Why Use Natural And Non-Toxic Detergents?

‘Natural’ might pass you as an ordinary word that marketers throw around to woo their unsuspecting prospects to buy their products.

From makeup kit to diets, to detergents, everyone seems to be moving towards the green solutions.

Well, when it comes to detergents, ‘natural’ means so much more than just a marketing buzzword. It makes the difference. Traditional detergents are harming you in ways you can’t imagine.

They are laden with harmful chemicals like phosphates, surfactants, fragrances, optical brighteners, petroleum distillates, benzene, and stabilizers, among other chemicals.

These chemicals are harmful to the environment, your health, and your clothes. The US Department of Health and Human Services advises that the 1.4 dioxane, which is present in most traditional laundry detergents, is carcinogenic.

Now that calls for a solution — a lasting solution that every family can culture into everyday life and pass to the next generation as a concerted effort to make the world a better place for everyone. You know, it doesn’t take a lot to begin a green revolution.

Is Natural Laundry Detergent better?

Did you know that a laundry detergent can pose a danger to your health?

It seems unbelievable, right?

I mean, laundry detergents get rid of all germs and microorganisms present in our clothes. So, how can they possibly be harmful?

Laundry detergents contain chemical ingredients that can be too harsh to the skin or serve as allergens. In fact, previous statistics report that some laundry detergents cause serious respiratory illnesses.

Come to think of it. Several laundry detergents contain overpowering chemical-based fragrances that can be harmful.

So, before you purchase any laundry detergent, it would be best if you took some time to understand their composition. Fortunately, all-natural laundry detergents are continually evolving with time.

Most natural laundry detergents are less harmful since they contain natural products. But is natural detergent better?

What is the main problem with chemical-based detergents?

Whenever you rinse your clothes after washing, you do not get rid of all the detergent on the garment. Typically, some detergent will remain on the cloth for a while.

So, if you are using chemical-based detergents, a particular portion of the chemical will stay on the fabric.

This does not end here, though. Once you wear the cloth, the substances will get passed to your bloodstream, thus posing a danger to your health. This chemical residue can get taken to the lungs or any other part of the body.

Consequently, you are likely to get a respiratory, eye, or skin irritation after wearing a clean garment. And it can worsen, especially if you can’t pinpoint the source of this problem.

Who would think that a clean cloth would affect their health this much anyway?

Some even say that chemical-based laundry detergent is sometimes associated with cancer. Ultimately, if you already have an underlying health condition, buy a natural-based laundry detergent.

Reasons why you should use natural detergents

Everyone wants to choose better. You want your clothes to serve you for long and your family to enjoy good health free from skin irritations, respiratory problems, and frequent allergic reactions that call for medication.

Here are the many ways using natural detergents makes your life better:

Boosts your clothes durability

Natural laundry detergents also go a long way in retaining the excellent condition of your clothes. All fabric types do not react well with harsh chemicals.

At times, they tend to shrink or appear dull due to chemical-based detergents. Using natural detergents on your clothes will have little to no adverse effect. Remember, natural detergents are very mild.

Thus, they rarely tamper with the composition of the fabric. In turn, they boost the longevity of your clothes.

Boosts your health

Natural detergents help you live a healthy life. Chemical-based detergents can be harmful to your skin since the chemicals can get passed to your bloodstream. Additionally, natural detergents do not lead to any skin or eye irritations.

Can natural detergents clean your washing machine?

Natural detergents clean not only your clothes but also your washing machine. So, using a natural detergent will boost the longevity of your washing machine.

Also, most natural detergents can get used in both regular and high-efficiency washing machines. All you have to do is present all your needs to the manufacturer and let him or her advice you on the best option.

Natural cleansers are eco friendly

The fact that natural laundry detergents do not contain any chemicals only means that they are safe for the environment. In short, natural laundry detergents do not pollute the environment.

So, if you pour water with laundry detergent on your garden area or compound, it won’t tamper with the soil’s natural composition. On the other hand, chemical-based laundry detergents are harmful to the environment.

When disposed of in oceans or rivers, these detergents kill aquatic life. Using natural detergents helps you to cut the junk of residue of harmful chemicals left behind by traditional detergents.

Besides, some natural detergents have amazing scents to make you laundry smell good for a long time. The chemicals in the detergents infiltrate the soil and affect both plants and animals.

Chemicals found in detergents like phosphorous and nitrogen compounds are swept into the water bodies where they cause so much harm to aquatic life. These two compounds foster the growth of algae in water bodies.

When these plants die, they consume a lot of oxygen to decompose, and hence the fishes and other aquatic creatures will die out of asphyxiation due to inadequate oxygen.

Also, the surfactants and other mineral salts like phosphates, boron, ammonium, and nitrates cause the contamination of groundwater.

The contaminated groundwater will not be as healthy for use as it was before the pollution, and you might end up with severe respiratory and skin issues when you use such polluted water.

The fragrances used in the traditional detergents are highly concentrated, and when inhaled gets into your lungs and might cause serious respiratory problems.

Organic detergents, on the other hand, are made by people who care for the environment and your health too.

