How To Keep Pillow Cases From Slipping Off Pillows

Pillow cases are important in completing bed sets both in terms of functionality and comfort.

They not only protect pillows from getting dirt, dust, facial oils and stains, but also add an attractive and comfortable touch to the pillow. One may then wonder why pillows fall off pillow cases.

Pillows can easily fall off pillow cases especially where one is a violent sleeper (which, by the way, is not a problem).

If the pillow case has not been made in such a way as to prevent pillows from falling or sliding off the above may also happen.

This could most likely be the case in certain pillow case types such as the housewife pillow case and traditional under flap pillow cases.

How to stop pillow cases from falling off the pillow

In order to keep your pillow from falling off the pillow case, you can use a few useful tips such as:

  • Enclosing the pillow in the pillow case using some Velcro strips that you can sew at the opening of the pillow case.

Velcro closure can come in handy when you have pillows that slide off their cases or when would like to make a modification to your bed sets but do not have enough money for a brand-new set.

To make a Velcro closure, first measure and cut your fabric, which should be an inch longer than the pillow on all the sides.

Make the markings on the wrong side of the fabric. Secondly, sew the edges of the fabric to keep them from fraying, while keeping the wrong side up.

Then, sew the pieces of fabric together while placing the pieces together with the right sides facing each other.

Sew along the three sides to come up with an extra flap above where you will have sewn. There is also an open pocket.

Now turn the pocket to have the right side out to come up with a flapped pocket. The flap should fall over the opening. Now you can add Velcro.

Add Velcro to the inner side of the flap first then to the case itself at the meeting point of the flat and the pillow.

You can do this by using glue or simply by sewing. The pieces should be able to meet upon folding the flap.

Finally, you can now insert the pillow and put the flap with Velcro in place. There is also the option of getting an all in one comfort pillow.

  • Changing your case to a different one such as a zip-on cover in order to totally cover your pillow

It is pretty easy to make a zip-on or zippered cover for your pillow. Begin by taking down the measurements of the pillow. It is easier if you fold your fabric over so you can cut the two pieces at once.

Draw the shape of the measurements on the wrong side of the fabric and pin the pieces together then cut out the shape.

After deciding where you want the zipper to be, place and pin the right sides of the two pieces together then place the zipper on top.

Use a vertical pin to mark inside the edges. You are now ready to sew the zip onto your fabric.

Ensure that you have placed the zipper at the right point in the seam. Also, sew the ends of the zip.

Now sew the zip in your fabric, ensuring it gets shut (totally). Once done, open the seam so as to expose the zip.

Finally, you can now finish the zipper and sew up the cover of the pillow!

Turn it to have the right side out and place in your pillow. You are guaranteed that your pillow will not fall off the case.

  • If the pillow case falls off because it is too big, consider getting one that is more fitting to the pillow so as to keep it off falling from the pillow.

This can be easily done. First, you need to measure the size of your pillow on all sides. Ensure that as you take down the measurements the pillow is not enclosed in any pillow case as this will make it seem bigger than it really is.

As you take down the measurements ensure that you note them down for accuracy when you go to purchase the new pillow cases. Finally carry your measurements to the pillow case store and make the purchase.

Alternatively, if the cases are too big, you may want to consider making modifications to them all by yourself.

You can do this by taking the measurements of the pillow, turning the pillow case wrong-side up, sewing the edges of the case according to the measurements of the pillow and turning it right-side up.

There, you have your fitting pillow case! This is an easy and simple yet effective way of ensuring you pillow does not fall off the pillow case.

  • Having an envelope closure at the end of the case.

This will keep the pillow inside the pillow case throughout the night, preventing it from falling or sliding off the pillow.

In order to make the envelope closure for your pillow case, you have to first of all decide on the fabric to use.

It is faster when you use a top sheet but you must get the right print. You will then need to finish off one end first before using the stipulated measurements. It is totally okay to add pleated details, but it is also fine to work with a simple hem.

Then, make the right measurements, sew the edges as required and turn the case with the right side out so as to tuck the extra folded edge inside.

Ensure that all the edges are pressed flat. Your pillow case is now ready to hold fast the pillow throughout the night.

Keeping your pillow case in place

It is important to have pillow cases that hold fast the pillow and keep them from sliding off not only for children, but also for adults.

This protects the pillow in so many ways to make it more durable. The will apply even in the case of children floor pillows which happen to be in contact with the floor.

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