A Close Look At The Purple Mattress

The purple mattress provides consumers a handmade, inexpensive mattress with cutting edge features.

Providing a unique polymer web design and pleasing medium feel that ensures you sleep cool, the mattress and its eye-catching features are getting popular very fast.

Unlike the traditional foam mattresses out there, purple mattresses feature a rounded contour resembling latex; however, it offers a bounce and feels very responsive.

A mattress that’s firm where you want it, and soft where you need it, the purple bed provides the ideal spinal alignment whether you’re a side or back sleeper.

The ratings for the purple mattress make this product one of the top-rated on the market today.

In this article, we shall check out the important features of the mattress and how stands out against the competition.

Review of the best purple mattresses

  1. Purple Queen Mattress | Hyper-Elastic Polymer Bed Supports Your Back Like A Firm Mattress

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This mattress will help in distributing equalized pressure and supporting the right alignment of your spine. Jointly, they provide you with the best sleeping experience for good recovery and rest.

This Purple made this queen size mattress with cutting-edge technology and sleep science to make special motion isolation. This will make sure that you do not feel movement from anyone sleeping close to you.

In this product, the Free Air Flow technology with breathable channels will neutralize temperature and will not trap heat such as latex or memory foam. For this reason, it helps in keeping the body perfectly comfortable.


  • Needs quality bed sheets for enhanced comfort
  • Perfect choice for side and back sleepers
  • The right alignment of your spine
  • Amazing air circulation and cooling
  • Affordable
  • Excellent isolation of motion
  • Firm feel
  • Ideal for foundation (adjustable bed, roll-away bed, slats, box spring and platform beds)
  • Minimizing pain and pressure relief


  • Effective for backaches
  • Affordable
  • Springier than traditional foam, but will still maintain the smallest amount of motion transfer.
  • Comfy


  • Bulky
  • Compact compared to other types
  • Poor edge support

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  1. Purple California Hyper-Elastic Polymer King Size Mattress

If you want a mattress that can relieve back pain, the Purple California Hyper-Elastic Polymer King Size Mattress is the ideal option to suit your needs.

This mattress uses patent material referred to as Hyper-Elastic Polymer that’s different from memory foam. This means you may not require to get a mattress topper. It’s created with food-grade and non-toxic material.

On top, there’s a patent Hyper-Elastic Polymer with a height of two-inches that’s flexible and responsive. In the center, you’ll get a 2.5-inch layer that will serve as a transition layer and helps in adding to the support.

The open grid design helps make this product temperature neutral, which means it won’t hold or trap the heat of your body. This product uses sleep silence and other cutting-edge technology for stopping any motion, which can wake or disturb you.

This mattress is CertiPUR Certified, which makes it comfy enough for sleeping on without feeling pain from the injury, incision, or hardware.


  • It is naturally antimicrobial without artificial germicides. The used materials protect against dust mites and allergens.
  • This mattress will neutralize temperatures to help in keeping the body comfortable.
  • This king size mattress was designed with cutting edge and sleep science technology for creating special motion isolation. This way, you will not feel others moving when sleeping close to you.
  • The mattress will distribute equalized pressure and supports the right alignment of your spine. Together, these provide you with the sleeping experience for better relaxation and recovery.


  • Perfect for back pain
  • Comfy
  • Soft


  • Bulky

Are purple mattresses really good as they say?

Advantages of the purple mattress

  1. Movement is comfortable: The hyper-elastic polymer on the mattress’ top responds fast to the pressure. The right pressure control lets you move around on the purple mattress and change position without any obstacle.
  2. Purple mattress for side sleepers: This mattress helps to control pressure across the body in all positions, but more on the side. As a side sleeper, you need to pay attention to pressure points at the shoulders and hips
  3. Comfortable and relaxed sleep: The grid structure’s presence on the mattress, on the top will help create an air pocket in the Purple. This is especially so with their purple hybrid premier mattress. This helps you sleep cooler and will combine with the thin, breathable cover to allow temperature-neutral feel.
  4. Support and pressure relief:The polymer grid structure serves a superb work of dispersing weight evenly. It will help in relieving pressure while supporting the body for keeping the back position.