They are free from harmful chemicals and are biodegradable; they, therefore, are not a threat to the environment.

Organic detergents are gentle on you

Whether you are washing your clothes, wiping a ceramic cooktop, or scrubbing your bathroom floor, you want a cleanser that gets the dirt out without hurting your skin and giving you allergies.

Traditional detergents don’t only harm you when you’re cleaning. It goes way past that.

Even when your clothes are dry, and you’re putting them on, you might feel your skin feeling uncomfortably irritating.

The residues of the harsh chemicals can cause severe skin allergies. On the other hand, organic detergents are made from naturally-occurring plants and are gentle on your hands and skin.

They are hypoallergenic, which makes them the best choice for people with sensitive skin because no harmful residue remains in the fabric. Compared to a chemical-based detergent, a natural detergent is milder on the skin.

Think about it. Natural detergents do not contain any chemicals. So, they are less likely to lead to any skin irritation.

Consequently, a natural detergent is an ideal choice if you have an existing health problem or a small baby. Remember, infant clothes sensitive bed sheet should get washed with the mildest detergent.

Unquestionably, you don’t want your baby to start sneezing or coughing out of nowhere. So, conduct thorough research on the best natural laundry detergents. You can do this either online or by asking your family/ friends.

But if you are looking for an excellent natural baby detergent, we would highly recommend the Honest Company Baby laundry detergent.

Organic cleansers are free from harmful chemicals, hence safe for you, your family, and the environment. The detergents you use should be tough on stains — but gentle on your hands and the fabric.

Doesn’t suffocate you with strong fragrances

Conventional detergents come in different fragrances, and most of them will choke the life out of you in closed environments.

If you have been in an elevator with someone who wears a strong cologne, you know how bad it gets. On the other hand, natural detergents come in mild scents.

And you even have the option to choose the ones without an odor. This helps you avoid allergies, but also improve air quality.

Cleans better than traditional detergents

If you’re keen on getting the stains out of your fabric, then the natural detergents are the best option for you.

Unlike traditional detergents that are loaded with optical brighteners and bluing agents to enhance the smell and outlook of your clothes, they surround the dirt and flash it out of the fabric.

That’s much better than masking the stains with optical brighteners. Some individuals always think that natural laundry detergents are not as effective as chemical-based laundry detergents.

But, today, there is a wide range of natural detergents that offer maximum cleanliness. Contrary to popular belief, natural detergents are useful in getting rid of stubborn stains. Most of them contain baking soda to help them get rid of stains.

Also, since baking soda is a neutralizer, natural detergents leave your clothes smelling fresh. You need not worry about the type of stain. A natural detergent will help you get rid of any stain.

With natural detergents, you can be sure to wash away sweat, blood stains, grease, and all types of dirt.

If you have been using bluing agents on your clothes for long, it is time to use a natural detergent to wash all the concentrated chemicals out of your clothes’ fabric.

This will help you to get the natural brightness of your clothes’ colors and lengthen the shelf life of your best clothes. The softer the detergent on the fabric, the longer your clothes will serve you!

All you have to do is to do your research before purchasing a natural detergent. Alternatively, you can ask your manufacturer about the best natural laundry detergents he would recommend.

Natural detergents saves you money

Using conventional detergents cost you a lot of money in the long run. It is really expensive to use regular detergents.

Here is why. 

Since most of them mask dirt rather than flashing it out of the fabric, you will need to use a lot of it to get the desired results. This means you’d be back to shop for more within no time, and that means more money.

Also, have you ever stopped to count all the money you have spent on treating frequent allergies and skin irritations that these detergents cause?

If you have a huge family, you’d be spending a lot to save your kids from the wrath of these chemical residues in their clothes.

Surprisingly, natural detergents are better at cleaning, and you will only need to use a small quantity to get the work done.

You also save money because you don’t have to spend a dime to correct the health hazards meted on your family by harsh detergents.

In conclusion, you can never go wrong when you use natural detergent every day for your cleaning needs.

Whether you want to clean your towels, rags, or classy suits, natural detergents guarantee cleanliness without harming you, the fabric, and the environment.

Simple DIY non toxic detergent project

It is safe to manufacture natural laundry detergent at home. All you need is natural products and a straightforward tutorial, and you’re good to go.

As a matter of fact, there are several recipes for making natural soaps in DIY projects. Look them up online. Manufacturing chemical-based detergents at home can be dangerous.

Some chemicals used to manufacture chemical detergents are not easily accessible since they are harmful to your health. Never try out a DIY project when making a chemical laundry detergent.

You might inhale poisonous fumes that pose a danger to your health. Not to mention, taking part in a DIY project when making a laundry detergent actually saves you money.

So, if you master and enjoy this process, well and good!

Final thoughts

From this article, it is clear to see that natural detergents are safer to use. Since they are chemical-free, they boost your safety and the durability of your bedding and clothes.

So, if you are looking for a mild detergent, look for a plant-based laundry detergent. Besides, natural detergents carry a wide range of benefits.

Ultimately, a natural laundry detergent is much better and safer than a chemical-based ingredient. So, always buy a natural laundry detergent.