Ways On How To Take Care Of A Smelly Carpet

Sometimes a smelling carpet can create an uncomfortable environment in your office or house. Luckily, there are several good ways that you can use to clean your house including the carpets and get rid of that annoying odor.

This article will discuss some tips on how to effectively provide your carpets with an inviting smell and scent.

To start with, any carpet or mat smell that’s well rooted will effectively get treated with home cleaning substances like baking soda.

Here are some ways of removing carpet smell you can try before you replace it with a new one.

Ways of getting rid of carpet smell

  1. Water-based stean cleanup

Some times smell in carpets take place because of entrapped dust particles into its piles. If this happens, removing carpet smell is possible using water-based steam.

This is because it looses the dirt and gets rid of it from the fibers to remove the smell from the carpet. In addition, you can use carpet cleaning fluid to get rid of the carpet smell from the room as part of the process of steam cleaning.

  1. Clean carpet using baking soda

This can be an effective solution for removing carpet smell if it isn’t much overwhelming. You should spread the baking soda uniformly over the smelling area and allow it to stay there.

Get a hand vacuum to clean the carpet after a couple of minutes. By doing this, you’ll have a fresh and unscented carpet since the baking soda absorbs the smell.

  1. Use of foam cleaners to clean carpet

The best choices for carpet cleaning are foam cleaners if baking soda doesn’t give you the best results. Additionally, you can spread these cleaners evenly on the carpet’s smelling area.

The carpet will soak in the foam for a specific time as instructed on the foam cleaner’s package. After that, you should use a sponge mop from the carpet pile to remove it. You can vacuum residues of the cleaner from your carpet to have an unscented and fresh carpet.

The best choice is using white vinegar rather than cleaning fluid if you want to get rid of carpet odor more naturally. Rather than having to rent a machine for cleaning a carpet frequently you can choose to buy it. By doing this, it will be handy for you to clean up the carpet whenever necessary.

  1. Pad replacement

Sometimes odor from your carpet isn’t removed even after applying all basic techniques. This is because the smell stays in the padding used beneath your carpet or floor rug. In situations like this, the only carpet cleaning solution lies in replacing the pad underneath your carpet for removing odor from it.

Although it’s a time consuming and expensive technique but still helps save you from having to replace the carpet that’s expensive than this process. As a result, you can use the methods of removing the carpet smell discussed above to remove embarrassing odor from the carpet.

You can use some of these techniques; however, some of these need the services of an expert cleaning company. They will get rid of any types of stains and other issues that are causing the irritating carpet odor.

The cleanup solutions utilized by these experts are dependent on the smell’s extent and nature. You can use any type of cleaning substance to remove stubborn kinds. It’s best to invite

Before you hire an expert, you should try to get rid of the smell. When this becomes impossible, you can hire a reputable carpet cleaning expert. This will definitely bring stop the discomfort.

Why it’s important to clean your carpet

Before looking into the different ways of cleaning your carpet in your house, here’s a quick look at the reasons why it’s important to consider carpet cleanup. You should keep your carpet tidy and clean.

Here are a few reasons why you should clean your carpet;

  • Remove visible stains right away. The stains usually become stubborn since the carpets are created with fabrics. These prolonged stains will emit a nasty smell as well.
  • If your carpet is dirty, then it will cause different illnesses such as flu and stomach issues.
  • The carpet is used daily. You sit on it, you also walk on it! If you have children, they come into contact with it every day. The children often collect something from the floors and toss in the mouth. They usually collect things from floors. Sometimes eating food collected from the floors as well.
  • If you’re allergic to dirt, then it can worsen in the presence of a filthy carpet. The dirt particles settle on your carpet when walking on them, they dust rises from your carpet and mixes with the air. This will lead to a much-polluted space.

Also note that cleaning of the carpet ensures that you bed sheets, bed pillows, mattress and toppers are dust free.

Cleaning your carpet by hand

It is unavoidable; your carpet will get dirty, regardless of your effort to ensure it stays clean. Your pets and children, together with those who forgot to remove their shoes, track dust into the house.

While this might at first go without getting seen, when adequate grime enters the carpet, it will be difficult to conceal. Most of the products you require for cleaning the carpet by hand are cheap and most likely things you already have in your house.

All you require is a little time, and some effort and the carpet gets a new look. If you do not own a steam cleaner, and it’s costly to rent one, there are ways of cleaning by hand.

Here are some helpful tips you can use.

  1. Use a broom to sweet your carpet

After you’ve moved all the furniture from the carpet, sweep your carpet’s surface with a broom to remove solid and dirt particles. You don’t have to use a specific pattern, as you can do it at random.

The reason being, this process is simply meant to loosen the solid particles and bring them to the carpet’s surface. This is to make sure the vacuum cleaner will easily collect them.

  1. Vacuuming the loose dirt on the carpet

After using a broom to sweep the dirt and pet hairs, dust and dirt are now visible; suck them up from your carpet with a vacuum.

A vacuum cleaner is ideal as you can’t use your hand to collect pet hairs and dirt from your carpet. That is why you need the best vacuum with a high HEPA filtration system and suction power.

The reason being, such a cleaner can collect pet hairs, dust, and even the smallest particles. Remember to also get a powerful air cleaner or a reliable silent bedside fan to take care of the smell.

Get rid of most of the foam on your carpet with a vacuum cleaner. This can also help in drying off most of the water that your carpet has already absorbed from the detergent as well as the solution.

  1. Use carpet cleanup solution

After you’ve collected your carpet’s dirt and dust particles, you should use the cleaning solution or agent.

You can either mix a couple of teaspoonful of vinegar and equal portions of water in a bucket to create your homemade cleaning agent or use carpet cleaning solutions.

Rather than vinegar, you can use baking soda or lemon juice. These are well-known to have antimicrobial agents.

With each of the solutions, add some droplets of essential oils to get rid of the smell from the pets and solution.

For the best spreading, you can distribute the solution on your carpet with the help of a spray bottle. After that, wait for approximately one hour for the solution to work on the stains and dirt.

  1. Use a hard brush to scrub the carpet

Go on to use a scrub brush to scrub the already spread solution on the surface of your carpet. For effective cleanup, get a bucket of water mixed with detergent.

After that, dip the brush in the solution and gently scrub your carpet while you’re kneeling. This action is very tiring so get ready to become exhausted.

Nevertheless, it’s the best physical activity for keeping you healthy once weekly, if you don’t have time to exercise.

  1. Rinsing your carpet

To rinse the carpet or door floor mat, get a bucket and put some water. Then, dip the brush in the water and scrub your carpet one more. Make sure you repeat the process until you cover the entire carpet. Once more, be cautious not to use a lot of force since this can ruin your carpet by removing the fibers.

  1. Dry vacuuming your carpet

Once you’re done rinsing your carpet, you need to dry your carpet. You can dry off the water from your carpet with either a dry cleaner or a wet blower. Once more, you should dry off the excess water from your carpet’s surface using the best vacuum cleaner that has a powerful blower.

Because the vacuum cleaner can’t dry all the water entirely, you may need to have the windows open for the best ventilation. In addition, turn the air conditioner on to help in drying off the moisture. We recommend you get the RV air conditioner for best results.

On the other hand, leave your carpet overnight and all moisture will disappear come the following day. It is possible to manually clean up the carpet.

You simply have to follow the above tips to make sure everything goes smoothly. But if this sounds overwhelming to you, hire an expert for help.

Expert carpet cleaners have the necessary skills to provide the best carpet cleanup experience.