Where To Buy An Electric Fireplace

There are many different types, makes and models of electric fireplaces available in the market, and they all differ in terms of their features and in terms of the location of those features in different models. They also differ in size and performance.

All these variations exist because every manufacturer who engages in the production of electric fireplaces seeks to come up with better, more cost efficient and effective electric fireplaces that can compete favourably with those of other manufacturers.

Manufacturers seek to meet not only the market demand for electric heaters but also the needs of consumers who have varying preferences insofar as electric fireplaces are concerned.

With many players in the market such as Wayfair, Walmart, Amazon and Target, options of where to buy an electric fireplace tend to be many.

What to consider before buying an electric fireplace

In this article, we will look at factors that will help answer the question of where to purchase one.

Catalogues and buying guides

Catalogues, buying guides and other such write-ups will usually indicate the local dealers, companies and regional stores that offer electric fireplaces including photos of the models available, their sale prices, their features, their sizes, and their types.

Well-structured and detailed guides will also have a list of companies or dealers who sell electric fireplaces, their exact location and contact phone numbers.

Usually, they will contain what is available in your local area or region. All these details are instrumental in helping consumers to narrow down on the available choices and to settle on the fireplaces that best suit their need.

Needs of your home

As a consumer, you do not want to visit companies or dealers who do not provide the kind of electric fireplace that meets the needs of your household and which works best for your space as it is both time wasting and counterproductive to do so.


The distance you need to cover in going to purchase an electric fireplace is also a key consideration.

It makes a lot of economic sense to buy your electric fireplace from the nearest  dealer or supplier as it will not only cut down the cost of delivery but it will also allow you the convenience of having a professional from the retailer accompanying you to help you get started in operating the fireplace.

Customer reviews and ratings

Certain online business sites contain reviews and ratings by customers who have bought specific products from specific companies and dealers.

Always refer to websites of companies supplying electric fireplaces. Some of these sites indicate customer satisfaction with products and services offered by the companies.

Looking up these sites will help a potential customer in deciding who to engage or where to go.

Some of them also include contact numbers of satisfied customers that anyone can call to confirm the credibility of a company or dealer supplying electric fireplaces.

Offers, sales and discounts

Be on the lookout for media adverts on product offers as well as discounts occasionally availed by different suppliers of electric products that include electric fireplaces.

Take advantage of sale discounts. It can help to drastically reduce the amount of money spent in purchase of an electric fireplace, leaving you with surplus cash that you could channel elsewhere.

Type of electric fireplace desired

We have different types of electric fireplaces. Examples are the wall mounted electric fireplaces and the free-standing electric fireplaces, also known as stand-alone electric fireplaces.

The wall mounted ones come with wall mounting brackets. They are easier to install and allow you to display fire and release heat in any space of your home.

They are more portable as compared to other models and are a preference of many people who live in apartments because they help save valuable floor space. They come in two forms: those mounted onto the wall and those that are recessed into the wall.

The stand alones are the most common type of electric fireplaces. They can be used as a centerpiece in a living room, making them the focal point. They can also be used as a mantle. They are usually designed to look like a built-in fireplace.

Another type of electric fireplace is what is known or referred to as corner fireplaces. They are designed to be placed against the wall but at a corner. They resemble the traditional fireplaces.

There are also electric fireplace TV stands. They come designed just like wall fireplaces and are very durable in terms of quality. They add ambiance, heat and a place for your flat screen TV to rest on.

Most of them come with ample storage space for gadgets such as electronics. They also come in a variety of styles to suit any indoor environment.

Desired Style

Electric fireplace buying guides contain a wide selection of electric fireplaces to choose from starting with the most sleek, built-in fireplaces going all the way to the old-fashioned traditional styles or models of fireplaces. Go for what blends with your taste and interior décor.

Heating power and space size

Consider the size of space or room you want to heat and settle for an electric fireplace that will be able to generate that amount of heat.

Depending on the dynamics of your house, you may find that you need more than one electric fireplace.


Consider the safety features of the electric fireplace you want to buy. It should contain all safety approvals and certifications.

It should also have an overheating protection feature of an in-built switch which automatically turns off the heater when overheating occurs.

The electric fireplace should also be cool to the touch. That way there is no need to worry about possible burns in case anyone in your home touches the fireplace.

Other features to look for are remote control options, flame speed control for adjusting the speed at which your flames flicker, adjustable thermostat for regulating the rate at which heat is released and brightness control as you want to be able to regulate the brightness of your fire.

Affordability and consumption

Go for a model that is not only efficient but also one that is pocket friendly. Also settle for one that is inexpensive to operate.