Review Of The Best Floor Lamps

If there is a corner of your house that is poorly lit and boring during the night, it may be the right time to begin shopping for a floor lamp.

Floor lamps work both an aesthetic and functional role in the house. This means they will help to cast light across the room and, ideally, looking great while they do so.

Regardless of your house’s style – bohemian, modern, or traditional, there are lots of different lamps to suit your needs. You can find simple, classic models with drum shades, fun tiki floor lamps, and glossy contemporary choices with multiple heads.

The best model to suit your needs will depend on the amount of money you want to spend, the amount of light you require, and your preferred lamp style.

Floor lamps sets are extremely multipurpose: they can fit well in the center of a lobby, behind a couch, or any corner of your space. Its design and the quality of light it emits will create a complete transformation to the room. They will also create an entirely new ambiance in the house.

You can relocate many of these lamps provided that an electrical outlet is near. To prevent tripping dangers, ensure that you tuck cords behind furniture and not lie across an area with heavy traffic.

7 of the best floor lamps to buy

  1. Kenroy Home Rustic Swing Arm Floor Lamp 

Kenroy Home 32613ORB Birdsong Swing Arm Floor Lamp with Oil Rubbed Bronze with Gold Highlights Finish, Rustic Style, 60' Height, 13.5' Width, 21' Depth
282 Reviews
Kenroy Home 32613ORB Birdsong Swing Arm Floor Lamp with Oil Rubbed Bronze with Gold Highlights Finish, Rustic Style, 60" Height, 13.5" Width, 21" Depth
  • Rustic Floor Lamp: The swing arm floor lamp with an oil rubbed bronze finish...
  • Ambient Lighting Profile: This standing lamp has a 3-way adjustable lighting for...
  • Dimensions: This tall floor lamp is 60 inches in height with a 21-inch swing and...

This lamp will bring provide your room with a cottage elegant style. It has a delicate tree branch extension that’s the supporting bulb arm. In addition, a small finch stays perched, enthralled by the wonderful oil rubbed bronze finishing. Exceptional for rustic and lodge surroundings, this lamp will make an amazing complement to a comfy reading chair.


  • The swing arm has a delicate bronze songbird perched on its leafy vine. This will transitional floor lamp will have a touch of organic whimsy thanks to the swing arm
  • It comes with a three-way adjustable lighting that sets the right atmosphere for any situation with low, medium, and high light levels
  • The light oatmeal hue will gently diffuse light to emit a bright glow that fills the area. It is ideal for use in the living space next to the cozy reading chair
  • The lamp comes with superb reading light with an adjustable arm. This arm swings to where you require lighting, like over your huge cozy recliner. Its sturdy base will make sure that the lamp always remain upright
  • This lamp features a transitional, functional design that goes rustic with a beautiful bronze finch, which comfortably sits on the leaf-decorated swing arm

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  1. Floor Lamp Matches Industrial, Farmhouse & Rustic Living Rooms

Brightech Teardrop LED Floor Lamp – Tree Standing Lamp with 3 Elegant Cage Heads & Edison Bulbs – Standing Lamp for Living Rooms & Offices – Tall Standing Lamp Ideal for Bedroom Reading – Black
1,978 Reviews
Brightech Teardrop LED Floor Lamp – Tree Standing Lamp with 3 Elegant Cage Heads & Edison Bulbs – Standing Lamp for Living Rooms & Offices – Tall Standing Lamp Ideal for Bedroom Reading – Black
  • Ultra-Bright LED Lighting: The Brightech Teardrop floor lamp features three 5...
  • Modern Standing Lamp: This modern floor lamp is made to complement various...
  • Energy-Saving and Long-Lasting Floor Lamp: The built-in LEDs in the standing...

These lamps give any home a vintage look. This is a free-standing floor lamp, which comes with lots of stylish lines. The lamp’s entire height is 68 inches and a 9-inch diameter.

