Difference Between A Blanket And A Throw

Telling between a blanket and a throw can be confusing. That is why we are here. We will take you through the differences. We will also show you the similarities.

When you know the difference, you make better decisions.

Similarities between a throw and blanket

Throws are a type of a blanket, and the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably.

A common thing between the two is the role they play.  The blanket as well as the throw are used for warmth.

A blanket and a throw – what is the differences

The size of the 2 types of blankets

A major difference between the blanket and the throw is the size. A blanket will mostly take the dimensions of the bed.

The blanket will mostly match the common sizes of mattresses such as twin, king or the queen mattress. However, the throw will come in a standard size of 50 by 36 inches.

The difference in size means that one person is suitable to use the throw. However, several people can cuddle under one blanket.

Design and material used to make the blankets

Both throws and blankets are mostly made to keep you warm. Item categorization of each depends on the material.

Blankets are generally created from one piece of fabric that is large enough to fit the blanket size. Such materials include fleece, wool or flannels. With some of the blankets like the comforter, the edge is sewn.

On the other hand, throws include components that are knitted. Luxury fabric may be used to make them. Such fabric includes fur, satin,faux, chenille or even crushed velvet.

Throws will often include a fringe element on the side. Such elements include tassels or some extra fabric.

The purpose of that fringe is to add texture to the throw. This makes the overall throw feel luxurious. It explains why people prefer to use the throw to curl themselves on the couch, rather than the blanket.

Playing a decorative role

Mostly, the blankets are to purely keep you warm. They are hidden most of the time, probably under the sheets. You will hardly see a blanket out for display.

The throw plays a different role. Apart from the fact that you can use it to snuggle on your coach, you can use it for decor.

Throws are attractive to the eye. People will often place them at the back of the couch or seat for display. Make your living room stylish by combining the throws with other decorative elements.

You can also use the throw to decorate your bedroom. The idea is to choose different looking throws and use them to match other elements in the room. It is a pocket friendly way to bring a totally new look to the bedroom.

Designs and color of the blanket

With blankets, you will not find a great choice of colors and variety in design. Throws are different. They will come in all manner of possible designs and colors. The patterns vary too, and that is how they play the decorative role so well.

How do you choose your perfect throw blanket?

If you need to purchase the throw for decorative purposes or to keep you warm, here is a brief buying guide.

Fabric used to make the blanket

Cashmere– This is fabric from the cashmere goats. You will find cashmere goats in different parts of the world.

Cashmere throws have a fine and strong texture. The fabric is light and extremely soft. It therefore provides perfect insulation. The fabric is way better than that of sheep’s wool. That makes cashmere feel more comfortable.

Cotton- The material is not only soft, but breathable too. It is also durable even after several washes. The fabric does not trap in air, and therefore you won’t get uncomfortable temperatures at night.

The reason most people choose cotton throws is because they are easy to maintain.

Fleece- Fleece is not only soft but also extremely lightweight. However, it is extra warm, and gives a cozy feel.

Many people choose fleece because it is a fabric you can use throughout the year. They are also pocket friendly.

Alternative Mink– It is a fur-like material that resembles the fur of an animal. The fabric gives you that luxurious feel and look. It however comes in cheaper than other high-quality fabrics. If you need that luxurious look at a cheaper rate, pick alternative mink.

Berber fleece- The material is soft, lightweight and warm. It is made from synthetic fiber. Its texture feels like fur, and is incredibly soft. They are also warmer because they are thicker.

How do you choose your perfect blanket?

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When the cold weather knocks on the door, it’s not the soft sheets that take the day. The blanket becomes the star.

We could almost say that choosing a blanket is straightforward. All you need to do is choose the color and the right size for your mattress. However, there is more to it. Let’s check deeper.

  • Check the right size

Your blanket should match the size of your mattress. However, the size should be slightly larger. It will help leave extra fabric to tuck in on the sides of the bed and at the bottom.

  • Check the fabric

There is a variety of fabrics so all you need is to choose what works for you.

Cotton–  It is a perfect choice for those with allergies. The material remains stable even after several washes. Check the weave. You can get one that is light enough for summer, or another warm enough for winter.

Wool– It is warm and heavy. It allows moisture to evaporate while keeping you warm. The insulation level it provides is perfect.

Down- It has a featherly down, but you can get a synthetic option. The synthetic alternative is perfect especially if you are allergic to feathers. As much as it is thin and light, it is perfectly warm. The down layers in between the fabric make it amazingly warm.

Cashmere– They are not only silky and warm. They are also very luxurious and soft. However, the fabric is extremely expensive.

Synthetics– This includes microfiber, polyester or acrylic. They are warm but tend to collect too much static electricity. In the end, the blanket collects dust and hairs. It is pocket friendly but has the mentioned disadvantages.

Fleece– It is common with children because of the fleece texture and warmth. It does not hold to moisture and keeps the user comfortable.

You can now comfortably decide on what to take- the throw or the blanket.

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