Types Of Bed Sheets That Offer Luxury

We all want to sleep and enjoy maximum comfort while at it. We spend a third of our lifetime, or even more, sleeping.

One way to ensure you have a quality bed is to get yourself the best bed-sheets possible. Many people will term such bed sheets as “luxury bed sheets.”

The qualities of luxury bed-sheets include durability, soft to the skin, give you the best health benefits, and they have cooling capabilities.

Luxurious sheets should give you different colors to choose from, so that you have your sleeping space done in your favorite colors.

Qualities of a top bed sheet

Here they are;

Cooling capacity of the sheet

Check if your sheets stay drier and cooler for longer.

If that is the case, then you have luxurious sheets in your possession.

Such sheets do not retain moisture for long, instead, they allow the moisture to evaporate quickly.

Some materials are more effective in wicking out moisture than others.

For example, poly fiber sheets are highly effective on that.

When people think of luxurious sheets, the first thing they consider is the material that makes the sheet.

The two common options are natural materials and the synthetic options.

Cotton is the most preferred under natural options while polyester is the most preferred under synthetic options.

Poly fiber sheets gives you the best of both worlds by giving you athletic grade poly fiber, with the aim of offering you maximum comfort possible.

The comfort comes from a combination of the material and how tightly woven the fabric is.

Poly fiber materials have a composition of thin profile fibers that naturally repel liquids, unlike cotton that absorbs it.

This explains why luxurious sheets dry out so fast after cleaning.

It takes about 20 minutes for the sheets to dry out under medium heat.

Poly fiber comes in handy to create the latest fabric in textile industry, the SMART fabric.

Another advantage of poly fiber is that it has the capacity to breathe out, same way as your workout wear.

That is the reason the luxurious sheets keep you comfortable at night.

You definitely want something light but warm when you sleep.

Poly fiber comes in handy; it is lighter than cotton material.

Softness to your skin

Nothing comes in handy than bed sheets that are soft to your skin. You might have noticed that cotton bed sheets, especially when new, can be stiff and rough to the skin.

The only way to break that stiffness is to have multiple washings on them. The luxury bed sheets, for example, Peach-skin Sheets do not need the break-in-period, the material gives your skin the desired softness, as soon as you unpack them.

The explanation is that the luxury sheets have reversible brushed finishes on both ends. The fiber gives you 1500 thread count which contributes to softness in your skin.

However, please note that threat count is not the only factor that counts when considering softness in sheets. You will need to consider the fiber content and the weave as well.

Brushed ends trap in air which cause the sheets to give you warmth as you sleep and besides may help protect your hair as you sleep. The brushing process causes them to not only be soft but cozy too.

The brushed ends mean that the material is non-slip and therefore, you will not have experiences of sliding off the bed. When you take off the sheets from the dryer, they come out without wrinkles.

This is because their make-up includes pockets that are surrounded by elastic and are 18-inch in measurements. Deep pockets allow the sheets to fit into different mattress types.

The luxurious sheets have their wrinkle release already activated in the dryer before you start using them.

Durable of the bed sheets

You will need sheets that last long even after the daily use by pets and children. Go for sheets that do not shrink after various washings because such materials eventually fail to fit onto your mattress or on your bed mattress topper.

Cotton has such tendencies. It is critical that sheets retain their original size. Luxurious sheets do not fade after several washes.

When hair of your pet also does not weave on the sheet because the high-quality weave of the bed sheet prevents that from happening.

It is a common problem with coarser weaves. The tight weave also keeps the pet claws at bay. Sheets many times end up with small thread balls on the surface. The balls are called pills. This is not so with luxurious sheets. High quality sheets also resist stains better than the rest.

Health benefits of the bed sheet

Apart from being easy to spread bed sheets, synthetic materials do not easily inhabit bacteria.

If you have any allergies, luxurious sheets will offer your relief because pollen and dust do not easily settle on the material.

You will avoid struggles with dust mites. Luxurious bed sheets reduce the effects of the use of chemicals on cotton materials.

How to make your bed at home like a 5-a star hotel

When you get into your hotel bed, after along travel, the comfort of that bed feels like it takes away all the journey’s struggles. You can have that level of bed comfort in your bedroom!


Here are some tips on how you can have a 5-star hotel kind of bed in your home:

  1. Keep it all white- It gives a cloud heavenly cocoon atmosphere in your room. What about the ease to clean the whites? Bleach is officially your friend!
  2. Be keen to purchase sheets around 300 thread count. Egyptian cotton is most breathable and also helps you to stay cool.
  3. Get rid of the fitted sheets, which is probably what you already have in your closet. The 5-star hotels use two flat sheets, the top and the bottom one, and they do not use the fitted one. The bottom flat sheet is oversize, and tucked around the mattress the same way hospitals tuck in their bed corners. The top sheet is then tucked on the sides and the foot of the mattress. The top is then folded over. Another way of doing it is to have the top sheet upside down and fold over the top so that the top shows the correct side.
  4. Get an extra fluffy comforter or duvet cover, and get an insert that is two inches wider than the duvet.
  5. Get bevy thick, moan inducing pillows to match your bed set up.
  6. To complete your 5-star hotel experience in your bedroom, add a feather bed! No bed is ever too fluffy for anyone.