It generates a warm and soft light that’s appropriate for reading. You’ll be able to feel more focused and calm on this light hue. The LED bulbs come with a total of 20,000 lifetime hours, meaning you won’t replace them 


  • Comfy and warm illumination effect
  • Vintage industrial appearance
  • 20,000 hours of lifespan

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  1. Rivet 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp, Marble & Brass with Bulbs

Amazon Brand – Rivet 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp, Marble and Brass, With Bulbs , 79' x 27' x 21'
79 Reviews
Amazon Brand – Rivet 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp, Marble and Brass, With Bulbs , 79" x 27" x 21"
  • Bring fun and flair to your room with this 3-light arc floor lamp. Brass finish...
  • Retro with classic touches
  • White marble base with brass and linen

This is a stunning lamp that reveals its true colors when you switch it on. Rivet 3-light Arc is a multi-arm lamp that occupies a small area as a floor lamp generally should. This unique feature lets this product fit easily to an array of different areas in the room to suit your needs.

You can use this Rivet 3-Light Arc Floor Lamp to light up the room and add allure to it. When it comes to glamour, you certainly cannot undermine the important role marble plays. This lamp’s marble base comes with its own distinctiveness. Monotonous surrounds many of the lamps because of their dull hues in the design. But it’s different with this model.

Beginning with the retro-shades, all positioned in three different directions; you encounter the incredible brass stand that joins the shades with the white marble base at its end.

Consider turning on either light or two or three lights for different events and atmospheres. This lamp offers lots of brightness and also decorative illumination. All you should do to this lamp is set it up and watch the transformation it brings to the atmosphere.


  • Retro with classic touches
  • It fits in a tight area and provides light in 3 directions
  • Use this three-light arc lamp to bring flair and fun to the room. You can adjust individual lighting for multiple settings. 
  • Take 15 to 30 minutes to assemble
  • White marble base with linen and brass


  • The generated soft light doesn’t cause eye exhaustion. It will mix properly with your room’s atmosphere
  • A sturdy marble base will prevent any hazard of your lamp falling off the surface
  • Three arms that point in a different direction, which permits the best lighting diffusion
  • Antique brass finish


  • High power use will mean more brightness but higher energy costs too
  • Arms aren’t flexible for movement

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  1. Modern LED Shelf Floor Lamp – Skinny end table and nightstand

Brightech Maxwell - Modern Shelf Floor Lamp with Lamp Shade and LED Bulb - Corner Display Floor Lamps with Shelves for Living Room, Bedroom and Office - Black
14,497 Reviews
Brightech Maxwell - Modern Shelf Floor Lamp with Lamp Shade and LED Bulb - Corner Display Floor Lamps with Shelves for Living Room, Bedroom and Office - Black
  • ALEXA Compatible Floor Lamp with 20 Year life LED Bulb: Brightech shelf lamp...
  • Triple Storage Lamp & Shelf Combo: This durable tall lamp with stable structure,...
  • Quality Lampshade with Soft Light: Brightech modern shelf floor lamp is made of...

This is the ultimate versatile floor lamp. Not only does the Brightech Maxwell LED Shelf Floor Lamp to brighten the room, but it also shelves and stores small things. The lamp’s stand is a 3-tiered wooden shelf created to hold photos or other small decor things.

This floor lamp has a convenient design as it is both decorative and saves space. Feel free to make use of the lamp as both a stunning feature piece as well as a source of light in the living room. It has a height of 63-inches, which makes it not only good to look at, but it’s also compatible with smart houses.

You can use a smart outlet to connect it to Apple HomeKit, Google Home, or Alexa. This lamp also has a 60-watt LED bulb, which comes with a lifespan of 20 years. You will not need to worry about the bulb short-circuiting any time soon. This unit comes with a three-year warranty and has all the tools and hardware required to install it.

