How To Make Your Bed Like An Expert

After picking an absolutely comfortable mattress, quality bed topper, exquisite bedding set and beautiful bed pillows, comes the next challenge. You are definitely wondering about how to dress and style your bed like a pro.

Many people consider it a hassle considering they are always in a rush in the mornings, but if you learn a few tricks it will not be such a huge problem.

How to spread your bed like an pro

Let’s get down to it.

  1. Using reversible duvet covers

When you use reversible duvet covers and mix prints your bed is likely to look very stylish. Experts say that when you do this you not only end up having two options for your main design but also you are able to change the bed design every day.

You are also able to add an additional feature to your bed when you have the duvet’s top turned down. Incredible, isn’t it?

  1. Using decorative throw pillows

Throws are meant to look informal and therefore you have to make sure they are not very neatly folded at the bed’s bottom. Throws are generally great for styling up a bed and are easy to do as well.

  1. Using high quality bedspread

Adding a bedspread is a good technique to use especially in autumn and winter seasons. It also adds a color element into the bed, making it more noticeable and also admirable.

  1. Using nice matching cushions

Use of cushions in styling your bed is definitely a great ways of making your bed look stunningly amazing.

But one may wonder, how many cushions?

Well, you are allowed to go with as many cushions as you like in styling up your bed but our advice is that you go with three. Three is an odd number and certainly a magic number when it comes to styling.

You may add more but it is advisable not to go beyond six cushions in total. Be sure to mix cushions of different colors, shapes and designs. You can even mix cushions of different textures if they are available.

It is also advisable to have them in a non-uniform arrangement so they look interesting. Having cushions for styling up your bed also means that you invest in their covers. Get cushion covers that can be changed regularly and washed easily.

  1. Consider the theme or color palette

Get a bold design that can primarily focus on the bed and then you can build around it. For example, if your bedding has a botanical design, you can complement it with green plants or walls that have been painted with rich color.

  1. Pay attention to detail

It is important to pay attention to every detail as you dress your bed. Details like buttons, exposed zips, metallic foiling or piped edges can add sophistication to the styling hence should be considered.

A meticulous homeowner for example might prefer a flat sheet which has hospital corners (quite old school, right?) as a detail, say in their guest room over Christmas.

  1. Use of quality bedding

It is advisable to get the best bedding that you can possibly afford. This is because in bedding, you are given exactly what you pay for.

Getting the best bedding possible ensures that you maintain a stylish outlook for your bed and also have bedding that serves you longer as it will withstand washing from time to time.

Give your pillows and duvets a good shake so that when you dress your bed you will even it out and they will be able to return their plump.

  1. Pay attention to your bed layering

Another way to make your bed is by texturing and layering. This ensures that you have casual elegance. Layer up your bedding and the accessories that come with it to achieve an effortless look!

How do I style my bed with pillows?

There are two different schools of thought that teach on how to make your bed using decorative pillows and to layer them nicely.

The first school of thought propounds that you should bind the pillow layers by ratio depending on the size of the bed. This is the traditional school of thought.

The second school propounds that arrangement of pillows should depend on the theme of the bedroom. This is referred to as the new school of thought.

Going by the traditional way, you should use pillows depending on the size of the bedding. Note that nothing stops you from adding a touch of style in your bedroom by using well designed floor pillows.

For a king bed, for example, you can use the 3/2/2/2/2 formula where you have 3 European pillows, 2 lumbar pillows, 2 king pillows, 2 throw pillows and 2 standard pillows.

You can also use the 2/2/2/2 formula where there are 2 European pillows, 2 throw pillows, 2 king pillows and 2 standard pillows.

Alternatively, you may also opt for the 3/2/2/1 arrangement where you have 3 European pillows, 2 square throws, 2 king pillows and 1lumbar pillow.

As for the queen bed size, there are a few traditional arrangements. The first one is the 2/2/2 arrangement where you have 2 European pillows, 2 throw pillows and 2 standard pillows.

There is also the 2/2/1 arrangement where you have 2 standard pillows, 2 king pillows and 1 throw pillow.

The last model is the 3/2 arrangement where you have 3 European pillows and 2 standard pillows.

Next is the single bed, let take an example of a fold up single bed. There are a number of recommendations for pillow arrangement on a single bed.

These are;

  • 1/1 arrangement:- Where you have 1 standard pillow and 1 throw pillow
  • 2/2 arrangement:- With 2 standard pillows and 2 other throw pillows
  • 2/1/1 arrangement:- Where you have 2 standard pillows, 1 bolster pillow and 1 throw pillow.

All these are models and guides of arranging pillows the old school way. You also have the option of styling your bed using pillows the new school way.

This model emphasizes on themes by using your creativity. It is therefore more demanding as there may not be guides to tell you exactly what to do as is in the old school model.

It however advises that once you settle on your theme, do not choose pillows that are orthodox. Choose unorthodox pillow designs that may still be considered accent pillows or throws but do not have standard sizing.

There are also no rules as to the layering. Layer them as you please, in a nice and creative way. Also, do not mind the functionality.

Simplicity of making your bed well

In conclusion, it is rather easy to style up your bed when you follow the guidelines given above. Do not limit yourself, try think of cool items to style your bed and room.

Be open to your own creativity and spice up your bed and bedroom!

By the way, what stops you from even making your own bed!