Take Storage Up A Notch With A Modern Wall

Bare walls don’t look great in your home. But, you can utilize your space by creating a modern wall with stylish and creative storage ideas.

There’s a variety of shelves to help you improve the look of your home, and all you need to do is choose one.

Organizing can be a tad dreary! But that’s only until you find a creative way of filling your modern wall with decorative shelves and beautiful wall clocks.

No one wants to look at a bare wall, and all you need to turn your modern wall into the talk of the neighborhood is to find unique shelves that match your preference.

If you’re looking to give a little spin to your modern wall and turn your home into an inspiring, creative, filled space, you’re at the right place.

Our modern wall décor ideas will suit you when the holidays come round. Afterward, they’ll turn into creative storage solutions you can use to display books, trinkets, or antiques.

Whether you’re a minimalist, prefer an industrial or contemporary look, you will find a look you’ll love for every room in your home.

Once you’ve seen our modern wall ideas, you’ll discover the joy that comes with having functional storage in your home.

Types of creative modern wall ideas

Take a look.

Wooden Hexagonal Shelves

Are you in the process of redecorating your child’s room?

These wooden hexagonal shelves are just what you need to create a modern wall filled with creative storage for your child’s toys and picture books.

Whether your interior is Scandinavian or minimalist, a honeycomb modern wall shelf will give it the lift it needs to look creative.

Minimalist Square Shelves For Your Modern Wall

If you’re looking for minimalist modern wall shelves, nothing screams modern simplicity more than these square shelves.

They are great for your living as they will attract any guest’s attention with their attractive and thick frames and are a great conversation starter.

The best thing about such shelves on your modern wall is that they give you more storage space.

There’s plenty of room to store books inside the shelf and display a plant or antique on the top side.

To make these modern wall shelves look more interesting, install them in sets of three of five and order them in bold colors such as deep red or black.

If you want a more colorful modern wall to lift your spirits, have them installed in every color of the rainbow next to your wooden memory board.

Intersecting Square Shelves

Are you smitten with the minimalist square shelves’ thick frames but need a modern wall that looks more decorated?

Look no further. Intersecting modern wall shelves are the perfect accessory for your wall if you need display and storage for precious items such as the antique alarm clock you got last Christmas.

These modern wall shelves are great if you’re looking for something a little more than just creative storage, as they provide visual interest to anyone looking at them.

If you don’t have small enough items to fit the small crannies of this kind of modern wall storage, a little air plant could fit just fine.

Fire Escape Shelf

One of the best modern wall interior design ideas is to install a fire escape shelf in one of the walls of your suburban home.

Whether you need an industrial touch or are looking for something that reminds you of the city, a modern wall with a fire escape shelf is what you need to give you precisely what you want.

If you need additional storage on your modern wall, you can stack these shelves, and they’ll still look great.

They’ll offer you a means to organize your precious belongings on your modern wall stylishly and dramatically.

Installing a fire escape shelf will require you to consider the best tools to own for such a job, so make sure you have them beforehand.

Peak Shelf

Anything covered in gold color will instantly add a touch of elegance and glamour to your modern wall.

This kind of storage will draw anyone’s attention from wherever they are in the room. If your goal is to turn your home into hints of elegance and class with your modern wall, then you won’t miss the mark with this type of storage.

Invisible Book Shelves

“Floating” or invisible bookshelves are ideal for a home décor enthusiast or a book lover who’d like to create a magical feel on their modern wall.

This modern wall design will make your room feel and look imaginative while ensuring effective space use. Are you trying to figure out how these bookshelves work?

All you need to do is install one, then slide it into a large book. You hold the bottom part with hooks that lie against your modern wall to keep the cover from hanging.

In the end, what you’ll have is a magical modern wall any book worm would love to explore. Furthermore, book shelves act when it come to soundproofing the wall.

Toilet Paper Shelf

Bathrooms never have enough space to play around with, but thankfully, they have walls. You can create a modern wall in your bathroom by installing a creative toilet paper shelf.

It allows you to have more storage space without filling up your bathroom with too much bulky furniture.

Creating storage for a modern wall is an excellent way of adding something unexpected, bold, and unique.

A toilet paper shelf is tasteful when it comes to storing bathroom necessities. The shelf is designed like a fluffy white cloud, and this is what your TP will look like once it’s mounted.

Shelving Unit For Your Living Room

You can make your entire modern wall in the living room achieve a functional yet dramatic look by installing an over-the-top shelving unit.

You can customize and personalize those to carry anything you like. The shelves’ design is minimalist and won’t take away from the items you’d like to display.

For a distinctive look, you can install modern wall lights next to the unit to give it a soft, sultry look when you put the lights on. This also compliment very well with floor lamps.


Whether you’re a book lover or an art collector, you can customize your space by creating a modern wall to refresh your room. Well, décor such as modern wall pictures and creative storage can expand your possibilities and offer you the space you need to surround yourself with the things you love.

What do you think about such creative storage ideas?

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