How Do You Make A Large Floor Pillow?

Growing up, I really used to admire my neighbor’s homestead.

It had these large pillows that we would use to sit on the floor. And next to the floor lounger they would place a cool arched floor lamp, simply amazing.

It was one of the reasons I kept going back to visit!

Of course, I would not tell my parents that those cushions felt more comfortable than our sofas back home.

I somehow forgot about it when I finally grew up, and other duties and responsibilities pre-occupied my mind.

It was not until lately, when I noticed that my kids preferred to sit on the floor, more than they loved the sofas, that I remembered my childhood love for the cushions.

It has actually been an uphill task to make them use the sofas. Remembering how it was with me and my neighbor’s giant pillow back then, I decided to get my kids some tufted floor cushions for their use.

I did not want to see them eyeing a neighbor’s!

I am aware that I could get some amazing large floor pillows at IKEA stores. But then something crossed my mind, the DIYs!

I will therefore share with you some of the amazing DIYs that can help you to come up with amazing and huge floor pillows.

Crocheting the rag pillows

This is easy to do. All you need is a couple of old sheets that you no longer need. Then you would need the crotchet needles to stitch the sheets together.

The first step is to cut the sheets into strips. Then use the needles to crotchet them into your desired pattern. If you need ideas on patterns you can crotchet, you can view them here.

The crocheting is really simple, you do not need to be an expert to do it. You can customize the below DIY, if you need to, depending on the outcome you are looking for.

Materials you need for crocheting:

  1. Fitted sheet or one old cotton bedsheet.
  2. One crotchet needle, 10mm long.
  3. A pair of scissors
  4. A fabric that matches your desired pillow outcome
  5. A sewing machine
  6. Fillings or the stuffing material you will need.
  7. A thread matching your fabric
  8. Needle

Step by step crocheting procedure

  1. Cut the fabric to your desired measurements. Make sure the cuttings are circular with no sharp corners. Also, ensure the strip is less than one inch in width.
  2. Crotchet the fabric to the desired circle and use your desired dimensions. You do this after achieving a huge yarn ball from the bedsheet cutting.
  3. Get the “under pillow” and sew it together. As you do this, the aim is to get a flat circle around each round. Do this as you go on sewing. You will need to sew the front and the back of the floor pillow together. However, ensure the right sides of the fabric are facing each other. Also, leave a section measuring 4” open.
  4. The next thing is to turn the huge pillow bag inside out. Let your hand go through the hole, and gently pull the fabric through that opening.
  5. Now fill the pillow with generous amounts of fiberfill. Ensure the pillow is as fluffy as you will.
  6. Use the needle and thread to sew the hole closed.
  7. The final step is to hand stitch your crocheted top, attaching it to your pillow around the edges.

Working with old bedsheets is advisable because they have undergone through multiple washings, which makes them more durable.

The washings give it raw edges, making it more resistant to tear.

Repurposed floor pillow

You can also get yourself a huge pillow bed, or floor pillow, using a simple sewing procedure. All you need is repurposed fabric and a few other tools.

The cushion is easy to make, and is really huge when finished. You can make it as big as you will.

The materials you need

  1. Fabric from scrap material
  2. Scissors and rotary cutter
  3. Iron box
  4. Ruler
  5. Drawing pin
  6. Sewing machine
  7. Sewing threads

Step by step procedure

  1. Pre-cut your fabric packs and choose bright colors to lighten up your day. Work with two inches width for each strip.
  2. Press your fabric before you cut. Make sure you don’t skip this part.
  3. Fold the fabric and cut in half length-wise. A rotary cutter makes it so easy for you, once you work with it, you may never stop.
  4. Take each of the strips and cut them in half diagonally. It means your rectangles will end up as long triangle strips. Do the same with all the strips.
  5. You are now ready to sew.
  6. Start joining the strips. Join ten of them at first, then press the seams to the darker fabric.
  7. Get your ruler and rotary cutter, and carefully trim each side. Do not worry about them fitting together, they will, in the end.
  8. You need to ensure that when all your pieces are together, the circle they form is an actual circle. The best way to do this is to press it in half, and later in quarters.
  9. Take the drawing pin, plus a length of string. Place the drawing pin in the middle and carefully mark the outer edge. Check if you need to cut it, and if so, go ahead and cut it into a fine circle.

When you have the circle in place, consider placing a contrasting fabric at the center.

It will help in two ways, one by covering any openings at the middle, and two, it will help your circle to look like a pretty flower.

The fact that the rest of the fabric is bright, makes more sense why the center fabric should have a contrasting color.

The last part is to create the back of your pillow. You can either get a large piece of fabric or join smaller pieces together.

Take the right sides of the circle, and join them together. Stitch a quarter inch seam all around, but don’t forget to leave a gap.

You will need it to pull the cushion the way right round, and also when you will need to stuff the cushion.

The last step is to select your desired fillings, stuff your cushion and then seal the gap. You can now enjoy your large floor mattress or pillow.