How To Light Rooms With No Fixtures

Occasionally, you can find a fantastic apartment with no lighting fixtures. Although this is a significant downside, do not forego the apartment just because it has no fixtures.

There are various techniques you can implement to light up a room without permanent ceiling lights.

Ways of lighting a room without fixtures

Let’s take a detailed look at some of these techniques.

Hanging Edison Bulb

The hanging Edison bulb is an excellent source of light if you don’t have any lighting fixtures in your house. It is a popular source of lighting due to its high longevity and brightness. An Edison bulb produces over 750 lumens.

Thus, it can brighten up large rooms. Besides, it is simple to use and install. All you have to do is use a hook to hang it on the ceiling. With this bulb, you’ll spend less on maintenance, repair and replacement costs.

Purchase and install hanging string lights

Another way to light rooms with no fixtures is by using hanging string lights. Back in the day, hanging string lights were only used for special occasions like Christmas among other festive seasons.

But, today, homeowners have embraced this type of lighting as an alternative to permanent lighting fixtures.

The best thing about such lights is that they come in various colors. So, you can always choose your best option that matches your requirements. Moreover, string lights make your room appear more comfortable and romantic.

Use electrical candles

At present, there are electrical candles that help you create a magnificent ambiance in your room. Unlike fire candles, they are much safer, and you can leave them running for long periods.

Place the flameless candles on your TV stand, Kitchen Island or the floor. It depends on the structure and size of the room. When placed on the floor, they assist you to maneuver the room, especially at night.

Use plug-in wall sconces

Not only are wall scones beautiful but light up rooms with no ceiling fixtures. Wall scones resemble lampshades but are temporarily plugged to the wall. They are quite user-friendly. All you have to do is purchase and install them.

The best thing about wall scones is that they do not need any electrical wiring. Furthermore, they bring out a stylish and contemporary look in your living room or bedroom.

You can always purchase a wall sconce that complements your interior decor. So, don’t overlook an apartment just because it has no fixtures. You can still do something about it.

Get nice floor Lampshades

Use floor lamps to light rooms with no fixtures. Floor lamps are architecturally built pieces that make your room glow and enhance your interior decor.

Besides, even if you have limited space, you can always find the perfect floor lamp that fits your house.

Place it next to your TV stand or leather couch to make the room appear more organized. Not to mention, floor lamps set the mood for the room.

Maximize on the natural light

If you have no fixtures in the room, make the most out of your windows.

Put up bright colored window curtains that drape to the floor. Doing this makes your windows appear bigger and brighten up the room. Also, during the day, it would help if you leave your windows open.

This way, you allow all the natural light to get in the room, and you won’t have to use any fixtures. Besides, leaving your windows open to allow for proper ventilation.

Enhance your indoor lighting with mirrors

Mirrors are also a great accessory to improve the lighting of your room.

Buy a large mirror and hang it on the wall this will help compliment the picture frames. Mirrors reflect light and improve the room appearance.

Besides, mirrors make the space more attractive and classier. Place the mirror opposite the window so that they can reflect light across the room. Moreover, go for a design that complements your interior decor.

Use quality table lamps

Besides floor lamps, table lamps are also a great way to light up a room with no fixtures. You can always place a table lamp on your coffee table to light the room at night.

It would be best if you used table lamps that do not need electrical wiring. Use battery-powered table lamps.

Today, there is a broad spectrum of table lamps you can use. Each has a unique design and configuration. Thus, always choose the one that matches your home decor and caters to your requirements.

Add pendant lighting fixtures

Plug-in pendant lights are a great alternative to lighting fixtures. They are not only stunningly beautiful but also give your room a glow.

However, most plug-in pendant lights will require you to alter the electrical system of the house.

You will need the authorization to secure your house deposit. Fortunately, there are many spectacular designs of plug-in pendant lights. Thus, you can always select your preferred type of plug-in pendant light.

Use Smart Bulbs

If you are working under a budget, smart bulbs would be an excellent lighting fixture option. Smart bulbs can light up the whole room and create a cozy environment.

One of the main advantages of a smart bulb is that you can often adjust the brightness level. Please find the most suitable position to place them to enhance your interior decor.

Incorporate extra home accessories

Currently, there is a broad spectrum of accessories you can use to light rooms with lighting fixtures. Some of them include seashells, decorative flowers, crystals and mirrors.

Remember, the more you boost your apartment’s lighting, the more comfortable it will feel and look. Thus, buy the right accessories that light up your rooms.

In summary

Ultimately, do not overlook an apartment just because it has no lighting fixtures. You can always correct this issue using a wide range of techniques.

You can still boost the lighting of your home by making the most out of your windows, buying lampshades, floor lamps and smart bulbs.

Luckily, most of these DIY techniques are affordable. You don’t even need to call an electrician to fix anything for you.

But if you need to make alterations on the electrical system, get authorization from your landlord. Otherwise, you won’t secure your house deposit.