Users say that the wood frame is quite thin and that the bulb incorporated in this Brightech Maxwell Shelf Floor Lamp isn’t smart home compatible.


  • It comes with all tools and hardware for set up
  • 2-in-1 shelf and lamp
  • Has a height of 63-inches


  • Thin wood
  • The bulb isn’t smart home compatible

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  1. Elegant Designs 3 light floor lamp with scalloped glass shades

Elegant Designs LF2002-RBZ 3 Light Floor Lamp with Scalloped Glass Shades, Restoration Bronze/Champagne
5,070 Reviews
Elegant Designs LF2002-RBZ 3 Light Floor Lamp with Scalloped Glass Shades, Restoration Bronze/Champagne
  • Restoration Bronze finish
  • Champagne scalloped glass shades
  • Main light uses: 1 x 100W medium base Type a bulb (not included) reading lights...

This is a unique floor lamp that has different finishes and colors. For this reason, you can select a floor lamp that will match the decor in your room. This product comes with the best dimensions that will ensure it properly fits your space and lights up depending on want you want. With this floor lamp, minimum assembly is required that makes it user-friendly and convenient.

The primary light makes use of a 100-watt bulb that doesn’t come with the package. The reading lights, conversely, make use of two 60-watt bulbs. A lot of people like this lamp, which makes it very reliable. The floor lamp is quite cheap, especially if you are comparing it to models sharing the same style.

Remember that bulbs aren’t included with the lamp, so you will have to buy and set them up yourself. Additionally, it comes with a 1-year limited warranty that will protect the product against issues or defects made during its manufacture.


  • It comes in different hues
  • Need to assemble
  • Champagne scalloped glass shades
  • Restoration bronze finish

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  1. Henn&Hart modern farmhouse seeded floor lamp

Henn&Hart 67.75' Tall Floor Lamp with Glass Shade in Blackened Bronze/Seeded, Floor Lamp for Home Office, Bedroom, Living Room
3,160 Reviews
Henn&Hart 67.75" Tall Floor Lamp with Glass Shade in Blackened Bronze/Seeded, Floor Lamp for Home Office, Bedroom, Living Room
  • The blackened bronze tones keep this piece understated but refined.
  • Paired with a cylindrical shaped shade.
  • The shade is hand made from seeded glass. Each shade is slightly unique due to...

This is a high-grade LED light floor lamp that features homemade shade bade with seeded glass. The product has a sleek design and comes with ultra-bright ambient soft lighting.

This makes it the best choice for your living room, bedroom, office, work, and reading. Additionally, each shade is a bit distinct due to the mature of the seeded glass. It comes with a cord that has a length of 6 feet, which lets you plug anywhere.

The lamp features blackened bronze tones, which keep it toned-down but refined. Most importantly, it is energy efficient and will last longer. A metal frame supports this floor lamp’s features, which has a beautiful, blackened bronze finish. This ends up in a square, elegant base that’s every bit as gorgeous as it is sturdy.

This floor lamp is an incredible choice if you want to attain a particular aesthetic within your house. Buy a unit for simple room illumination, or a pair for a beautiful bed setup or living room. 


  • Square, metal base
  • Handcrafted seeded glass shade
  • Energy saver
  • It comes with blackened bronze tones
  • Durable and lasts longer
  • It has a 6 feet cord

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  1. Addlon floor lamp with hanging glass lamp shade & LED bulb 

No products found.

This floor lamp has a slim and simple design, which makes it ideal for use in a study room, living room, or bedroom. It offers you the comfiest lighting ambiance.


