much longer?

We are aware that your work could entail many hours of sitting. Or perhaps you have a wonderful TV series you are following and it simply makes you sit much longer.

You could also be a fun of relaxing in bed, and you do not want to lie down, but to sit upright on your bed. Those are some of the factors that bring on board, the lounge pillow:

The floor lounge pillow:

It is also described as the husband pillow. Interesting! This is because it takes the shape of a husband who is sitting, and supporting his wife who is lying on him.

This kind of pillow is supportive, holding the user in place. It also has arms that wrap its user, giving further support, as a husband would!

Why is the lounge pillow worth buying?

  • Great reading comfort: Your body needs a pillow that conforms perfectly to your body shape. The lounge pillow does that perfectly well. It offers the optimum rest and support you need when relaxing upright.
  • Bed wedge: The pillow has a backrest that will keep your back in good shape, as you relax in bed. The backrest comes in compressed, and so you would need to loosen it on arrival. Shake it vigorously for about five minutes, or air it under the dryer without the heater on. After unpacking it, you would need to give it one to two days to let it expand.
  • Versatile comfort: The pillow is made from medical grade material, to not only support those who need comfort in bed as they read a good book, but also support those that could be on medical bedrest. If your loved one is suffering from heartburn or GERD, the lounge pillow comes in handy to help elevate your upper body part.

Can I throw down the pillows?

Definitely yes! The interesting thing is that your floor will look great with the floor pillows. They make a room look cozier, whether you are working with a small or a big space.

The floor pillows are not only useful in giving your room some cool interior décor. They are also functional in that they provide you with extra seating space.

You can throw the pillows on the floor and use them when guests come over, or enjoy dinner as a family sitting on the pillows, or even let the children sleep on them when they come over to your place for sleepover.

You would need to know the different types of floor pillows, so that your purchase of the same serves your need.

There is the leather floor pillow

This is a floor pillow made from the highest quality leather. There are two types of this kind- the basic one without external décor, and the one with customized stitch details.

The leather is usually rich grained, and it gets better with age. To give the leather pillow the best care, do not expose it to direct heat. Wipe it with a dry cloth, and give the new leather scent to fade away with time.

Then there is the velvet floor pillow

This is a perfect floor pillow whose design is a combination of modern and retro aspects. Its surface is both soft and stunning. Its fillings ensure a plump as well as a full shape.

Some will have a cover that is easy to remove, to make it easy for your cleaning. Most velvet floor pillows come in at a friendly price, without compromising the quality.

Finally, the boho floor pillow

The boho pillows are incredibly famous, a result of the Bohemian style. They are known for mandalas, vivid colors and geometric prints that are very bold. It may seem difficult at first to achieve the boho look, but you will be amazed at how easily you can achieve that.

All you need is to combine a couple of throw pillows, those with amazing colors, and boom! You get yourself the boho outlook. You can get yourself a set of six rectangular shaped throw pillows, check the ones that have varying textures.

You can also consider Tasseled boho pillow sham, amongst other choices you will find from your online shop.

Will my online shop help?

Yes sure. You will find amazing deals and options if you want to shop online. If you are looking for classy stuff that will be budget friendly, you can consider getting the floor pillows from IKEA.

You will have variety of choices in terms of color and size. If you are facing a challenge with the shipping fee, consider buying the floor pillows from World Market stores.

Their shipping cost is free, and they distribute their products all over the world. You will get an amazing variety of floor pillows, for example their round Medallion floor pillow.

You will also get a variety of textures, for example their velvet tufted floor pillow. If you are looking for amazing oversized floor pillows, Target stores will come in handy.

Their shipping cost is also free for the qualifying orders. You will also get a variety of the same in terms of sizes, texture and color.

What about my outdoors?

When your indoor space is looking great, you want your outdoors to match the standard. That is how the outdoor throw pillows come in handy. You will get a variety of them from your online shop.

Some are faux leather, faux suede, cotton or polyester. You can also consider waterproof floor pillows for your outdoors. You can use weather-guard sprays to keep them from fading, increasing their durability as well.

Use the floor pillows to make both your indoors and outdoors adorable!