How To Decorate Your Room With Pictures And Art

Everyone desires to be in a room that looks appealing and inviting. To achieve this, one needs to add attractive décor.

The starting point is to consider the amount of cash and time one has for the exercise. If you are working on a tight budget, you could consider decorating your room a little bit at a time.

A room can be decorated with beautiful art work and 3D wallpaper designs that suit one’s taste, but it can also be decorated with pictures.

Ways to decorate your walls with pictures

The advantage of using pictures for décor is that they always serve as beautiful reminders of special moments in our lives. There are different but simple ways of doing this.

  • Tape or glue 

Use tape or glue and create an interesting way to display or arrange your photos. You can create shapes such as flags, hearts, diamonds, squares, rectangles and even flower shapes using your print pictures thus creating a beautiful collage. You can also make a display of an Instagram wall using tape or glue.

  • Cords or clotheslines 

Another simple way to decorate your room is to hang cords or clotheslines from one end of the wall of a room to the other end at different heights and then peg or clip the pictures on the cords with equal spacing between the pictures.

You can create equal spacing between each picture or between every two or three pictures for purposes of uniqueness.

You can hang pictures of the same size together on each cord or you could opt for a mix of different sizes depending on your preference. Any pattern will do. For this style, it is advisable to fix rods or neat wooden boards on the wall for hanging the cords or clotheslines to avoid possible damage to the wall. 

To make your bedroom look trendy, you can hang or glue your photos on the wall right above your bed. Doing this allows you a close view of the photos whenever you are in your room.

  • Decorate with designer wall clock 

You can decorate your room using your wall clock in combination with your pictures. Choose 12 beautiful photos and use them as numbers to make an original and unique clock. The wall clock should be large enough to accommodate the pictures without appearing cluttered. 

  • Clear jars with transparent lids 

This is another good method of decorating a room. Stick your pictures to the edges of the jars and then place small items such as sequins or pearls inside the jars. Place the jars on your desk or cabinet.

  • Strong twigs or wooden sticks 

Try using strong twigs from tree branches or wooden sticks to hang your pictures. Fix the sticks or twigs on the wall of your room, then stick the pictures directly on the wooden sticks or pin the pictures onto the twigs, patterning them in a manner to simulate the leaves of a twig or small tree branch. Consider adding a garland of lights to brighten it.

  • Use photo garland to decorate your wall

Another way to decorate your room with pictures is to use fairy lights as a cord. Hang fairy lights along your entire wall and attach your pictures on them. This will light up both your pictures and room.

  • Column with picture frames

If you have an empty column, you can fill it up with pictures fitted according to the shape of the wall. Use planks of wood that are painted with your preferred colour. Once the paint is dry, stick the pictures on the planks using quality glue for proper attachment.

You can also use varnish instead of paint. Place the planks on different parts of your room such as the cabinet, small dressing table, desk, or ordinary stand, or stick them on a section of your wall in a unique pattern for a classic display of the pictures on them.

  • Vertical wooden boards

If you have an empty space in your room, particularly at a corner, you could use a vertical wooden board. Simply paint or vanish it, then attach your memorable pictures on it in a pattern. The benefit of using this style is that the room appears much bigger.

  • Stand-alone picture frames 

Frame your pictures on stand-alone frames and place them on cabinets, bookshelves, and desks, especially for living rooms, study rooms and offices. 

How can I arrange pictures on my wall without frames? 

There are different ways of arranging pictures on a wall without the use of frames. It all calls for creativity.

  • Pant hangers 

Use pant hangers to arrange pictures. Simply fix them in your hangers then hang the hangers on the wall in your preferred style. Use wall hooks for hanging the hangers. This idea is great for vintage pictures.

  • Washi tape 

Washi tape allows you to hang different items on a wall including pictures. You can also use it to create fake frames around your pictures. Whichever your option, it will look great and hanging your pictures will consume very little of your time. The tape comes in different sizes.

  • Clipboards

This is a great way of improvising on frames for those people desiring a frame-like background. Simply put the pictures on clipboards as you would a document or paper. This keeps your pictures firmly in place and gives you the flexibility of changing them whenever you like.

  • Binder clips 

You can hook up some binder clips on your wall and clip your pictures in. This is an excellent idea for gallery walls and a unique way of hanging photos in the absence of picture frames.

  • Do it yourself poster frame  

If you have a picture large enough to fit a poster frame, you can create your own poster frame using a cord, magnetic tape and slats of wood and put it up. It will give your wall a unique and modern appearance. 

  • Pins and tape 

Get yourself colourful pins and use them to hang your pictures. You can also use colourful tacks or screws. However, screws are not recommended for drywall because it is flaky. You can also use push pins to hang frameless pictures on a wall. Use of tape is also a good option. 

