How To Decorate Your Bedroom Using Lights

More often than not, homeowners tend to overlook lighting fixtures, especially when furnishing a new house.

Undoubtedly, it can be hard to remember that you need to upgrade your lighting fixtures. However, keep in mind that stylish lighting can transform your house into a five-star hotel.

So, when renovating or building your house, go for the best lighting. You won’t regret it. In fact, you’ll find it better than that expensive piece of furniture you bought.

Besides, lighting sets the mood for the room. Thus, you have to go for lighting that offers a warm and cozy atmosphere for bedroom lighting.

Decorating a bedroom with lights

But how do you decorate your bedroom with lights?

Use multiple lighting fixtures

In most instances, one lighting fixture won’t be enough to offer unique benefits. So, always use different lighting fixtures, especially if you have a large room. You can do this by incorporating the three types of lighting; ambient, accent, and task lighting.

First, set the room’s mood using ambient lighting by installing ceiling lamps or chandeliers. Then, get the best task lighting like table lamps to enable you to read or write at night.

Finalize by installing accent lighting to highlight your room’s beautiful features like art pieces and photos. Using one source of lighting won’t give you excellent functionality and aesthetics.

Even so, you have to consider the size of your bedroom before you do this. The smaller the room, the less the opportunity for incorporating different sources of lighting.

Install a stylish chandelier

We all know the decorative effects a chandelier can provide for your bedroom. Chandeliers are simply breathtaking. If you wish to decorate your bedroom, a chandelier is almost compulsory to install.

Not to mention, chandeliers offer great functionality. They provide excellent brightness and spice up the room. Chandeliers are best used in large master bedrooms. Give your bedroom that wow effect by installing a chandelier.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of chandelier designs you can use to spice up your bedroom. Always go for the one that complements your bedroom décor.

Install pendant lights in your bedroom

Indisputably, pendant lights are classy and invigorate the ambiance of your room. Moreover, pendant lights work well when you have limited space. For example, if you have a small bedroom, you can choose to install pendant lights in place of a table lamp by the bedside.

Besides, doing this offers more brightness depending on the pendant light you have. There is a broad spectrum of pendant light designs and sizes. Buy the one that matches your requirements and budget.

Use bedside lamps

Nowadays, almost every homeowner has a bedside lamp for journaling or reading at night. However, not most homeowners realize the beauty offered by bedside lamps.

Today, there is a wide variety of bedside lamp designs you can choose from. In fact, some bedside lamps have the shape of animals and give the room unique aesthetics.

Therefore, look for the one that matches all your requirements to give your bedroom that extra beauty, you can choose to incorporate two bedside lamps on each side of the bed. However, if you do this, make sure that the two lamps are similar in size and appearance.

Floor lamps in the bedroom

Floor lamps offer amazing aesthetics in your bedroom. They give the room a warm glow and create a serene atmosphere for relaxation. So, consider placing one or two on your bedroom floor. Of course, this depends on the size of your bedroom.

There are different types of floor lamps that cater to different requirements in this present age and time. Consider placing the floor lamp beside it if you have a couch or reading spot in your bedroom. This way, it will offer great functionality and aesthetics.


If you are looking to make your bedroom colorful, lampshades are a great way to do so. Always choose the ones that go well with your interior décor. If you have a large bedroom, consider using two or three of them on different corners of the room to make the room extra spicy.

Ceiling fans in the bedroom

You can also decorate your bedroom using a ceiling fan. But how? At present, some ceiling fans come with lighting crystals. So, when the fan is on, they light up the room as well.

Ceiling fans with lighting fixtures are amazing in terms of aesthetics and functionality. So, consider incorporating them into your bedroom.

Make good use of wall sconces

Another way you can decorate your bedroom using lights is by using wall sconces. Wall sconces are simple to use yet offer excellent functionality. In fact, they work well for rooms that don’t have existing lighting fixtures. Most sconces are flexible, and you can always adjust them to provide brightness in a certain direction.

Wooden chandelier

Suppose your house a cottage-like look; consider installing a wooden chandelier. Wooden chandeliers give your bedroom an antique yet elegant look. They provide a more masculine appearance in your bedroom.

So, if you don’t like how fancy modern, and brassy chandeliers look, a wooden chandelier is a great option.

Use track lighting

You can also decorate your bedroom using track lighting. They have a great aesthetic effect and are best used when highlighting certain features.

So, if you have a unique art piece on the wall or a unique set of furniture, consider accentuating it using track lighting. This type of lighting works well for people with modern houses.

A blend of different lighting fixtures

If you have a large room, consider combining different types of lighting fixtures. This way, you decorate your bedroom lighting and obtain amazing functionality out of these fixtures.

For example, you can install a chandelier, bedside lamps, and a floor lamp. Doing this gives you the perfect brightness during the dark. Also, you have the option to switch on one lighting fixture when you require minimal lighting.


Currently, there are many techniques you can use to decorate your bedroom using lights. From this article, you can see that chandeliers, lampshades, bedside lamps, floor lamps, and even ceiling lamps can all get used to decorating the bedroom. However, you have to analyze your requirements first before settling for any lighting.

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