How To Make A DIY Floor Pillow At Home

Most people use cushions and pillows as part of the rooms’ décor. While we mostly think of these decorative pillows and cushions for the seats, there is an advent lately of floor pillows.

Floor pillows add style and classiness to the room by adding more color and a different texture to the room’s décor.

They also give your room a cozy feeling as well as providing extra seating for people in the room. Floor pillows can be used by both adults and children and can be part of your family room décor.

Review of top floor pillows

They add some comfort for those who love sitting on the floor.

What are the best uses for floor pillows?

Compared to having to sit on the carpet or the hard and cold floor, floor pillows would be a welcome addition to the comfort of your room. It will support you when sitting, while giving you comfort during your relaxation activities.

You can have your pillow for the children to play and sit on them and you can also have them next to the fireplace or television for a relaxed time.

Some people also enjoy sitting on the floor while eating, meditating, reading, among other activities. You can also consider sitting on your floor pillows as part of your muscle-strengthening activities.

Just the act of sitting and standing up from your floor has a positive effect on your muscle flexibility and strength.

Your sitting posture is also improved as compared to how you sit on the couch. Couch sitting has some slouching to it which may be damaging in the long run.

Therefore, sitting on a floor pillow does not only make your floor sitting a comfortable affair, but it also contributes to your room’s décor and gives you some great exercise as well.

Having a few floor pillows in your room can also serve the same function as having a small sofa in the room.

Their cost would be significantly less than what you would use to buy a couch. The choice of fabric and color will add some flavor that would complement the tone of the room’s décor.

Some additional trimmings to it would go a long way in transforming it from a plain pillow to an accessory of your décor.

What are the different types of floor pillows?

You can choose your floor pillows in a variety of designs and colors. You can play around with different prints or you can choose to have them in solid colors as is suitable for your home’s décor.

Floor pillows come in different types depending on the function they are used for.

  • Family floor pillow

This type of pillow is commonly known as a bean bag or a pouf. They come in different colors and different fillings to give you the feeling you need.

The family pillow is normally lush, large, and extremely comfortable for your entire family’s use. You can use it for your naptime or just to lounge on it while relaxing.

  • Kids floor cushions

Children love sitting and playing on the floor many times. You can make this experience better for them by having a floor pillow for them in their play area or even in their bedroom.

This can come in handy for them to sit while eating or playing and they can even take a nap on it. Because children love fun, these can be colorful and with bold stimulating patterns to keep their senses alive.

  • Bohemian style pillow

These are exceptionally colorful and bright floor pillows that would instantly lift your spirits. They are usually manufactured from recycled, natural fibers that are durable.

Because of the boldness of color, these pillows will add character to your room, while at the same giving you a comfortable place to relax.

  • Japanese-style cushion

These as floor pillows that are designed for the people who like sitting on the floor while performing different activities. These Japanese style cushions are mostly made to be comfortable and soft so that you can use them when meditating, reading, or eating on the floor.

  • Meditation floor pillow

Since meditation is quickly becoming a popular exercise for most people, it is great to invest in a floor pillow that is specifically dedicated to this exercise. This would be a comfortable investment as compared to the traditional sitting on the floor or a mat while meditating.

How to Sew Floor Pillows for children  

You can sew your floor pillows for your child’s use. The pillow typically has two parts, the filler cover which holds the pillow fillings, and the pillow covers.

Since the cushion cover is the part that is going to be seen, you can choose bold colors and patterns for your child. If you can get fabric with their favorite cartoon character, this will make it even better.

You can decide on what size of pillow you want. A floor pillow is usually 36 by 36 inches but you can choose to make it bigger. For this DIY sewing project, you will need;

  • Fabric for the filler and the cushion cover,
  • Measuring tape,
  • Sewing machine,
  • Foam chips,
  • A slab foam about 2 inches thick,
  • A serrated knife,
  • A hand sewing needle, and
  • Matching thread.

For the cushion cover

Measure your pieces of fabric to the cushion pillow size. Add ½ inches in your measurement for some seam allowance. Cut your fabric out.

Put the right sides of the fabric together and then sew around it on three of its side. Leave one side with an opening of about 15 inches so that you can turn the cover to its right side and a space for inserting the filler.

Best material for the cushion filler

The first step of making the cushion filler is the same as the process of making the cushion cover. Once you have measured, cut, and sewn the fabric, turn it right side out.

Cut the slab foam to the size of the cut fabric but without 6 inches on each side. For example, for a 36 by 36 inches pillow, your foam will be 24 by 24 inches.

Then you can trim the edges on the slab foam so that you can have a knife-edge shape on your cushion. This is a cushion that is thick in the middle and thin at its edges.

Add the foam chips into your filler bag while holding it up to about 6 inches in depth at the bottom of the bag.

Then you can insert the foam slab into your filler bag. Then fill the area around the foam slab with the foam chips.

This needs to be a depth of 6 inches around the foam slab. Once that is done, you can sew it closed. Insert the filler into the cushion cover and then sew by hand the pillow closure opening that was left closed.

You can choose to add trimmings and tassels around the pillow to decorate it. Your DIY floor pillow is ready for use! 

Imagine how cool it would make your room appear especially when placed next to a unique floor lamp or modern electric fireplace.