  • Double sided tape 

This option is ideal for a person who does not mind the risk of damage to the wall paint when the wallpaper and pictures are removed. Attach two to 4 small pieces of the tape at the back of each picture and press the pictures on the portion of the wall where you want them to be. For larger pictures you may need to attach more pieces of the tape.

  • Darts

Take each picture and dart it to your wall right at its top centre. Arrange the pictures in your desired style on the wall. This option is ideal for those people who do not mind creating holes on their walls. 

How do I put multiple pictures on a wall? 

If you have a large collection of pictures, arranging them can prove to be a tedious task.  To make your work easier, group your pictures according to themes and events. This will guarantee you a better, and well-organized display.

Measure the area of the wall where you intend to put your pictures using a tape measure. Use wrapping paper and cut it according to the dimensions of your wall. Where needed, tape the larger pieces of wrapping paper together.

Next, take your wrapping paper and turn it back-side up. Arrange your pictures on it with equal spacing between them. Use a pencil to trace the borders of your frames onto the wrapping paper. Remove the frames and place the paper against the wall in your chosen spot to tape it up.

Follow by hammering a nail into a wooden ruler or scrap wood. Drive it in up to a ½ inch from the bottom. This will leave a ¼ inch of the nail sticking out on the other side. The sticking out portion will allow you to hang your pictures as it will be your guide.

Take each picture and hold it up to its outline on the paper. Hang it on the hanging guide ensuring it is at the same level with the outline.

Once done, remove the picture and tap the nail lightly on the wall to mark the spot using a hammer. Remove the wrapping paper and fix your hanging tools such as screws, hooks and nails on all the marked spots and hang your pictures. 

Where do you hang family pictures? 

You can display family pictures throughout the house and especially in the common areas such as the living room, dining room and kitchen. You can also display them in your office space including on your office wall. Ensure they complement the surroundings, and in particular the décor of each room.

Hanging on your living room wall

Most people choose to display their family pictures in the living room. The best location for this is on the wall behind the sofa. They can also be placed above the fireplace. Another good spot is the wall opposite the main door as it allows guests to see them as they enter the house.

This makes them feel at home as it creates a welcoming atmosphere. Ensure the display is beautiful as it will be the first thing guests will see.

Add pictures along the staircase

Display your family pictures on the staircase wall where you can admire them as you go up or down the stairs. Family vacation pictures are great for this area. If your house has a long and narrow hallway, you can turn it into a beautiful gallery by hanging framed pictures on it. If the hallway has shelves, consider placing framed family pictures on it.

Put pictures on your kitchen wall

You can hang your pictures above the kitchen fridge where you will enjoy their view as you open the fridge door and as you work around the kitchen. You can also place a stand-alone picture frame on the fridge.

Hang pictures on your bathroom and dressing room 

The bathroom and dressing room are also good places to hang family pictures as you can look at them when flossing your teeth, brushing your hair and dressing up. 

How far apart should art pictures be hung? 

In determining how far apart art pictures should be hung, it is important to first determine how high you want to hang them.

If you are hanging pictures on an empty wall where there is no furnishing of any kind, you can measure 60 inches from the floor, then hung your pictures at that level. However, you also need to consider the possibility of placing furniture against that wall in the future.

If on the other hand there are other features in the room such as windows, furniture, pendant lights, and switches, you need to consider them in placing your art.

The ideal spacing between art pictures is 3 to 6 inches. Beyond this spacing, the artwork appears off and unappealing. However, large and medium art pieces should be hung 2 to 3 inches apart. Much smaller art pieces should be hung 1.5 to 2.5 inches apart.

Should you hang art on every wall? 

You do not need to fill all your walls with art pieces. An empty wall can be a design feature of your room. When decorating a room, balance is key. It is important to avoid a scenario where your room appears to busy or cluttered.

Pictures and artwork are excellent for creating focal points in a room, but they need to be displayed well for the right effect. Walls covered with wallpaper do not need any artwork because wallpaper is art in itself.

Walls with doors, windows and closets may not have enough room to allow for décor without appearing clumsy. In addition, windows have curtains, and curtains are pieces of art and furthermore they help in soundproofing your room.

Should all pictures be hung at the same height? 

Pictures need not be hung at the same height. You can hang your pictures at different heights so long as they are neatly and methodically arranged and are as close to eyelevel as possible. It is all about preference.

Ensure the centres of all your picture frames are recommended size and at the same height of the wall by using the 57 inches rule. You can then arrange more pictures on yet another height either above or below them. However, the rule of thumb is that pictures should be hung at eyelevel.