How To Get More Space In Your Small Bedroom

A small bedroom can still be a stylish, multifunctional and inviting yet homey area.

With a smart color palette, great décor essentials and right storage hacks, it will serve you superbly while appearing bigger than it is.

Tiny bedrooms are comfortable and are simpler to keep cool or warm. However, sometimes a tiny farmhouse bedroom can also feel cramped, messy, and crowded.

Rather than to wish you had a different space for your bedroom, trying something different will bring a lot of change to your bedroom. Looking for ways to get more space in your bedroom is essential?

Tips to make get more space in your room

Let us get down to it;

  1. Utilize under-bed storage space

Creating under-bed storage space is an easy solution to most of your issues. This is especially true when you have a small bedroom, which doesn’t offer you a lot of choices.

Although you have a small bedroom, you should avoid tossing accessories and items under your bed.

This needs some level of discipline. The solution is to get a bag with zippers, put your stuff inside and slide the bad under your bed.

The space under your bed is a good area for storing new items you are yet to use, spare blankets and items that you rarely use. There is also the option of buying a loft bed that comes with storage.

  1. Get nicely designed wall hooks

Wall hooks provide you with the benefit to hang your art work and picture frames on the wall other accessories, which you would have had to store in the closet and drawers.

With these hooks, you do not need a rack in your room’s corner for your hoodies, mufflers, hats, and coats. Wall hooks are a more space-efficient and cleaner choice for the bedroom storage space problems.

  1. Install recessed shelves

These can be the best option for small bedrooms. Recessed walls will help you keep everything tidily organized. Additionally, the shelving unit itself doesn’t occupy extra space.

You can use recessed shelves to organize your personal items, clothes, bedding, books, cosmetics or keepsakes. Think about installing shelving units with shutters to ensure your stuff doesn’t gather dirt.

  1. Have enough wall shelves

A great way of creating extra bedroom space is having built-in wall shelves. You’ll be able to store items that may otherwise be lying idle around the bedroom.

This is an amazing idea for storing items in small bedrooms, which have limited room for frequent shelves. Wall shelves allow you to arrange your valuable objects on the wall without the need to get extra shelves.

  1. Hang the lights

Instead of floor or table lamps, hang pendants for bedside lights instead to help in saving floor space.

They are an elegant solution for small rooms, especially next to your bed. Lights work nicely with floating shelves alongside the bed as well.

  1. Make use of wall bookshelf

Rather than creating a bookshelf in the bedroom, create a wall bookshelf. The former occupies extra space based on how large the bookshelf is; however, the latter will help in making the most of your existing space.

You can go for a wall bookshelf if you do not have a closet. Do not stress yourself over where you will fit a closet into when you can take maximize the wall space above the bed and by the sides.

  1. Stacking your suitcases

If you have about 3 or 4 different sizes of suitcases, then this is an additional space you can use for storing the items that are important to you.

All you have to do is stack them alongside the bed and you have yourself a nightstand and a place for storing items you rarely use.

It will include items such as hoodies and seaters, which you often use during the rainy months.

The good thing about suitcase stacking as storage space is that there’s no building involved, which helps you make savings.

If you have old suitcases, it will provide your bedroom with a vintage flavor. The same suitcases will come in handy when moving houses. In fact, you can use them to pack a mattress.

  1. Install bed or wall mounted nightstands

Rather than using free-standing bedside tables, wall standing nightstands are the best choice. These are functional yet are able to free up floor space.

On the other hand, you can buy or build a bed with nightstands mounted on either side of the bed frame. They will refresh the bedroom and prevent it from looking stuffy.

  1. Have a master closet

If you don’t have a built-in closet in your bedroom, then you need to think about an all-in-one closet for storing your things.

For the closet to be functional, it needs to have clothes hanging rack as well as shelves for the scarves, bags, shoes, hats and other fashion items.

You also require extra drawers for those items you may not be able to hang. A master closet can work great for small bedrooms and a little bigger type. However, if you have a very spacious bedroom, then it can probably have a built-in closet.

  1. Get a daybed

Do you want your room to double up as an area to unwind at any time of the day?

Then, you should get a daybed or a portable bed will do. You can use a daybed as a comfortable sofa during the day before you convert it into a bed to use at night.

Others come with usable storage drawers, as well. And of course you can all a touch of lavish pillows to make you room look cozy.

  1. Get stylish cloth racks

Clothes rack with a storage box and rail is perfect for small rooms. Their sheen design can fir against the wall, which helps to free up space and let you store items on the floor underneath it should you require it.

  1. Bed frame with drawers

Rather than have space under the bed, take your bedroom storage a step higher by having built-in bed frame drawers. This type of storage space is ideal as it offers you several drawers you can use.

What you decide to store in the drawers is totally up to you. The larger the frame of the bed, the larger the drawers you will have.

  1. Choose an Ottoman bed

If you require your bedroom space during the daytime, an ottoman pouf or bed might be a great choice.

It folds down into a tidy ottoman chest that you can move to another place to free up space or double up as a seat.

The other option you can go for is getting a Linon fold away bed that also comes with a memory foam mattress. Check out other brand of beds you can go for.

Final thought


When it comes to the bedroom, there are two things you should prioritize. First, you should avoid clutter completely and become creative with the choices you ultimately decide on.

Remember that you do not need to cram everything in your home into the bedroom. You also have the option of getting a sofa bed, bean bag or sofa sleeper that take less space.

You can use other spaces in your home or apartment to store things, which leaves you with more space in your bedroom. Also pick the right size of bed frames for your kids that do take up too much space.