Considerations when selecting a purple mattress:

  • Personal preference: The mattress should offer you the correct comfort level. In addition, it might even come with other features that will suit your needs, like motion isolation, which allows for relaxation during sleep.
  • Purple mattress sizes and dimensions: Consider dimensions and size when choosing the mattress to suit your needs. The mattress should fit your bed and your room perfectly.
  • Cost: It’s important that you think about the mattress’ value before purchasing. Select the bed you can afford; don’t shop for what you cannot afford.
  • Firmness: This is an important factor to think about the choice of this mattress. The reason to look for durability will determine how stiff or hard it will feel when you are first relaxing on it.

What kind of sleeper is purple mattress bed good for?

Different beds are to some extent appropriate for different positions of sleeping, especially when combined with the weight of a sleeper. This is especially true of the purple since it features the Purple Grid comfort layer.

This layer helps in creating a unique sleeping surface, which is better for a majority of sleepers than others. In addition, you might be astonished by the cost of a Purple mattress.

Purple Mattress - Queen, GelFlex Grid, Better Than Memory Foam, Temperature Neutral, Responsiveness, Breathability, Made in USA
1,278 Reviews
Purple Mattress - Queen, GelFlex Grid, Better Than Memory Foam, Temperature Neutral, Responsiveness, Breathability, Made in USA
  • CUSHIONS & SUPPORTS – The Purple Mattress features 2'' of Purple’s GelFlex...
  • OPTIMAL TEMPERATURE - With over 1,400+ air channels built into the...
  • INSTANT RESPONSE - The GelFlex Grid immediately flexes to support your position...

It’s not the most inexpensive mattress you can purchase online but it is affordable. The mattress’ quality means that it might be some time before you have to purchase another and it has a 10-year warranty as well.

In addition, it is more inexpensive than the one you would purchase in-store. If you’ve found it hard to get a mattress that will help you sleep through previously, then a Purple mattress might be the best choice.

When you can get the best quality sleep regularly then you’ll experience lots of benefits. You’ll get out of bed feeling rejuvenated and you might even find that you’re more productive at work. In addition to sleeping for long hours, you might find that you can fall asleep with ease.

The 100-day trial that Purple offers means that you really don’t have much to lose by trying their mattress, particularly if you have sleep issues. The best quality mattress will make all the difference.

Overall, this mattress is perfect for those who sleep on their back and side. For these positions, it provides the best balance of support and pressure relief. This offers temporary comfort that helps in preventing lasting pain and stiffness.

But, those who sleep on their stomachs are unlikely to like this mattress, since it doesn’t provide them the right support.

  • People looking for long-term investment: 

The Purple comes with an affordable price range taking into consideration its solid overall performance and ground-breaking construction. The cost of a purple mattress certainly makes it a worthy investment.

  • Stomach sleepers: 

These people often need the most pelvic support of all positions of sleeping. While this mattress serves back sleepers well, it doesn’t provide many stomach sleepers the stability they need for the best alignment of the spinal.

Rather, users found that they get pain on their lower back and stiffness the next day due to their backs bowing towards the bed. In addition, some users discovered that the arms were unable to sink into the Purple Grid layer enough for preventing tension on the shoulders.

  • Back sleepers: 

The body of these people requires balanced support, with heavier points like the hips usually targeted more. This mattress stands out since the buckling qualities of the hyperelastic polymer let it disperse weight evenly.

In addition, it supports the lower back properly, thanks to its medium-firm sleep support and its moderate quantity of contouring.

  • Side sleepers: 

One of the essential factors for these sleepers to take into consideration when selecting a mattress is pressure relief.

When you sleep on your side, the shoulder and hip digging into the mattress will lead to a lot of pressure points, causing stiffness and pain.

