Pouf Or Ottoman – What Should I Pick For My Home?

Understanding what a pouf is

We are aware that majority of the people ask what is a pouf, and that is why we took time to get this article together.

We can define pouf as a large solid cushion, which you can locate on the ground, and surround it with the rest of the furniture in the room.

Poufs easily and perfectly fit into any of the rooms in your home. They are not only accent, but versatile as well. They play a great role in bringing a room together.

It’s a trendy and subtle way to signify the interior décor of your space. The best place to place the poufs, is a place where people frequent a lot, for example the living room, bedrooms or even the nurseries.

Poufs for interior décor- good idea?

No one wants to have a piece of décor that seems outdated, or one that does not make sense. It is therefore understandable if you are wondering if having pouf in your room is a great interior design idea.

We will delve into that a little more, so that you can get clear answers to that question. What a pouf does, is that it takes the interior décor of a room, subtly yet uniquely ties it together.

When selecting what you need for your home, get a pouf that is the right size, shape and color, to perfectly suit your home.

A pouf is one of the greatest and unique pieces of accessories you can have for interior décor. It pays off to purchase the best pouf in the market.

Which size of pouf best suits my space?

You will need to choose the size of your pouf very carefully. The fact that pouf is an accessory means that it should flow seamlessly fit into your design.

Its possible that you have noticed not all sizes of furniture fit into any design. You will need to ensure that the size of pouf you are working with fits in spatially, so that it does not throw your design off balance.

If you get an oversized pouf, in relation to your space, it will end up looking unnatural and clunky, as if you forced it in.

You do not want that for your home. If you get a small pouf-too small for your design, it will be similar to a sore thumb, and again you do not want that.

There are spaces that will blend so well with a giant pouf, while others will demand you work with small sized ones.

Therefore, ensure your space matches the size of your pouf. You can shop online for various pouf sizes. You can consider Farmhouse Pouf Stores for a variety.

Their shipping cost is also free.

What about the shape of the pouf?

In the same breath, you will need to get the right shape of pouf for your design. To get the shape that will work for you, observe keenly the details of your space.

Check the angles of that room, it will guide you on the shape of pouf that would work for you. Make use of your online shop to access the different shapes of pouf available in the market.

To get the best out of your pouf, you will need to have the correct pouf insert. You need stuffing that will make it not too stiff, so that its not too firm for your body.

Select your filling based on the use of the pouf. Will you be using it for your child, is it to kick your feet up, or to purely decorate your space?

Those questions will guide on the correct insert.

What are the uses of pouf?

Poufs are unique, and you can use them in a number of ways. The most important thing to note, is that poufs do not replace the function of another furniture.

Their purpose is to add to the already placed furniture in your space. Their role is to add to the existing furniture.

  • Use poufs as footrest

You have no reason to worry if you do not have chaise on your sofa. You can pick pouf and use it for any sofa as the footrest.

The beauty of it is that poufs are lightweight, and moving them from room to room, or around your living room is super easy.

  • Extra seating

You do not need to panic if you have company coming over, and your seating space is limited. Poufs will come in handy for this. You will not have any of your guests standing.

You could also place a pair of poufs besides your bed. That will come in handy whenever you need to sit and put on your shoes, or taking them off.

  • Kids coffee table

Most coffee tables have sharp corners, which is not a very good thing if you have kids around. You may need to work with poofs as your side table for the kids to use.

  • Improvised side table

If you are hosting a party, poufs will come in handy to help as extra side tables. You only need to creatively place the snacks on the poufs and you are good to go. You do not need to borrow your neighbor’s side table!

  • Show off your style and personality

You can use the poufs of your choice color or pattern in your home to show off your taste and preference.

It helps to bring out your uniqueness, and the budget is friendly, you won’t need to break a bank for this!

  • Help your pets to perch

You do not need to keep fighting for the sofa space with your pet! Just get a pouf, dedicate it to your pet, let it be all theirs and you will have the sofa all for yourself.

Poufs for the kids-anyone?

Yes, sure. You can get kids pouf from your online vendor. These poufs come in brilliant colors and patterns, which is exactly what your kids deserve.

You can consider to have pouf in the children playroom or even the bedroom. The poufs are such that the texture is baby-friendly; some are made from cotton.

You will also note that the Styrofoam beans that make the filling are tiny and comfortable for your precious one to sit on.

The designs are also easy to wash, because you need to ensure your kid’s hygiene is not compromised.

Are poufs and ottoman one and the same thing?

Not necessarily so. The first difference you will notice with the two is that they differ in appearance.

Ottomans are firmer, and not as cushioned as the poufs. We can almost say that poufs are giant pillows.


Poufs will sit flat on the ground, but ottoman may have legs that raise it above the ground. Some people use the terms pouf and ottoman interchangeably, but the two are completely different items.

The easiest way to differentiate them is this; if it has legs, it is likely to be ottoman, and if it has no legs, it is likely to be a pouf. Easy, right?

You can check for variety from pouf ottoman Target online shop. The beauty of this, is that when you order, the shipping cost is free.

Modern ottoman

Ottoman is no longer a basic piece of footrest in your space. It has greatly advanced, such that you can use it for any room design you desire.

You can spread pouf ottomans in an artistic manner in your living room, or at your favorite reading corner in your bedroom.

Are you stuck on what size or shape to work with?

Visit your online pouf ottoman IKEA store and check out the variety of choices you have there. It will make your decision-making process easy, and you can pick the material and color of your choice.

The modern ottoman comes in different sizes and shapes. Just like the poufs, you will need to know which size works for your space, way before the purchase.

Does your space match an oversized pouf ottoman?

Go for it. Or does your space match a small or standard size pouf ottoman?

Go for that.

What about my outdoor space?

We are aware that you want to have a unique outdoor space, as much as you have the uniqueness indoors. We understand you might not be a fun of wicker furniture.

There are several options for that, and the pouf-bean bag one, is a great option. It is pouf, just similar to what we discussed, only that it has bean bag fillings.

The bean bag poufs are great in that they are more durable. Some of them are water proof, serving your outdoor space excellently.

Make use of your online shop, and get the best offers in the market. Consider your home colors, so that you pick the colors that blend well.

Think through the shape of the outdoor layout, so that you order for the outdoor accessories that will match your home.

Some online vendors will help you through your selection process. You can discuss with their customer attendants in case you feel stuck.

You could also consult design experts. However, it’s not really complex. You just need to know your tastes and preferences and you are good to go!