Make Your Bedroom Smell Amazing All The Time

Your bedroom is your personal space, particularly if you’re in shared accommodation or living with your parents. So, you should make the room the perfect area it can be, and this will include making it sell amazing.

If your room is home to anything foul-smelling, you should start with a thorough cleaning. After that, once you have rid the bedroom of the noticeable culprits, use some of these ideas to make your room smell amazing.

Ways to keep your room always smelling good

Here we go;

  1. Keep pets away from your room

If you stay with pets, then you should be experiencing the issues of pet smell and fur everywhere. To remove the bad odor of the pet, make them bath frequently.

Try keeping them away from the bedroom, particularly during nights when you want to have the peaceful sleep in a revitalized ambiance.

  1. Wash the bed sheets regularly

Buying the latest bedding sets is great but nothing can beat the comfort of soft, clean sheets. However, those same bed sheets absorb large quantities of shed skin particles, fluids, and bodily oils every night. Stay without cleaning your sheets, and they will start smelling.

To ensure the air stays fresh, wash the bed sheets weekly and use a fan to ensure air flow in the room.

At this point it would be prudent to let you know that using quality and natural detergent is highly recommended.

You can do this more regularly if you’re especially vulnerable to allergies or allow your furry friends to sleep with you. You can also consider changing pillowcases daily.

This will not only help in keeping the bedroom smelling great; but will also help in keeping your skin looking great.

  1. Use baking soda to wash

When vacuum-cleaning the room, use baking soda mixed with a bit of essential oil of your choice to sprinkle your carpet. Baking soda will help to neutralize smells and rid the carpet of any foul odors.

  1. Use smell absorber and air purifier

You can trap and get rid of contaminants in your bedroom by using air purifiers. When the air contaminants get removed from the bedroom, then the main source of nasty odors goes away. Make sure you choose an air purifier that will break down the allergens and contaminants and traps them.

A good choice would be buying a RV air conditioner. In addition, you can use a natural smell absorber in the bedroom for trapping all the nasty lingering smells in the bedroom. The most used natural smell absorber is baking soda.

Simply sprinkle it on the bedding and upholstery to absorb bad odor and air particles. Then, use a handheld vacuum to remove it after twelve hours. Your bedroom will smell amazing. Finally, place a nice room freshener or perfume to make the bedroom smell nice and fresh.

  1. Clear the junk in your bedroom

Bad odors originate from all various types of things, which you might not even realize. Dander and dirt can add to the odor resulting in your bedroom smell mildewed and even if you do not notice a layer on anything in your house.

Remove everything from your bedroom that doesn’t belong and look for things you can give out to charity or trash. You might even get some items, which are causing an odor that you did not even realize existed particularly if you have small children helping out.

  1. Get flowers and candles in your room

Flowers can help bring some decoration and character to your bedroom as well as an exquisite, natural subtle fragrance. Candles are the best way to get an exquisite fragrance and some cozy ambiance into a room.

  1. Dusting the bedroom often

You can make your bedroom smell fresh by dusting. Dust will include outside and inside particles, right from insect droppings, dead skin, pet dander and cleaning off the dirt on your walls. This can be brought from outdoors or naturally take place in your bedroom. For this reason, dusting needs to be your number-one concern.

It will help in keeping the bedroom free from dust and breathe fresh and get rid of mildewed odor from the bedroom. Areas such as lights, and ceiling fans, tables and shelves get the most dirt.

Electronics, upholstery, and carpets soak up lots of dirt. You should dust every corner and start from top to bottom. Clean the difficult spots with a moist cloth, as it will help in stopping dirt from stirring in the air.

  1. Freshening your carpet and mattress

A carpet is the most common option for flooring a room for clear reasons. It will add a substantial impact to the room’s decor.

The same applies to a mattress. But the disadvantage of carpet is its habit of holding onto dirt, mold, bacteria, and pollen from your shoe bottom or your feet.

Ultimately, those things will create a bad odor. However; do not automatically go for harsh chemicals for freshening the carpet. Rather, use baking soda. It is affordable and it is easy.

You just sprinkle a generous coating over the carpet and then allow it to sit for at least 60 minutes. After that, vacuum the baking soda away, together with the stink. Make sure you also remove your shoes or clean them using a floor mat before you enter the room to keep the room carpets clean.

You should keep sandals right beside the door to easily slip out of the daytime shoes and into clean, comfortable sandals instead.

As for the mattress, especially if you have kids who sometimes may urinate you must hang it out to dry. You may also opt to get a mattress waterproof protector.

This will help care for the mattress and thus avoid having a smelly room. Another important thing to do is dispose well of the mattress or carpet when it gets old.

  1. Open the room’s windows

Opening the windows and allowing the fresh air and sunshine to come pouring in is one of the quickest ways of having a fresh-smelling bedroom. Unless you reside close to an industrial area or busy freeway, the air indoors is probably more polluted than outside air.

This is because of harmful gases like carbon monoxide, VOCs, and radon, pollen and mold, cleaning products, and fuel-burning appliances. So always open your room windows every morning provided that weather and privacy allow.

Your room will smell fresher and you will get an energy-upping, mood-boosting dose of morning sunlight.

  1. Cleaning the floor regularly

After dusting the room, you should clean the flooring. Your bedroom’s floor collects all the crumbs, spills, dust, pet droppings, etc.

If your room has hardwood flooring, the right way of cleaning it up is to damp mop it. Avoid dry mop as it will stir the dirt and spread it elsewhere. With carpeted flooring, you should put lots of elbow grease.

To deep clean you need to:

  • Find the bad-smelling spots and stains. Perhaps your furry friend had peed that soaked in your carpet. It results in mold growth.
  • You should put some baking soda in the areas. Let it sit for one day. Baking soda will absorb the stinking odor.
  • Vacuum your carpet and use a mixture of white vinegar and water to treat it. The acid will help break the growth of bacteria on your carpet.
  • Now vacuum the entire carpet.

Regardless of what type of floor you have, remember to clean underneath the large furnishings and the back of the closet.


We can’t live without stating that you also have to learn how to dress your bed. This is a simple but very effective way of turning your bedroom into a haven.