How To Light Room Without Windows

Can we be honest for a minute? Finding an ideal apartment is close to impossible. I mean, every apartment or house offers its advantages and disadvantages.

Luckily, you can always decide to overlook and fix some of the problems in the home. You can actually find a good house or apartment with no windows.

In such a case, you can always incorporate other artificial techniques to light up the rooms. And doing this works perfectly fine.

Ways to light up a dark room

In this article, we look at some of the ways you can light a room without windows.

Transform your door into a French door

You can always create French doors in a room without windows. French doors allow penetration of light into the room. So, if you have doors, convert them into French doors by adding sliding windows on them.

You can transform the whole door into a French door or half of the door. It all depends on your needs.

Aside from letting light into the room, French doors are beautiful and enable you to enjoy breathtaking views of your backyard. However, if you feel that your French doors do not give you the privacy you need, add tint to the windows.

Create transoms to let in light

Over the years, architects have used transoms to create house doors. Transoms are those doors containing a window at the top and a door at the bottom section.

Such entries are useful in lighting up rooms. So, if your room does not have windows, transform your doors into transoms.

Unlike French doors, transoms offer the privacy you need. Also, consider adding a transom door in your bathroom. It lets in the morning sunlight rays and enables you to enjoy your shower.

Using mirrors to reflect light

Installing mirrors in a dark room creates a delusional effect of an existing window. Mirrors are great aesthetic features for the home. To enhance the lighting in a room without windows, use a large mirror with a unique design.

Not only will this make your room appear brighter but also improve your indoor decor. Moreover, mirrors make your room appear larger.

Install hidden lights

Use artificial and hidden lights to light up your room. For instance, you can use lamps to do this. Please place them in hidden corners of the room and under furniture pieces.

Doing this lights up your space beautifully and creatively. The downside of using this technique is that it is not a permanent solution. You would have to switch off the lamp when you are not in the room.

Use frosted glass to allow light

Install a frosted glass on your kitchen wall. For example, if your kitchen does not have a window, but your living room does, create a frosted glass between these two rooms.

This allows penetration of light and helps you pass food quickly to the living room or dining room, especially if you have guests. With frosted glass, you rest assured of privacy. So, guests in your sitting room area won’t be able to see your dirty dishes in the kitchen.

Use white paint on your walls

Always paint your walls white if you have no window in the room. White makes the room appear bigger, brighter and cozy. If you don’t have white paint, consider a pale blue color for the walls. It will help if you settle for white for all your walls.

White tends to reflect sunlight rays, thus lights up the room. Going for a dark color for your walls only darkens the room. Think about it. If you paint your walls navy blue or black, the room will look stuffy and darker.

So, if your room has no windows, avoid using dark colors on the walls. Consider repainting the walls with white if they have a dark color.

Use undercabinet lighting

Undercabinet lighting is also a great way to light up a room with no windows. It involves installing small but enough lighting fixtures under your kitchen cabinets. Such lighting glows and warms up the space making it visible and cozy.

Additionally, they make your room appear more sophisticated and magnificent. Even so, note that adding undercabinet lighting will require authorization if you stay in a rented house or apartment.

But why? Such lighting might require a renovation of the whole electrical system. Thus, it may be expensive to install under cabinet lighting.

Hang large and colorful art pieces

Use spectacular pieces of artwork like mirrors to light up the room. In particular, large art pieces incorporating bright colors and silver frames light up rooms that don’t have windows.

Depending on your room size, put up one or two works of art on your walls. If you think white is dull and do not want to paint it on your walls, art pieces can be an alternative.

You can always find lovely art pieces in furniture shops or directly from artists. Although some are expensive, they offer value for money.

Build internal windows to let in light

Lighting up a room also entails building internal windows. Internal windows only work when you are not intruding someone else’s privacy.

All you have to do is cut out a specific section of the room and create windows. Although the windows won’t let in direct sunlight, they can let in light from another room. Of course, the size of the internal window significantly relies on the space and privacy available.

You can also create an interior window and share the light with your neighbor, especially if you are in a studio apartment. In such cases, use attractive and bright colored curtains to protect your privacy.

Use attractive and bright curtains

If your room does not have a window, consider lighting it up using a full wall drapery. Always go for a light-colored drapery that touches the floor. This way, you make the room beautiful and create a delusional window behind the drapery.

To conclusion

Often, when house hunting, you’ll find houses that have rooms without windows. So, does this mean you should overlook this problem and take the house?

Well, the chances of finding the perfect house are low. Thus, don’t disregard a good house because one of its rooms doesn’t have a window.

There are so many techniques you can incorporate to light up rooms without windows. Some of them include using light-colored drapery, creating French doors, transoms and installing undercabinet lighting.

Find the most suitable option that works for you. Once you do this, you not only light up the room but also improve your interior decor.