The mattress may be the best fit for:

  • That sinking feeling: Although the Purple Grid is usually made to collapse, it doesn’t feel like you are sleeping “in” the mattress but on the top. Anybody who loves the sinking surface may want to think about a mattress that has soft memory foam.
  • Looking for a standard feel: This is a great mattress; however, it might feel weird to some people. The Purple Grid is firm, spongy, and creates a unique feel that might not be a favorite to most people.
  • Medium and lightweight side sleepers: The Purple Grid is quite fascinating and, while it has to offer heavier sleepers the best relief from pressure, it may not feel good for lightweight people. Sleepers who aren’t too weighty may not activate the gel grid as much as a bulky individual. For this reason, they might feel more pressure on the hips and shoulders.

You may want to choose this mattress if you like:

  • Sleeping cool: The top layer’s grid-formation creates pockets, which help to circulate air. The design helps in maintaining cool temperatures the entire night.
  • Trying before purchasing without penalties: It comes with a one hundred day sleep trial, which doesn’t have fees attached. There are also no returning charges or restocking fees.
  • Looking for comfort and firm support: Its patented design creates firm and comfy support. This will mean you’ll have enough support for your spinal column and back, in addition to soft pressure relief for the hips and shoulders.

The purple mattress provides the best support to the hips, shoulders, and spine and sleeps cooler than foam mattresses out there.

Upgrading to a two, three, or four might well be worth extra money since users reported that the newer types were much comfier than the old models. Having said that, it all depends on whether you are a foam person or a coil lover.

How the purple mattress are made and designed

  1. Transition layer

The purple mattress’s middle section constitutes 3.25 inches of the height of the mattress. It has a 1.8lb density and offers the whole mattress enough compression backup. This layer will allow for pressure relief more thanks to its construction from high-quality foam.

  1. Comfort layer

This is the part that lets this mattress stand out with ease. The comfort layer in the purple mattress will respond fast to even the smallest amount of pressure, providing the whole mattress a bouncy feel.

So, whenever, you are resting on this mattress, you’ll always manage to change positions easily with obstruction. The grid structure offers undisputable pressure relief and the distribution of weight.

Within these features are polymer columns, which help in supporting the exerted weight to an outright pressure threshold. Once it reaches the threshold, the columns will collapse and the area filled with pressure sink in to offer pressure relief.

After that, the weight gets distributed evenly across the whole grid. This helps to prevent the formation of uneven pressure points on your mattress.

  1. The cover

The cover of this mattress is a mixture of Polyester, Viscose, and Lycra. It is a thin and breathable and ultra-soft material, which lets enough air circulation into the mattress.

It makes sure that no bad smell accumulates in the mattress while still making sure that the internal parts stay protected from needless damage and decrease in value. In addition, the Lycra material, like in athletic clothing, has temperature regulation qualities.

  1. Base

The base of this mattress has a height of four inches and a density of 2lb. It’s created with denser polyurethane purple foam. It forms the mattresses’ foundational support. Once more, it is the base that will help in maintaining the mattress’ shape.

To prove the mattress’ superior conformity and comfort, Purple uses the purple mattress egg test to show the benefit of this mattress.

The test is popularly used to test if a mattress is soft enough to cradle a 300lb glass (where the eggs are taped) without any breakages to the raw egg.

With regard to firmness, this mattress is soft and bouncy on the top. It can respond fast to applied firmness. However, if you’re exerting more force into, you will begin feeling the transition layer underneath.

A lot of mattresses often sink and sag on this area; however, the best thing is that the polymer grid remains strong to handle and distribute weight.

The reason behind the egg test is to show that the mattress is soft enough to give in to the pressure points on your body, without the increase of pressure there in contrast to the rest of your body. This is the reason why the eggs do not break.

When you’re lying on it, you will feel the pressure on your back of your knees, back, neck, and hip getting released. This works in many sleeping positions.

The purple mattress price is not exactly in the low-coat category; however, when you consider the amazing quality of the mattress, the cost gets more affordable.

Remember that since you’ll be sleeping for at least 8 hours daily, you should select the best mattress for the cost and each purple mattress certainly is affordable.

When doing a purple mattress comparison, you have lots to think about. Warranty, pricing, quality, and other things should be a priority.

The bed is fast turning out to be a favorite among many people as it offers unmatched quality as stated by everybody that has bought it.