  • It is user-friendly and easy to assemble as you only require screws, and after that plug in and turnon. This model offers a 5 feet cord to help you move it around.
  • The base is stable and safe, and sturdy as it will help prevent tipping over. It has highly developed LED bulbs that won’t be overheating or overburning after using for many hours
  • This floor lamp is energy-efficient and long-lasting. The screw in the bulb offers lots of light. Its bulb isn’t dimmable; however, it’s possible to replace it with a smart bulb
  • This lamp is Alexa compatible that will operate using smart outlets. The convenient use of the pedal switch lets you to simply tap your floor lamp
  • The lamp looks great and will complement your home’s furniture well. Its glass shade offers a lot of stylishnes. It produces comfy lighting, which creates a comfy area beside the book chair

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The beauty of wooden floor lamps

These have been around for centuries to illuminate different spaces in a house. The lamps illuminate a space better than expensive sources of light, depending on their designs. Aside from illuminating, they are a superb way to enhance a home’s stylishness and beauty.

The reason being, they are available in an array of stunning designs, colors, and designs. These lamps are best for any house and will offer you useful light over the whole space. In addition, you can always choose unique designs that complete your home’s look. When shopping for these products, there are important things to consider:

Quality of light

When selecting lamps, it’s essential that you make sure they provide quality illumination in the house. Quality lamps will guarantee functional light in the whole kitchen, living room, bedroom, and over the reading area, furniture pieces, and walls. Focus on the available room in the house and get the ideal light products.

Style you get from wooden floor lamps

This is an essential consideration when selecting wooden designs for the house. You can find unique and cool styles with incredible themes. For example, lamps that have Asian themes provide gentle lighting and create an incredible atmosphere in the house.

Because of this, it’s important that you focus on your existing decor and get a style that will create the type of ambiance you want to in your house. The best style permits quality illumination and a stunning look in a home. When selecting your lamp’s style, it’s essential to consider the kind of bulbs you want to buy. Consider bulbs that can let even light distribution in different spaces.

The most important thing is that you need to get bulbs that can complement your house’s interior decor in every aspect. This is because bulbs are available in an array of styles and colors. This can help create the best environment in your house.

Design that come with wooden lamps

You can get these lamps in an array of designs. Wooden types come in a unique way to complement different spaces and to suit your needs well. It’s important to know your needs and go for a design that can let quality lighting in the house.

Get also a style that will help in enhancing your home’s interior decor. The designs have incredible work of art and are available in an array of incredible finishes for durability and longevity purposes. So, take the time to look for the best design and be sure of the products that best suit your needs.

Advantages of tall floor lamps

Before you buy a lamp, consider its height to prevent discordance of the entire house decor. Because the lampshade’s bottom needs to be at or above the level of the eye in a seated posture, the perfect floor light’s height is between 58- inches and 64-inches.

This will depend on a person’s standard sitting height that can attain the utmost light effect and complement the house decor and furniture well. If the lamp goes with the house decor in style, it will be a bit taller or shorter compared to the recommended height.

Several homes globally make the tallest floor lamps offer added illumination in their bedroom designs, dining rooms, and even living spaces. Light is an important element in any house and will create brightness, mood, and the ideal finishing touch to your space. One of the advantages of this kind of illumination is versatility.

You can easily move these lights, in case you choose you would like to move the living area around for a transformation, or you do not like where you’ve placed it. These lamps will be a work of art in any house. This creates a center of attention to highlight another house feature you would like to brag about, or that stands out in a dull corner.

The best thing is that these lamps are available in lots of different colors, sizes, and shapes to enhance the room simply by incorporating one of these illumination products. In a space with a pair of couches beside each other or a poorly lit corner, you can easily place this lamp and lighten up the room. This will make it inviting and attracting visitors’ attention.

Choosing the best led floor lamps

To start with, you should create a budget and consider what type of style you want. Once you have done that, take measurements of your preferred room where you would like to use the floor lamp. This room’s size can be a huge decider which design you choose.

Narrow-base lamps are ideal for placing beside sofas in limited rooms, while tight corners will perfectly fit tripod lamps. If you want a striking lamp for a room with height, get one that features an exaggerated form or something that will arc. Remember to measure the distance to the closest outlet, or else you will be coping with cluttered extension cords.

