How To Identify And Choose Quality Bath Towels

Buying towels, just like buying any other house item isn’t easy.

You walk into the supermarket and you’re bombarded with piles and piles of towels of different colors, texture, and materials.

While it is easy to choose the color you want, there’s so much more that goes into choosing a towel that you will be confused like the next buyer standing next to you. Which is to say, buying towels isn’t an easy task.

You have to find a blend of so many factors, and when you do, you might not even be able to get the right weight or size when you are shopping online. Yeah, that is another problem.

How to pick the best bath towel for you

When you shop offline in the supermarket, you can see the towels and gauge how good they will serve you.

You can know the dimensions of the towel, how the stitches on the corners are done and know how long it will last before the thread begins to loosen. When you shop online, your tragedy doubles.

You can’t see the real towel, and if you don’t know what to look for, you might end up buying the exact opposite of the towel you needed.

Before you go out to buy the towel, consider your immediate needs and find a towel that will help you meet the intricate balance of functionality, aesthetics, and personal taste. In general, here are the things you need to consider when shopping for a towel;

Things to consider when buying a bathroom towel

1. Absorbency of the towel

A bathroom towel needs to have a high absorbency so that you can use it quicker and with less stress. Heavier towels have higher absorbency than light ones and so can do a better job.

On the other hand, heavier towels take longer to dry than lighter towels. A part from thickness, the fabrics used in making the towel also influence how absorbent it becomes.

For instance, towels made of Pima or Egyptian cotton are more absorbent than towels made from a combination of cotton and polyester.

Though cotton is great in absorbency, if you want a highly absorbent towel, buy towels made of rayon as they are more absorbent than those made of cotton.

Absorbency matters because it is what determines the experience you get when using the towel to dry yourself.

More absorbent towels can take in a lot of water, but they can also wick it away faster if you line dry it after use.

2. Durability of the towel

The process of finding the right towel for your needs can be exhausting, which means you should take longer before you need another towel.

Here again a lot comes to play. First, if durability is your key concern, go for two-ply towels; they are layered and will last longer than one ply. Also the fabrics used to make the towel will determine how long it serves you.

Cotton makes longer-lasting towels than rayon. Towels with thicker yarns will last longer than those with lighter ones. And it makes your work easier when you can spot the difference before you buy.

When it comes to durability, it matters how well you take care of your towels. You can buy the most expensive of all the towels in the supermarket, but if you expose to harsh laundry detergents, it will lose color, wear out and be disposed long before its lifespan.

To ensure durability of your towels, know that towels get wet, but should never stay wet. Dry your towels in the air after use so that they don’t become breeding grounds for mildew and other bacteria.

Also, don’t expose the towels to too much dirt as aggressive washing can hasten tear and wear of the towel.

3. Softness of the towel

Many people love their towels soft, and you’re no exception. Don’t you love the soft touch of the towels on your body after a soul-nourishing shower?

You might find an ultra-soft towel in the supermarket, but it won’t be as soft when you use it. This is because manufacturers use fabric softening coats on their towels, but immediately you use it, it is washed away.

If you want towels that are so soft, go for towels made with rayon. Rayon towels are softer than cotton towels. However, you can still get a blend of absorbency, durability, and softness when you buy the Pima cotton or Egyptian cotton.

Their yarns are more softer than regular cotton towels. Though some people choose to use regular fabric softeners when washing towels to make them softer, these softeners leave a thin film on the fabric which reduces their absorbency.

Instead, use natural softeners like vinegar which leaves no stain, nor affects the absorbency of the towel.

4. Weight and Size of the towel

Of course you knew about the size, you can’t have a bath towel the size of a handkerchief. You can know the size might see by inspecting the towel when you walk into the supermarket. 

On the other hand, it can be hard to tell the weight of a towel by looking at it online. That’s where the unit of measurement comes in. The weight of towel is measured in GSM (grams per square meter).

The higher the GSM the more absorbent the towel is, the longer it will last and the better the experience using it. If the weight is what matters to you, then go for towels of between 500-700 GSM.

Towels between 300-400 GSM are considered lightweight and might not give you the comfort of the top quality towels of higher GSM.

5. The towel’s ability to dry

Do you want a gym towel that dries faster when you wash it?

Well, go for lighter GSM, as the heavier ones take longer to dry. Also, cotton/polyester towels dry faster than pure cotton towels. Choosing a towel can be a daunting task.

However, when you know what you are looking for, it makes your work a little easier. Consider these key factors whenever you go out buying from a physical store, or from online stores.

They’ll help you get the best towel at the best price.