Is Air Bed Good For Bed Sores?

Undoubtedly, all mattresses intend to give you the best comfort at night. Nonetheless, mattresses are different, and not all offer a good night’s sleep. It all depends on the type of mattress. In fact, some mattresses cause muscle pain and other health conditions.

Moreover, people who have underlying health conditions are twice as likely to develop muscle pains and bedsores.

Also, patients at bed rest are vulnerable to such conditions. Therefore, it would be best if such patients choose an excellent mattress suitable for their condition.

One of the best mattresses for preventing bedsores includes air mattresses. So, patients should invest in a high-quality air mattress. Medical air mattresses assist patients in getting healthy and comfortable sleep.

They use specific mechanisms to soothe a patient’s muscles and provide pain relief to be sores. Besides, air mattresses carry a lot of benefits.

They contain spectacular features that improve an individual’s overall health. The majority of hospitals use air mattresses to promote quick recovery for most of their patients.

Type of air mattress that is best for pressure sores?

Here they are;

1.ThevoRelief Pressure Relief Mattress

The ThevoReliefPressure mattress is among the best pressure relief mattresses. It has a unique design and incorporates Micro-stimulation technology. Thus, it offers comfort for people suffering from bedsores and any other muscle pain. Micro-stimulation technology soothes the patient’s nerves during bedtime.

Thus, it is one of the best mattresses used for curing and preventing bedsores. Furthermore, the mattress contains a wing suspension and pain suspension. These help in relaxing a patient’s nerves and ensuring the patient’s comfort. The features contained in this type of mattress are commendable and popular among many users.

2.Joerns PrevaMatt Defend Pressure Relief Mattress

The Joerns PrevaMatt is among the top five pressure relief mattresses. It contains cell features that allow for the free movement of air while in use. It also has interiors sidewalls that secure the patient. The best thing about this mattress is that it’s not as costly compared to other air mattresses.

Thus, if you are working under a budget, the PrevaMatt mattress would be your best option. Additionally, it has uniform pressure points that boost comfortability. As a result, it prevents bedsores and muscle pains among many individuals.

3.Drive Medical Alternating Pressure Low Air Loss Mattress System

One of the best pressure relief mattresses is the Drive Medical Alternating pressure low air loss mattress system. How does it work?

The mattress offers a continuous airflow to relieve painful sores as well as prevent them. As the name suggests, it uses an efficient system. The system contains a pump that facilitates dynamic airflow. The pump goes through the whole mattress to foster the constant flow of air.

Also, air moves at a maximum of eight liters in one minute. Moreover, patients barely hear the movement of air in such beds. Thus, doctors highly recommend it for patients with bedsores.

The system in this mattress allows users to adjust the rate of airflow based on their preference. Alternatively, they can set a fixed flow rate throughout the night. It all depends on their preference.

4.Therapeutic 5-Zone Support Mattress by Drive Medical

Another mattress used for pressure relief is the Therapeutic 5-zone support mattress. This kind of mattress uses technology to provide extreme relaxation and pain relief. It contains cross-cutting and zoning features.

Zoning divides the mattress into different parts. Each part provides unique comfort and relief. Patients find this feature useful since the mattress caters to different types of soreness.

So, they are likely to find their most suitable point of getting relief. For instance, body sections like the hips need more support. Thus, the mattress section supporting the hips is usually designed to be more rigid.

On the flip side, cross-cutting features prevent users from wearing out the mattress. Moreover, this mattress has cells that are flexible to movement. Thus, when a user turns their body, the cells in the mattress turn too. Besides, the mattress offers longevity and value for money.

5.Solace Resolution Glissando Heavy Duty Mattress by Invacare

This mattress is highly recommended for patients with bedsores. It provides a broad spectrum of high-quality features. Patients love the Glissando mattress due to its extreme comfortability. It contains longlasting interior foam that contains sidewalls for the user’s safety.

They are smooth and gentle, thus preventing body soreness. The mattress contains various parts, thus supporting every part of the body effectively. Additionally, it allows even distribution of Pressure throughout all parts of the body.

For instance, the shoulders are sharper than other parts of the body. Thus, the area designed for the shoulder is usually gentle and smooth to touch. Furthermore, this mattress contains a smooth layer on its top to prevent wear and tear resulting from friction.

Consequently, this cures patients with bedsores. Nonetheless, the Glissando mattress is very costly. But its unique features justify its cost since it offers value for money.

Suppose you have a muscle problem or bedsores, the Glissando mattress is the best option for you. Do not let its high cost intimidate you. Look into its long term benefits. As a matter of fact, users call it the most outstanding ‘bang for your buck mattress.

Medical Air Mattress Advantages

Some of the benefits of air mattresses include:

  • Proper circulation of blood

One significant benefit of air mattresses is that it enhances blood circulation. They contain air flow systems that provide relief and improve blood circulation as well.

  • Contain different points of Pressure

Unlike standard mattresses, air mattresses enable users to maneuver around the bed comfortably. Patients can turn their bodies with pressure points. Thus, they are less likely to get bedsores.

  • Proper aeration through air holes

Almost all air mattresses have distinct systems that incorporate technology. They contain numerous air holes, which enable proper aeration throughout the night. It helps in retaining a favorable and comfortable temperature for a good night’s sleep. Additionally, the airflow provides relief to muscle pains and bedsores.

  • Air bed mattress offers convenience

Besides all the numerous benefits, patients can use air mattresses in any location. They can use them both at home and in medical facilities.


Ultimately, air mattresses are suitable for people suffering from bedsores. Although costly, investing in a valuable air mattress is a good option. Besides, there is a broad spectrum of pressure relief mattresses to choose from. People should buy a mattress that meets their requirements.