You will also want to consider the color and quality of light, with everything from powerful directional lamps out there to lamps that make a tranquil atmosphere. A dimmable LED lamp is more versatile, which makes it appropriate for setting a mood for reading.

What are the best led floor lamps?

This will depend on what you want when it comes to style and budget and the lamp’s purpose. If you want something easy to move around, then get a battery-powered wireless floor lamp.

  • Torche floor lamps

Torchiere floor lamps are indirect light fixtures, which offer soft lighting that bounces off your ceiling and highlights a room. This is popularly used when you prefer indirect light or in the absence of overhead lights.

These make the best lighting choices for your condominium, office, and home or rented apartment. In addition, installing these lamps is easy without complex wiring to worry about. You can choose from several styles; modern, antique, to classic, and they come with copper, lead, or brass.

  • Dimmer floor lamps

The best dimmer floor lamps transform the atmosphere of the house thanks to the warm amber glow it creates. This feature lets light be adjusted to produce at levels ranging from bright task illumination to tranquil, soft, not bright tones.

These lamps thrilling designs help in improving the interior’s aesthetics. The compact and sleek designs will create amazing illumination from spectacular lighting accessories.

  • Magnification floor lamps

At times you simply require things to be larger so that you can see them; however, you also require both hands available. Magnification floor lamps are made for just such instances. Whether you want to sew, read, make watches, jewelry, or any other painting, these lamps will make the work much simpler and clearer to see. Furthermore, these tools have lighting to help light up your way, letting you see the work in an entirely new light.

  • Vintage floor lamp

The best way of adding style to your house is by including vintage lamps in every room. Simply by checking any vintage store’s catalog, and you’ll get there are lots of styles, sizes, designs, colors, and shapes on sale for just these lamps. This means you’ll certainly not have any issue purchasing one that will blend in well with your home’s decor.

Actually, try to give every room a different design, provided that it will complement your home’s theme.  These lamps are beneficial add-ons to any home as they are mobile things. For this reason, if you’re short of funds, you might even think about buying only one first, rather than purchasing some all at once.

You can easily move this one lamp around from room to room if you want. In addition, you don’t need to worry about it appearing weird, as a vintage lamp will blend in with any theme. The good thing about a vintage floor lamp is that it features an ornate looking design. In addition, it’s often set to emit a glow in your room, thus improving the ambiance in your room.

But before you purchase any vintage lamps, you need first to choose whether you need an authentic one or a replica is fine with you.  This is an essential thing to consider as the cost will vary a lot. These lamps are quite rare and can be costly, while you can get a replica at a low price.

  • Rustic floor lamps

These can be the best decorative choice for a room. Rustic types are also an amazing elegant choice for your house. They are on the top when you need your room to have a bright, luxurious allure. Back then, these lamps were used in many rustic areas; however, today, people are trying to copy the same ambiance by using them in their homes.

But traditional interiors had lots of choices with regards to decor. However, nowadays, you can still fit these lamps in nearly any area you find best.

  • Modern arc floor lamps

Modern arc floor lamps have a long arm that usually joins to the lamp’s base. The long arm lets this item extend out and over a piece of furniture. They are often spectacular and perfect for lighting a whole seating area, like an entire sofa. You can also place one over a dining room table, rather than using an overhead light or a chandelier to light up the table.

  • Tiffany style floor lamps

When checking the different Tiffany lamps out there, you need to consider some very essential things. First, think about the key purpose of the lamps. These lamps can serve in many parts of your home. However, knowing which area of your home they will be in will make it simpler to select the lamps’ specific size, color, and design.

After all, not all of your home’s rooms are made equal. To a greater extent, every room has a different character and purpose, and you’ll find different types of lamps to fit insufficiently well with your room.

These lamps have many differences. You’ll find those made for lighting. You can add these in your room sections where you may spend some time reading or performing other things where you need the best amount of light.

