Mattress Toppers That Renew Sleeping Experience

Sleep is a critical component of life. It therefore goes without say that you must do everything possible to ensure you sleep well. There are some items within your reach that you may acquire to achieve a good night sleep.

Some of these items include a strong and comfortable bed-frame, high quality mattress and bedding sets. But there is one more item that you get to further transform and enhance your sleeping experience, and that is buying a bed mattress topper.

Below are some types of bed toppers that come highly recommended.

Hypoallergenic mattress topper

Your sleeping space is your haven, your island of peace where you can escape the world and just recharge. Having quality bedding plays a massive role in making this a reality.

Things like allergies challenge the notion of a perfect night’s rest. They do not turn off during sleep time.

Some kinds of allergens like dust will more often than not find their way into your bed, triggering your allergies. Mattresses are beacons for allergens and are also very hard to clean. Hypoallergenic toppers are designed to solve this problem.

The cover of the mattress in its entirety, shielding you from dust, dandruff, dust mites, hair, and even skin cells that may be found on top of your mattress.

Hypoallergenic toppers perform two major functions. They offer comfort as well as numerous health benefits.

As mattress toppers, they transform the bed into a blissful sleeping space. Made from memory foam, cotton or microfiber, they are designed to cradle your body, give support to your frame, and eliminate pressure points. As allergen resistors, they are designed to have a dense structure.

This ensures that dust mites, hair, dandruff, or other allergens have no chance of gaining ingress into the topper. The following is a review of some of the best acclaimed hypoallergenic mattresses currently on the market.

Therapedic memory foam mattress topper

Therapedic is a brand that offers affordable memory foam mattress and mattress toppers to customers in the US and around the globe.

The brand is known for its focus on providing comfort to its customers. As such you are ascertained that when investing in any of their products, your nights are going to be relaxing and pleasurable.

The mattress toppers designed by this particular brand are of two types. There is the traditional memory foam variety and the gel-infused variety. The toppers have a thickness that ranges between 1.5 and 3 inches and comes in different bed sizes as well.

Traditional toppers made of memory foam are designed to provide comfort and eliminate pressure that may be exerted on your hips and shoulders whenever you lie down to sleep.

They do a good job of softening up a firm bed. Toppers made of memory foam with gel infusion, are much firmer. They are thus ideal for persons suffering from back problems. They offer more support than traditional toppers made of memory foam.

Additionally, they also provide a great deal amount of cooling. The gel within the topper dissipates heat from your body into your surroundings. You, therefore, get to enjoy a very cool night’s sleep.

On the flip side, however, the toppers do give off a pungent chemical odor in the initial days of use, though this does eventually dissipate.

Tempur pedic mattress topper twin xl

Tempur mattress toppers are a revolution to the entire mattress topper business. Made from specially formulated viscoelastic foam, they are set to respond to your unique sleeping needs.

They are much comfortable but not squishy. You thus get more support with this topper. Tempur material is designed around open cell technology. It is thus much more breathable. Heat retention is therefore minimized. On this topper, you will never overheat or wake up in the morning feeling clammy or sweaty.

These toppers also feature removable, machine washable covers. The cover is also hypoallergenic. This means that it is resistant to dust mites and most allergens.

You will not only be able to keep your mattress topper in a pristine condition but you will also never interact with dust or dust mites. Bed toppers also come in a variety of sizes including twin size XL, Full XL, Queen size, King size etc.

Overfilled and microplush hypoallergenic mattress topper by Pinzon

The Pinzon mattress topper is a product manufactured and marketed by Amazon. This is in itself is enough to assure you that it is of high quality. By taking a single glance at the product, without even having to lie on it, you can tell that a lot of thought went into its design and construction.

The surface cover is made of microfiber. The topper is overfilled with polyester, giving it that plush cloud-like feel. It comes with no awful chemical odor and the stitching is done to perfection. The sides are made of spandex.

This makes it easier to stretch out the topper over the mattress. Concerning comfort, sleeping on this overfilled topper is like being wrapped in the warmest bearhug.

It is so snugly; you will have to be pried out of the bed every morning. However, if you are a notorious side sleeper, you may need to rethink buying this product. It offers no support whatsoever.

It may be thick and fluffy; like sleeping on a cloud, but if you are a side sleeper prepare to wake up with back pains. The product retains heat well. The extra polyester filling keeps heat. You will never be cold sleeping on this surface.

Such a trait makes this topper appropriate for those long and cold winter and autumn nights. Cleaning the mattress topper might be a bit of a headache. It does not come with a removable cover to keep it clean.

It is massive and has a lot of padding within. You can stick in your washing machine but do not dream of using the drier on it. It gets so heavy when wet that the drier cannot spin it. The only solution is to dry it in the heat of the sun, which may take longer than forever.

Hospitology mattress topper

Hospitology prides itself in using the power of science to help everyone sleep better. Their toppers are designed by using scientific knowledge and high-tech fabrics to provide you with a transcendent sleep experience.

The material used in the manufacture of mattress toppers has many beneficial qualities. They are lightweight and breathable. Air circulates better within the mattress topper.

Hence, you will never become too hot, sweaty, or clammy sleeping on a Hospitology mattress topper. The material is also hypoallergenic. This means that it is designed to be allergen resistant.

It is so dense that dust, dust mites, hair or dandruff can never get trapped within it. Hospitology mattress topper also acts barrier bedding. Made from water and dustproof material, they keep your mattress in pristine condition thus avoid calling Go Load up sooner.

They also provide soft and noiseless sleeping surfaces. Their soft nature reduces the factors that may cause you to toss and turn in your sleep; awkward sleeping positions and pressure on your hips, neck, or back.

In short, this is a pressure relief mattress. By eliminating these factors, you will get to enjoy deep, continuous uninterrupted sleep all night long.