Perfect Lighting Choice For Every Room In The House

A lot of homeowners often like to focus on their home’s decoration alone, spending a lot of time and money trying to find the perfect piece to add to their home to make it outstanding.

But, it’s not only the decor that you need to focus on. Sometimes, you also need more light to improve your home’s aesthetics completely.

Have you ever wondered how stages in theaters and shows are transformed even with simple backdrops? Apparently, it’s because of the lighting too.

And just like in stages, light can make a huge difference in your home too. Aside from improving aesthetics, it can also help you see clearly and do your tasks better. However, for you to experience all of its benefits, your room needs to have the right lighting.

How to choose the best room lighting

And how will you do that, you say? Here are some tips.

Know the Types of Lighting

For you to be able to choose which lighting is best for your home, one of the first things you should do is to know the types of lighting: ambient, task, and accent lighting.

For starters, ambient lighting (also known as general lighting) is for setting the ambiance of your room and for overall illumination.

As per lighting professionals from, task lighting, on the other hand, is for helping you to see better as you do your tasks. As for accent lighting, it is used to draw attention to some details in a room.

Knowing these types will help you save your money and avoid lights that aren’t fit for your room. Plus, it will help you narrow down your options.

Decide What to Highlight

Most of us usually have our favorite details in some rooms in our house. It could be a painting, a picture, etc. And lighting can help make your favorite details in a room more noticeable.

But, of course, you can’t place everything in the spotlight. Just choose a detail or two that you want to put more emphasis on so your room will look balanced.

Think of What Kind of Tasks Do You Usually Do in the Room

The tasks you usually do in a certain room should also be considered when choosing lighting for your rooms. This is because not all kinds of lighting can help you accomplish all of your tasks.

An accent light, for instance, won’t be able to provide the right lighting if you spend most of your time reading in the room. Also, poor lighting can cause eyestrain. That said, you’ll want lighting that will bring convenience to you when you use the room.

Consider Your Room’s Theme

Lights come in various shapes and sizes. Hence, it’s also important that you consider your room’s theme to help you choose the best lights.

If your room is minimalist, go for lamps and another lighting that also has a minimalist vibe too. If your theme is country, choose something that also has the same design, and so on.

This way, the aesthetics of your room is balanced and your guests will not feel overwhelmed by everything that’s going on in your room’s design.

Know the Needed Lighting Scheme

Many people believe that the brighter a room is, the better. This is because of how light can help make a room appear bigger than it really is.

However, this isn’t always ideal for some part of your home. Sometimes, your space will also need shadows and more direction. Hence, you need to know which lighting scheme suits a room best.

Lighting for different spaces in your house

Here’s what lighting scheme each room in your house should have.

Entryway lighting

Your entryway is the first place that everyone will see in your home. That said, it has to look friendly and inviting. It has to be well-light and should already be able to tell your home’s theme.

Aside from painting it with light colors, you can add a chandelier in the middle of your entryway’s ceiling. This will work well for those who have a high ceiling. A lighting fixture with a warm tone will make it more welcoming and warm.

Lighting for your living Room

Aside from being a spot that accommodates your guests, the living room is also also a place for the whole family to relax and be entertained. And because of that, you should use the three types of lighting for this.

It should be bright most of the time to make it more welcoming and to give it a happier vibe. But because you also use the room for relaxation, it should also have ambient lighting.

Depending on your chosen design for your living room, you could use accent lighting too, especially if you want to highlight the paintings or pictures on your wall.

Best lights for Dining Room

Just like your living room, your dining room could also use a mix of general lighting and some accent lighting. This is the place where you eat, so you need to see your food clearly. Thus, general lighting is a must.

You also don’t want to make your dining room look boring, so you may want to add some decor, particularly to your walls. Adding a painting will never fail you. But to make it pop, you need to add accent lighting to it.

Kitchen lighting

Kitchens come in different styles these days. Some are connected to the dining room, some have kitchen islands, etc. Thus, choosing the right lighting for your kitchen can be a bit tricky. Some might need an accent light, some don’t, and whatnot. But if you want to play it safe, go for something that will provide you with overall illumination for your kitchen.

Best bedroom lighting

The bedroom is where we sleep and relax. Thus, it needs warm lighting. Task lighting will also be helpful if you like to read while relaxing or you need to do some paperwork.

Bathroom lights

Light is a necessity in bathrooms. It should be well-lit so you can see clearly when you do your skincare routine.

Lighting is important in every corner of your house too. It doesn’t only help you relax and set the mood but it also helps with your tasks. By following the tips stated above, you can achieve the perfect lighting setup for every room in your residence.