How Do I Sit On The Floor? Save My Back!

The original purpose of a low table is to give you a comfortable place to place your coffee, snacks or even a book you had been reading.

There is special comfort that comes with sitting on the floor. It is both relaxing and healthy.

When you sit on the floor, you will need to ensure that you have the required support for your back and neck, and even your muscles. You do not want to handle back and joint pains after a while of sitting on the floor.

The best way to read when sitting on the floor, is to not place your book on the floor. It is also very important to use a floor lamp with adequate lighting. That would need you to bend over to manage the reading, and would cause you so much strain.

Instead, you can pile up a heap of pillows and place your book on the top. You can then lay down comfortably and read in that position, or find a position you can read comfortably with the book well raised by the pillows.

The other better way is to get yourself a low table, which you can use for the activities that need you to be sitting on the floor. There was a study carried out in 2018, that showed the health benefits of sitting on the floor.

The study showed that sitting on the seat for too long, after a period of time, it distorted the angle of one’s lower back. However, sitting on the floor, the experts realized, solves that problem.

It makes you give an automatic workout on your lower back and the core, making you not only strong but flexible as well.

Benefits of sitting on the floor

We all know that lack of exercise can be too detrimental, and that when you sit, you should try to not sit for too long. When you must sit, ensure you take breaks in between, take a walk, stretch, then sit again. However, there are those times you may not really be able to take the breaks.

Or you could be watching an interesting series, reading a nice book and you may just need to sit a little longer. In such situations, you may need to consider siting on the floor.

Sitting on the floor has its amazing health benefits:

  1. It naturally strengthens your core because you forcefully engage your core and it results in its stabilization. Your body gains natural stability.
  2. When you sit on the chair for too long, it causes tension on your hips, making them stiff. However, this tension goes down when you sit on the floor.
  3. It increases your flexibility, mobility and muscle activity.
  4. Sitting on the floor gives you relief from any back-related pains.
  5. If you eat from the floor, experts indicate that it encourages better digestion.

Clearly, sitting on the floor has many benefits. However, while at it, insist on floor seating with back support. If you do without the support, you will end up straining your lower back.

You can do almost several activities while sitting on the floor. That includes eating, reading, meditating, among others.

It is from this culture, and the fact that many people now love to sit on the floor, that the floor chairs originated. A floor chair is simply one that comes without legs.

Floor chairs for adults

Low to the ground chairs come in handy, whether you need one for gaming, for your dining purposes, or any other function. You will quickly note that the floor mattresses and chairs add a casual look to any space.

Storing them is so easy and convenient, making it a favorite of many. It makes them save up on your most needed space. There are floor chairs for all age groups, and the adults too have their share.

When you go out to purchase a floor chair for adults, you need to consider one that supports their back fully, and supports the bottoms as well. You may need to consider a floor chair that supports the legs as well, so that as you sit, your entire body enjoys the comfort.

The sitting style you will choose on your floor chair will depend on what you are doing. If the time you will be spending on the floor chair is a little prolonged, it may be necessary to consider some extra features for the chair.

For example, a quality leather seat will be better, especially one with ergonomic features. If you are using it for gaming, you could consider one with added tech features for example inbuilt speakers.

It will give the user the experience of being engulfed in that action. Do you need the floor chair for indoor or outdoor use?

It is critical to consider one that is waterproof especially if you need it for your outdoors. Also, get a seat that is easy to wipe clean, for the sake of hygiene.

A chair with plush filling, and one with soft fabric to lean on, would be a great choice when you need a low-profile chair.

A bean bag floor chair will come in handy if you are shopping for something a little playful. You could get one with a full support for both the back and the arms.

Floor chairs for kids

The kids have floor chairs custom made for them as well. Naturally, kids love activities at the floor level, and therefore, the traditional four-legged seats may not go well with them.

Floor chairs therefore become a favorite space for them. You will notice that most of the children facilities make use of these chairs.

Such places would include their classrooms, libraries and the therapy centers. You can consider one that is foldable, so that you can easily stack them away after use.

Toddler floor pillow

The floor pillow for your little one is another great asset to invest in. It comes in handy because it is multi-functional. The toddler floor pillow should have fabric that is comfortable to the skin of your little one.

The floor pillows come in different exciting colors, and you will have a variety to choose from. Select a bright color that blends well with your little one.

Your toddler will love the floor cushion because it gives them the luxury to play, freely roll or even nap on that comfortable space without an issue.

Foldable floor chair

Then there are those floor chairs that have an adjustable backrest, which you will definitely love. If your working space is a free style one, then, there is no better decision than a foldable floor chair.

When you invest in a floor chair, it means you can jump, sleep, or sit freely on it. It comes with its share of comfort and luxury. It can be irritating to your skin, to sit on the floor without a support.

That is what makes the floor chairs really vital. They also come with a back support, which is critical for your spinal cord health. A floor chair gets more amazing if you can fold and move around with it.

You can even stack it in your car, so that when you get to a place you may need to relax, you do not relax on the grass. This can be so ideal when you need to take a personal retreat, or attending to some field work where seats may not be available.

The foldable floor chair can be reclined in different angles. You can have the backrest upright, or even as flat as a bed. There are those that come in with arms for the arm-chair lovers, and there are those that come without that provision.

It is advisable to get a chair with the kind of weight that you prefer. If you prefer lightweight pick that, and if you prefer a little heavier one, then go for it.

If you want to add more cushion to your folding chair, you can do so by adding some padding to it to increase your comfort levels. It is not a good experience to have your bench cushions slipping around.

This happens especially when using a wooden bench. To stop that from happening, you adhere a non-slip material at the bottom of the bench. This material is also commonly used in drawers and cabinets.

You can get amazing non-slip indoor bench cushions at IKEA. The beauty of such cushions is that they will grip the floor properly and not slip across the floor. Bench cushions range from 2-8 inches thick, which depends on the type of cushion you select.

When taking the measurements of your cushion, note that manufacturers usually build the cushions with half inch increments, either upwards or downwards. So it is important to leave an allowance of the same when calculating your measurements.


Saving your back from pain and aches is doable when you sit on the floor. You just need to ensure that the floor has the cushioning you need, and that the cushion has a non-slip material keeping it from slipping around the space.