How To Keep A Futon Mattress In Place

It does not matter what anyone out there thinks; you definitely love your futon. It is cozy, convenient, and the comfiest sofa bed in the market.

Unlike most conventional brands, these are firmer and can keep your joints and muscles in the correct position.

Also, they are usually placed on wooden slabs that allow free airflow, thus preventing the accumulation of dust and bugs.

Futons, furthermore, have several incredible functions that make them an excellent substitute for conventional mattresses. Apart from comfort and easy maintenance, they are also lightweight and compact.

In the last decade, the industry has made significant advancements by coming up with a range of incredibly comfy mattresses. However, there is one nagging problem that most users find pretty annoying:

During a good night’s sleep, your futon mattress tends to slide off the frame, leaving you uncomfortable and upsetting your shut-eye.

But before looking at the best solutions to this problem, you first need to know what causes these mattresses to slide off.

Why futon mattresses slide off

Even the highest quality futon mattress could be vulnerable to this sliding from the frame.

The most popular explanation is the small weight of the bed that makes it too responsive when you move. This, however, is not the only reason:

The material used – Most conventional mattresses are manufactured in a similar fashion, with materials like polyester and cotton used to create the cover clothing.

These, however, have minimal grip against bedframes made of wood or metal, and this makes it challenging to keep the mattress in place.

The frame is wobbling – If your frame is sagging or not on a standard level, then this could be a key explanation of why you cannot sleep without moving.

To deal with the problem once and for all, you must begin with inspecting every joint before tightening the bolts.

You move a lot – Finally, if you experience excessive movement while sleeping, yet none of the above explanations apply to your situation, then you could be changing your position regularly when sleeping.

This will definitely affect the position of the mattress. Fortunately, you can prevent this easily in several ways.

How to prevent your mattress from sliding

Here are the simplest ways of remedying this nuisance:

Making your own corner straps

If you have a do-it-yourself personality, then you can comfortably create a hand-made mattress holder.

You do not need many resources, just a narrow street of cloth, or cording, several needles, and treads.

Here are the simple steps:

  • Take accurate measurements of the bed frame height. Basing on these, you can proceed to cut your cording into smaller pieces, two times the height. In total, you need about eight pieces.
  • On each of the corners, sew two pieces together then return your futon on the bedframe. Wrap each pair of cording together around the nearest frame lag.
  • Tie them tightly to keep the bed secure.

This is a preferable option because each corner strap holds the mattress in place in both the bed and lounger positions.

Using rubber mats to keep the mattress in place

Another alternative to keep your sleeping position intact is attaching a rubber mat on the support frames, right under your futon mattress.

If you have yoga mats or a gym mat in the house, then you do not have to go shopping for any new material as they can work just fine. To make it more effective, however, you have to begin by cleaning your bed frame.

This is because fragments and dust particles tend to accumulate on flat surfaces. As a result, they become more slippery.

That is why we recommend that you vacuum the area below your bed to eliminate any of these and further enhance your bed’s grip.

Futon grip strips 

The ester-based polyurethane foam can effectively prevent the mattress from moving about.

It is mostly used in different forms of packaging, mainly for keeping the deliverables in place while on transit.

Once you have purchased futon strip from the store, you will have to follow the following simple steps.

  • Use a tape measure or any other accurate device to estimate the size of your futon frame before cutting corresponding pieces of the grip strip.
  • Peel off the protective paper from the adhesive. Note that the stuff gets really sticky. Therefore, it would be wise if you cut it beforehand.
  • After you are done measuring, cutting, and peeling your strips, you can begin sticking them to the furniture slats. Apply pressure once done.
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This way, you will achieve a tenacious surface to keep the sliding futon in place. Furthermore, grip strips can be effective shock-absorbing pads.

This means that your bed frame will become even quieter. So if you own an older bed, you are covered.

Using Velcro to hold the mattress

Similar to grip strips, Velcro strips also have an adhesive side that can help you get a firmer grip of your futon mattress.

You can apply an almost similar technique when trying to sort your sliding problem. Fasten the hooked side of your Velcro onto the frame

Attach the mattress to the looped side as you bear in mind that the two sides (loop and hook) will remain attached to each other accurately.

To get it right you may need to purchase several safety pins. Do not be worried, your mattress will not be damaged. Stick the two together.

Fixing all bed frame issues

Sometimes, the excessive movement of your futon mattress could be as a result of a squeaky frame. If yours slips regularly due to the sagging, all you need to do is tighten all the bolts.

To be safe, always check them out on a regular basis to keep the bed foundation sound and sturdy. Sometimes, it may not be easy to realize that the frame rests in an un-level position.

But you can also avoid this easily by making slight adjustments to the surface and keep it level.

Futon mattresses are not only decorative, but they are also affordable contemporary furnishing.

The steps above will help you get rid of the uncomfortable movements that disrupt your sleep.

Best practice to take care of a mattress

Always remember to spread your bed the right way. In addition, buy only quality bed sheets for maximum comfort and also help protect your mattress.

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