What Do You Fill Floor Pillow With?

When you start dealing with floor pillows, it will be necessary to understand what makes the pillow the way it is, and what adds to its quality and comfort levels, what would make the pillow more durable and so on.

The comfort and the shape of the cushion is determined by the fillings of the pillow. There is a common phrase that states that there is more than one way to fill up a pillow.

This is because you can use anything as your fillings, depending on the quality of pillow that you want.

You can make use of natural materials such as feathers and fibers, and you could also choose tech materials.

The beautiful thing about floor cushions, or your couch cushion, is that you can get to choose the stuffing that will work perfectly for you.

How to select your pillow filler

  1. Cheap can be very expensive. Some fillers can be cheap to buy but then last you a very short duration.

In that cases you would need to replace them, and that would be double expense. Do not go for fillers just because they are inexpensive.

Go for fillers that fully serve your purpose, and give your desired comfort levels. One can arguably state that the purpose of the filler it to fill the pillow cover and that is it.

However, this is not accurate to say, because the purpose of the filler is to give the pillow life and shape.

You do not want to have fillers that make a pillow fluffy for a few minutes, and after a while of using the pillow flattens up.

  1. Select a pillow filler of your choice. When buying the pillow, you have an idea of the experience you want with the cushion. Therefore, get a filler that will give you the desired results.
  2. Go for your preferred texture. Some pillows are soft while others are firm. If you are interested in one that is soft, consider fillings such as the feathers of a bird. The ones that are firm are such as memory foam. You may need to pick a lightweight pillow filler if the goal is to have one that moves with you as you rest.

Let us narrow it down to floor pillows, how do you fill them up?

How to fill up a floor pillow:

When you buy floor pillows, they comes without the fillings, you only get the inner shells, plus the floor pillow covers.

You can then decide to fill up the pillows with different stuff, depending on the outcome you want.

Here are a few ideas on the stuffing you can work with:

  1. Pillows: You can fill up your floor cushion covers with pillows. Some cushions are large enough to hold up-to four pillows, when placed side by side.
  2. Polystyrene: This will work greatly if you want a light cushion which will also give you a bean-bag feeling. You can consider the IKEA bean bag covers for that purpose. To fill one large floor cushion, you may need about 3-4 bags of this. You can get a funnel to help in the filling process, to avoid making a mess.
  3. Old, unused towels or clothes: This is an opportunity to make use of the old clothes, towels or fabric you no longer need. The good thing is that the outcome is a firm floor pillow that you will value for a long time.
  4. Plastic bags or newspapers: It is possible that you still have stuff in your house that you find hard to part with. And it may be stuff you don’t want your friends to know you still have them. The floor pillow will sort that just fine. You can use all that as your cushion fillings and you are good to go. There is also the option of getting a floor mattress.

When you have a great floor pillow with you, how do you take care of it?

Floor pillow cover:

Floor pillow covers come in handy, to help you keep your pillow protected. It increases the durability of your pillow.

What then do you consider when selecting your pillow cover?

  1. Fabric: Some pillowcases will be made of cotton fabric, others linen, velvet, fur, and some others woolen. Pick your choice.
  2. Consider your home theme: What is the theme color and tone of your home? It will best guide on the best covers to pick.
  3. Intended use: What do you intend to use your pillows for? Is it outdoor or indoor use? That will guide on the colors and nature of fabric to pick. Pick the one that is easy to keep clean as well.
  4. Intended look: Decide on the outlook you want for your home and pick the cushion covers that align to your dream.

If you are wondering where you can buy some nice floor pillow covers, you can check for lazy life seat covers.

This will come in handy, giving you a chance to go through different selections and picking what works best for you.

You can get as creative as you want with your pillow cushion covers.

For example, you can check out for some beautiful flower floor pillow designs and pick one of your favorites.

What if you don’t want to shop for your covers online?

Step by step DIY for making floor pillow covers.

Materials you need:

  1. Fabric that is enough for two circular covers, 18”.
  2. Get a fabric strip of 9”by52”. You can get same or contrasting colors.
  3. Welting cording, one to two yards.
  4. Your cushion fillings


  1. Scissors
  2. Sewing machine

Step by step procedure:

  1. Measure 18” fabric, and cut two circular shapes.
  2. Get the welt cord and align it to the edges of the circle. Ensure the right side is facing up- the side you will eventually want to display.
  3. Get your sewing pins and pin the edges in place.
  4. Carefully sew the edges and when done, cut off the excess fabric.
  5. Repeat the procedure to get an identical circular fabric.
  6. Take the 52” strip, turn it on the “wrong side” and pin it to the “right side” of the circular fabric. Pin them and ensure they align properly.
  7. Sew all around keeping close to the welt cord, ensuring you do not sew too far, to avoid gaps later when you are done.
  8. Turn your pouf inside out, align it to the other circle, and sew all round. Leave a little gap towards the end.
  9. Turn the pouf inside out, stuff it to your desired shape.

Congratulations! You have your pillow cover all ready!

Now just fill it up and place your chic pillow next to your cool floor lamp.