You’ll find several sizes of mattresses on the market. They include all standard sizes of beds, which include the California King and Twin XL. Currently, Purple offers a mattress that’s believed to be much better than its original model.

Purple mattress competitors

  • TempurPedic – Given that it is probably the most popular mattress company, naturally consumers end up comparing it to Purple although they are not the same.
  • Leesa Quite the same store to Casper; however, it is usually cheap.
  • GhostBed– Another foam bed, only this time, this model uses a blend of 3 different forms, which include latex foam.
  • Saatva Saatva is a lavishness innerspring mattress, which costs the same as Purple. It makes use of an organic cotton pillow top and dual coil layers.
  • Tuft & Needle – This is the largest budget mattress online.
  • Casper -This foam mattress is amazingly common, as it is a soft foam mattress that is very comfy.

You can choose one of these as a purple mattress alternative to suit your needs. Purple mattress customer reviews are quite like-minded in their enjoyment of the product.

Their biggest commend was for the mattress’ amazing balance of features, especially its blend of comfy pressure relief with amazing support.

Most of them state getting out of bed with no stiffness or soreness, which they experience with earlier beds vanishing once you sleep on the Purple. Besides its support, this excellent motion isolation and temperature regulation also get the best recognition from reviewers.

Those having a sleep partner state sleeping better and getting up less regularly because of heat, movement, or noise. A comfy and appealing mattress that provides you an array of benefits and features, the purple is inexpensive. In addition, it has a unique structure that promotes a relaxed sleep every night.

With is modern, unique firmness and, ground-breaking,hyper-elastic material, the Purple is getting popular every day as a comfy, contouring and conforming mattress, which is affordable. In addition, Purple mattress complaints can help you come to the best decision to suit your needs.

How durable is the purple mattress

While the Grid of a Purple mattress should not stop functioning over time, the polyurethane foam layers come with an expected lifespan of ten years.

Purple offers a limited warranty of ten years on its mattresses, which is great for the original user. As is usual with other warranties of foam mattresses, Purple honors its warranty only if the materials will show a dent greater than one inch and if the product’s supported on the right base.

The warranty does not cover any damage you cause, like tears or stains. Purple will not charge to replace or repair a mattress within the warranty period of ten years since it is defective based on warranty terms. You will be responsible for handling and shipping.

The cover of this mattress is not included in the ten-year warranty. Rather it’s covered for 24 months from the date of purchasing then the mattress.

If the company determines the zipper to be damaged, Purple repairs or replaces the cover, and you’ll be responsible for handling and shipping.

How to Clean a Purple Mattress

To manage stains or clean spills on your mattress cover, you can use upholstery cleaner or mild deter to spot-clean it. The cover is not washable by machine, though it will zip off.

Using a washing machine to clean the cover of a Purple mattress can compromise the spandex material and make it lose its elastic-soft feeling.

To care for the mattress, Purple suggests airing it out from time to time. In addition, you should frequently vacuum the mattress to help in getting rid of allergens and dirt. After that, sprinkle the mattress with some baking soda; allow it to sit for some hours before vacuuming.

Also Purple recommends allowing the mattress to sit out in the sun so the ultraviolet rays can kill mold and bacteria. This can help in getting rid of excess moisture and smells.

Cleaning your mattress:

  • Let the mattress air dry.
  • Take a dry cloth and spray a natural cleaner onto it and wipe the area that’s affected.
  • Use a clean cloth to absorb excess moisture.
  • Do not scrub the area. This can result in the stain penetrating further.
  • Clean spills immediately.

This mattress is probably the comfiest product you can get out there today according to reviews on Purple mattress. It has a uniquely designed top layer and that’s why it disperses any pressure when you resting on it. This shows that this mattress is very comfortable.

In addition, it comes with three layers, the bottom and middle layers support the layer at the top for maximizing the comfort users get when using the mattress. Due to its unique level of comfort, this product makes users have a peaceful night as you can see from purple bed reviews.

To ensure it is comfier, it helps in isolating motion that’s a popular problem with mots mattresses. You will feel less movement when using the product. This means there won’t be any sleep interruptions.

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