How To Decorate My Farmhouse Bedroom

Living in a farmhouse is exceedingly refreshing because of the aesthetic nature of a farm. It provides a homely place that guarantees comfort.

All you need is a perfect blend of furniture and antiques to give you a trendy interior. This applies to not only the living and dining rooms, but also to the farmhouse bedroom.

Ways of decorating your farmhouse bedroom

There are different ways of decorating a farmhouse bedroom. Experiment with various options until you find the blend that suits your style. Below are some décor ideas to choose from.

Decorate with metal bed and shiplap wall

A wall of shiplap makes a statement and adds elegance to a farmhouse bedroom when a metal bed is placed against it. There is added zest if the metal bed has the old vintage look. Spread your bed and finish off with a throw blanket. It will give you a breath-taking experience.

Use weathered wood and layers of beddings on master bed

When decorating your farmhouse master bedroom, layer your master bed with soft pillows and blankets.

Add a dresser made of weathered wood on the opposite wall facing your bedside with an antic mirror fixed right above it. This will give your bedroom a lasting appeal.

Flowers and glittering chandeliers for gorgeous farmhouse bedroom décor

Use flower arrangements on the headboard of your bed. If the bed is made of metal and does not allow for flower arrangements, you can fix a long shelf across the width of your bed at the headboard, right above the bed, or you can place flowers in a pot and place it besides your bed on a stand.

You can also place the flowerpot on your bedside table. Add a glittering chandelier to allow ample reflection of light to brighten the entire bedroom.

Chalkboard picture gallery and green plants for farmhouse bedroom décor

Use chalkboard to decorate your farmhouse bedroom. Gather all your treasured family pictures and arrange them on two or three cords fixed across the chalkboard at different heights using pegs.

The grey chalkboard and added green indoor plants will greatly enhance  and beautify your bedroom.

Photo farmhouse bedroom décor

Neatly arrange all your family photos on one side of your bedroom, preferably on the wall to the right or left side of your bed. Arrange them all over the wall from top to near bottom on the same eyelevel with your bed.

It will give your farmhouse bedroom a classic touch. Place something sentimental such as a love phrase right above the bed to complete the look.

Bicycle and brick-wall farmhouse bedroom décor

You can decorate your brick-wall farmhouse bedroom by use of an old bicycle which is no longer functional. Fix it firmly on the wall above the headboard of your bed after ensuring it is first cleaned and polished for an elegant appearance.

Complement the look by placing a glass lantern on the bedside table for giving light when you need to read at bedtime.

Black and grey metal bed for farmhouse bedroom décor

Use a black metal bed with grey-colored beddings for an appealing look. Contrast the beddings with some white, then hang a decorative metal chandelier in black color above it. White boards with sentimental writings in black color will give your room a final vintage look.

Wooden bed with white décor for farmhouse bedroom

A farmhouse bedroom always looks great when furnished with wooden bed and creatively decorated with white décor. The décor could be a throw blanket or throw pillows.

You could also add a white decorative chandelier. Consider adding white wall art with wooden frame. Fix the art on the wall behind your bed for a stunning look.

Multi-textured side table farmhouse bedroom décor

Use a side table containing features to fill up the space, such as a bedside lampstand made of metal with a canvas lampshade, a bedside alarm clock and a green flowered pot. Arrange them in a thoughtful way.

Outdoor pictures in farmhouse bedroom

On a large white shiplap wall, place beautiful pictures of the outdoors such as mountains, horses, oxen, growing crops and rivers. Hang them neatly on one or two walls of the bedroom and enjoy the vintage feel it gives.

Woven and wooden farmhouse bedroom décor

Use woven bedroom accessories such as the woven clothes basket, tassled chandelier for lighting and other wooden pieces of décor from your own creative mind. Couple these with wooden chest of drawers and wooden bench placed at the foot of your bed for elegance.

Is farmhouse décor still in for 2023?

Yes. Farmhouse décor is still in for 2023, thou it will evolve into a more refined look that will include a blend of features from Scandinavian, European, Belgian and coastal décor styles. 

How do I add color to my farmhouse bedroom?

In considering the addition of color to farmhouse bedroom, it is worth noting that neutral and earth colors are the best for a farmhouse.

Consider using either brown, grey, beige or white paint colors for your bedroom. These colors make a farmhouse bedroom appealing and help to add vibe to your space.

Tips on adding color

  • Use colorful furniture. Blues, red and any bright color will do.
  • Add colorful vintage rugs.
  • Add pillows that are both colored and patterned to your taste. Consider mix and match.
  • Paint your walls and/or bedroom floor with colors of your choice, ensuring they blend well.
  • Add wallpaper. Simply peel and stick it in a professional manner.
  • Add artistic pieces or designs to your bedroom wall. You can never go wrong with wall art.
  • Mix wall and floor patterns. A patterned floor and wallpaper on one wall of the bedroom can be very appealing.
  • Add a colorful vintage chair or two. You can mix and match them.

What trend is replacing farmhouse?

Cottagecore is the new trend currently replacing farmhouse style. It is slightly similar to farmhouse, and according to interior designers, modern farmhouse will soon be extinct thou still extremely popular.