These rooms need lamps with directional heads. You can get them in sdownward-pointed shades, and they are easy to adjust, so if you need a more focused illumination, you can move them from one sport to another. In addition, these lamps need to complement your room’s decor.

Because you can get them in an array of colors, styles, sizes, and designs, it is best to get the one that will enhance your furniture and other items inside your room. 

  • Pottery barn floor lamps

These units have timeless and bold designs. Get these unique floor lamps and provide your room with a style and personality boost.

Floor lamps with table

Lighting is an essential aspect of every home. Today, you can find lots of lighting choices in the market, which include floor lamps of all sizes and shapes. You can find lamps that function as a pure ornament and those serving the purpose of illumination. 

These lamps with table aren’t only to be regarded as decoration, but also as a quite flexible, versatile, and functional piece. It will light up your room and, at the same time, function as a table.

Space is then made the most of, and costs are minimized. You will not need to purchase another piece; it is furniture and light in one. Also, this lamp provides higher lighting levels than table lamps as its purpose is to offer as much illumination to a specific room as possible.

 Crate and barrel floor lamps have simple, elegant lines and complement the house with functionality. You can also brighten up your space with pier one floor lamps to add appeal to any space.

 Floor lamps with shelves

Floor lamps with shelves are usually very flexible and convenient, thanks to the versatile styles and superb lighting. These lamps are perfect for use in different rooms as they’re lightweight and portable. Additionally, they have shelves that you can use to keep many small items in your room, which include books and magazines. Furthermore, these lamps are quite sturdy and stable, thanks to the broader base for additional support.

The floor shelf lamps come with different materials such as metal, wood, and glass. With this, finding the perfect lamp that can suit your space and needs is achievable. Getting the perfect one will take a few things, such as the price, base size, material, and lampshade, into consideration.

Floor lava lamps

These lamps add to the decoration of house decor. A lava lamp or soft glowing volcano positioned well can help set a contemporary home’s ambiance and mood. You can get these lamps in different fluorescent and bright colors and transmit a unique allure to your room.

They can change the hue, which helps change the shadow play and effect within your room. You can get these lamps in an array of coloring patterns and finishes. In addition, you can use them mostly to highlight a beautiful drawing room or game room. But you can also use these lights in luxurious family rooms, roomy dormitories, and alluring office reception areas.

Think about using a lava lamp as a wall and ceiling lighting and a floor and table lamp to match the interiors. These are available in different sizes and shapes and are created with different materials, in designer styles and patterns.

Tree floor lamps

Are you considering buying some lamps for upgrading your house space?

If yes, these items are the best choices as they offer plenty of lighting, have a beautiful aesthetic, and help create comfy corners for those intimate chats. Branch floor lamps are also good decor that is both versatile and easy. Additionally, you do not require the help of an expert electrician to set everything up. 

You can often place them next to a bed, couch, or chair to offer some soft overhead illumination for your reading and relaxation needs. The best thing about these lamps is that they often have a few light sockets, so movement in different directions becomes easier. 

Transforming your area with outdoor floor lamps

These designs will entirely transform your outdoor space. You might like unwinding in your outdoor space during sunsets and early nights, and if you own superbly made lamps and comfortable floor pillow, the whole space will transform into a staycation.

You can host a party, listen to harmonious and calming music, relax, enjoy the breeze, and even read if your outdoor space has the right illumination arrangement. You have different lamps for lighting this space. Usually, these tall lamps offer your space the best amount of light.

In case your lighting is good, it can have the best effect on your mood. However, make sure you use your creativity and imagination to place them properly. You can get these lamps in several styles and designs that are pocket-friendly.

Another consideration is that these lamps need to complement your existing outdoor decor. Additionally, you can use some of these lamps in wet environments. You can also purchase them for use in uncovered spaces. These items can work effectively both in shine and rain. Some of these lamps are created with wood, copper, and other metals. Usually, the shades are weather resistant. 

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