Types Of Throw Pillows That You Should Know

Are you contemplating on adding a few throw pillows to your bedroom or living room?

That is a perfect idea you got right there, and we are delighted to take that journey with you.

We will share several things you need to remember as you partake that noble course. Throw pillows are differentiated by material, size and shape.

Those are some of the key factors you would need to consider as you select your throw pillows.

Let us check the different materials that make throw pillows:

Categories of throw pillows by material: 

  • Cotton pillows

This is a natural material and is very common in the manufacturing of cushions. It is therefore perfect for creating natural looking throw pillows.

It is renowned for its gentle and soft feel to the skin. It is smooth and has a crisp feel too. Cotton pillow is easy to take care of and is breathable as well.

Do you want to make a statement?

Cotton fabric comes in different colors and prints, enabling you to do so. Machine washing is possible on cotton without degrading it. It will also serve you for a long time because it ages gracefully.

It is a great idea to have cotton cushion covers for your throw pillows. They have a laidback look and work greatly for your interior design.

  • Burlap throw pillows

This is made from jute fibers and is versatile. It is tightly woven and also sanitized to eliminate any possible natural oils. What you get in the end is a product with a natural look, but also with a little retro-esque touch.

It therefore qualifies burlap as a perfect choice for throw pillow covers. You can get different colors and a variety of textured throw pillows available in the market for your selection.

  • Velvet case throw pillows

This is the material to go for when you need a cooling pillow that gives your skin a soft, smooth and rich feel.

The traditional velvet is made of silk. However, advancements in technology have resulted to the making of silk from synthetic materials. When you mention soft, rich and smooth, what comes to the minds of many people is velvet.

It is easy to maintain velvet, and its machine cleaning is simply done in cold water.

  • Satin pillows

Satin has gained popularity because unlike other materials, it does not absorb moisture. When it sits on your skin or hair, it keeps other materials from absorbing the moisture.

Satin also keeps and protects your hair and skin safe from heat, wind, harsh weather, and so on.

This is why satin is preferred for throw pillow covers or throw blanket.

  • Silk cover throw pillows

This fabric is chic and classy, and everyone loves it.

Even if you have the most lackluster, you can use silk to turn it into the most luxurious space.

If you desire to change your room with bright color throw pillows, silk will come in handy.

When you get a collection of geometric designs, it will help awaken and brighten up your space.

There is a wide range of colors which you can choose from. IKEA throw pillows collection will allow you the chance to select your desired color and fabric.

Categories of throw pillows by shape: 

Square shaped

When you work with square shapes, it brings in the aspect of professionalism, balance and proportion. You can pair up square shapes with any other shapes.

Round shaped pillow

Round shapes help bring out creativity in your space. The round shape is greatly compatible with most applications, and the shape has a universal compatibility.

It makes the shape user friendly to everyone. The round shape has been in existence since the beginning of eternity.

Celestial bodies are mostly in this shape-round- the moon, the sun, and this enables many people to relate with the shape.

The round shape gives a feeling of timelessness and eternity. Incorporating round shapes into your space makes it stand out.

Rectangular shaped pillow

The rectangular shape pillow is a sign of strength, the main reason why architects and civil engineers frequently go for the rectangular shape.

The shape is associated with durability, trustworthiness, reliability as well as authoritativeness. It is for this reason you are likely to find this shape in most of the homes currently.

Rectangular throw pillows will give your room that classy look you have been desiring. Pastel throw pillows will give you a wide variety of collection ideas you can work with.

The brand is known for delivering what they promise. Specify the color and the shape you want when placing your order.

Star-shaped pillow

If you are looking into changing your room and give it that starry beautiful night outlook, the star-shaped pillow will do that wonder for you.

If the throw pillow has a star-shape that has straight lines, it brings out the sense of balance and symmetry.

It is a great idea to have this pillow for the younger generation, especially around three years old. It helps ignite their creativity and motor skills.

Categories of throw pillows by pattern:

  • Solid pattern

This usually comes in one color, and that can send either negative or positive feelings to the people getting in touch with it.

Magenta throw pillows will give you a collection of different colors and pillow closure styles, and you can select based on the impact you are looking for.

The store has colors ranging from red, orange, black or white, gray, amongst others. Do you want the color to bring out calmness, wealth, masculinity or good times?

Go for the color that gives that statement. For example, yellow reflects good times, green shows wealth and masculinity. You could also get gold sequin throw pillows from the trusted online stores.


Gold reflects beauty and wealth, and brings a whole newness to your space. It gives your room that amazing touch of class that interests you.

  • Stripped pattern

The stripped throw pillows allow the user to show the versatility of different contrasting colors.

You can have stripped colors which is a variation of two tones, for example, red and bright red.

You can also have those that come with two different colors, which are neutral to each other.

Magenta throw pillows collection is a good store to visit online and check the stripped patterns available. You can make your order when settled on something you like.

  • Floral pattern pillow

Flowers are everywhere in our beautiful planet. They are a reflection of fun, beauty and play.

The art to learn before bringing in floral throw pillows, is how to balance between color pallet and composition. Floral patterns are great for interior décor.

They come in handy when you need to take away visual attention on other blemishes in the room.

You can browse Cranberry throw pillows selection to access some amazing designer patterns. Check out the floral ones that would match the space of your theme.

  • Plaid pattern

The plaid pattern has become incredibly famous. In the past, the design was the only option for the skilled weavers.

However, that’s to advancement in technology, there is so much one can do with the plaid patterns.

The plaid pattern comes in so many different colors, and you will have a wide variety of options to work with.

You can get yourself amazing pillows, or even home-make yours, to get the best for your space.

The beauty of tufted throw pillows is that the pillow fillings do not shift within the cushion, but are made stable by the tufting string.

The plaid pattern will enable you to bring a touch of both tradition and elegance in your space. There is no way this pattern is going out of fashion any time soon.

  • Geometric pillow

Geometry is everywhere, and nature magnifies it even more. You will find it on the tree branches, the snowflakes, to literally everything else in our environment.

It is therefore not possible to escape geometric patterns. Using geometric shapes gives the user the ability to utilize both aesthetics and safety to change the outlook of the room.

Geometry brings out the sense of complexity and mystery, and that draws people to the pattern.

Such patterns include fractals, symmetry and spirals. You can use the shapes to create both psychological and physiological impact.

  • Pictured patterns pillows

Thanks to advanced technology, you can now have quality pictures and prints on your pillow!

It gives complete freedom to the designer to be as creative as possible. It is also affordable, and this allows the one creating it to try out as many patterns as possible before settling for one.

Use the pictured pattern to make a personalized statement in your room. All you need to ensure, is that the pictures align to the theme of your space.

If say for example you love sports, you can include integrate pictured patterns showing sport activities. It could help influence those around you especially the children, to engage in sports as well.


Throw pillows come in various shapes, colors and materials. They give you the chance to bring out the desired outlook of your space, whether indoors or outdoors.

Pick your desired throw pillow and get the best out of your space! Also remember to go for pillows that are easier to wash.