Vital Elements Of The Baroque Interiors And Style

If you are planning to have your home redecorated or designed, or simply wish to learn more about the Baroque style, this article is for you.

After reading the information below, you’ll have a solid understanding of all the essential elements of this luxurious style as well as how you can integrate them into your design.

Let us get straight to what you need to consider.

6 Essential Elements Of The Baroque Interiors

  1. Bold, Rich, and Shiny Colors

Since Baroque has quite a dramatic flair, interior colors should be bold and rich. They need to shimmer like gold. That’s exactly why a lot of people opt for gold-trimmed fixtures and furniture all the while combining royal blue, dark red, or/and deep green.

  1. Intricate Ornaments And Carvings

Elaborate ornamentation is considered the key element of a Baroque design, which means you’ll need some embellishments, doors, bed frames and cabinets with intricate carvings. In most cases, these carvings tend to depict plant-related themes like flowers and vines.

  1. Colossal And Opulent Furniture

While choosing furniture, it’s recommended to go for the opulent ones of considerable sizes. Such furniture goes well with the Baroque interiors. Therefore, you’ll require a massive space. Sleek, modern, and space-saving sofas, as well as dining tables and dressers, will most likely look out of place so make sure to avoid them.

  1. Luxurious Damask And Floral Fabrics

Another important element worth taking into consideration is the fabric of materials within a space. Fabrics for valances, curtains, carpets, upholsterers, table runners, as well as bedsheets have to be of great quality and look luxurious. Usually, damask and floral prints are used for a Baroque style.

  1. Plush And Expensive Flooring

Flooring is also highly important. It needs to go together with a ritzy look and the feel of your other interiors. You can go for marble or solid wood, which are both impressive and posh.

  1. Glass Accents And Crystal

Glass accents, huge mirrors, as well as crystal chandeliers can be marvelous accessories that can emphasize the beauty of your Baroque interiors while making others feel as if they have been transported to a lavish palace.

With all these elements in place, creating a sophisticated and eye-catching space will be easy for you.

Redecorating Or Designing Your Home In A Baroque Style

  1. How Should Your Furniture Look?

Baroque furniture needs to have an expensive and presentable look. It’s usually characterized by:

As for tables and countertops, they are usually decorated with mosaics while the back seats of the armchairs are folded back. This style is characterized by a variety of furniture like ottoman chairs, chests of drawers, double closets, and cupboards.

The color of the furniture usually matches the color of the walls although it can be contrasting as well. For instance, furniture that is upholstered with Burgundy cloth can look wonderful against gilded elements and light beige walls.

A popular French furniture company in the UK called Homes Direct 365 has a range of bedroom and dining room sets that follow the Baroque style should you want to visualize the style.

  1. Baroque Room: The Secrets Of Impressive Interior Decoration

It is worth mentioning that a Baroque style is considered appropriate for the spacious room design or else massive furniture can visually narrow a little room.

If you wish to make an interior of a room recognizable, you should use materials like natural stone, marble, gilt, and precious wood.

The kitchen needs to have a curvy shape facade alongside rich gilt and carving, crystal chandeliers, and curved legs of furniture. The furniture outlines should be smooth, the backs of the chairs rounded. Another important point is that modern appliances should be “disguised” as much as possible in the baroque-styled kitchen.

As for the baroque bedroom, it features a lot of carved pieces of furniture. For example, the ceiling in a bedroom is oftentimes richly decorated with stucco. Windows in a room need to be arranged with a couple of heavy curtains. A color palette should be prevailed by every shade of beige, Burgundy, gold, brown, and red colors.

A bathroom can be considered as the easiest room to design or redecorate. All you need is exquisite gold-plated taps, mosaic on the ceiling, marble sinks, and wall painting. Moreover, consider purchasing a large mirror in the expensive frame as it’ll look great in your bathroom.

  1. Decorating The Ceiling, Floor, And Walls In The Baroque

The baroque style ceiling often looks like a mural (painting) that is framed by moldings. A white ceiling in a decorative frame is also allowed. A modern building materials market can help you choose an appropriate option for the finished ceiling decorations.

The walls cannot be flat. Each part of a wall must bear a certain meaning. Some of the things you can try include choosing beautiful frames for your pictures and mirror as well as adding a fireplace or its imitation to your room design.

The floor can be granite or marble. Also, you should emphasize the area that is directly under a chandelier. You can try using an inlay or carpets to do so.

What’s The Difference Between Baroque And Rococo?

There are a lot of differences between these two styles, such as:

  • Baroque is the style in architecture and art, widespread in European culture during the 17th-18th centuries. It arose in Italy in the 16th-17th centuries (after the Renaissance).
  • Rococo is the style in architecture and art that originated during the first half of the eighteenth century in France as the continuation of a Baroque style.
  • For baroque, strict symmetry is obligatory while rococo is usually built on asymmetry.
  • In a baroque, volume and scale are highly important while in rococo, attention to jewellery work and small details prevails.
  • Baroque is characterized by contrast while rococo is characterized by a smooth flow of color.
  • Baroque is about majesty and solemnity while rococo is about gallantry and refinement.
  • Rococo contrasts the theatricality of a Baroque with intimacy and playful grace.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the baroque style has an interesting origin and is characterized by its unique elements that make it easily distinguishable. If you’ll ever decide to design your home in a baroque style, make sure to use the tips mentioned above to get the best possible result.