How To Paint Wrought Iron Bed

Typically, wrought iron is popular for offering high longevity. Wrought iron is often used in outdoor furniture and railings. Naturally, it is dark in color; homeowners love painting it black to improve its aesthetics.

Painted wrought iron is highly resistant to rust. Hence, it is essential to paint wrought iron from time to time to maintain its lustrous appearance. Let’s take a look at how to paint a wrought iron bed.

A detailed process of painting a wrought iron bed

Step 1: Disassemble the wrought iron bed

The first thing to do is to remove the bed frame among other temporary fittings. Doing this enables you to reach all surfaces of the wrought iron easily.

Luckily, it is relatively simple to dismantle a wrought iron bed. During this process, ensure you place all the dismantled parts in a safe spot. Otherwise, you might end up losing some parts.

Additionally, ensure all the wrought iron bed parts are in good condition. Check for any corroded surfaces and fix/replace them. If you notice the wrought iron bed is beyond repair, it would be best to purchase another one.

Step 2: Getting rid of old paint and rusty surfaces

The next thing to do is to chip away the old paint using fine sandpaper. Before you paint a iron bed, ensure you remove any existing old paint on the surface. Keep in mind that your surface has to be smooth before you proceed with painting.

Step 3: Put back the frame (optional)

Afterward, put back the bed frame of the wrought iron bed. This step is usually optional; it depends on the painting technique you use. Since most homeowners use spray cans for painting, it is advisable to reassemble the bed frame.

If you use a spray can, it is simpler to paint the wrought iron bed when the frame is back in place. During this stage, you can also use various props to support the weight of your bed.

Step 4: Clean the wrought iron bed

Wipe all the surfaces of the wrought iron bed using a clean wet towel. Doing this helps you get rid of grease and dust particles on the iron. Focus on cleaning all hidden spots and corners in the wrought iron. Cleaning the wrought iron bed prepares the surface for painting.

Step 5: Prime the surfaces

Generally, you need to prime surfaces before painting. So, purchase a quality paint primer from Amazon or your nearest local store. Then, spray it across all the surfaces of the wrought iron bed. A paint primer makes the surfaces more even for painting. Note that this step is optional if the wrought iron bed already has a primer.

Step 6: Give the primer time to dry

Like paint, you need to allow the primer to dry in between coatings. Even so, ensure you follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines when using the paint primer.

Step 7: Start painting

After you finish priming the wrought iron surface, start painting. Spray paint across the entire surface of the wrought iron bed. Apply one coat at a time. Do not apply an additional paint coat on top of a wet coating.

Also, it would be best to start painting on a sunny day. It would be best if you painted a wrought iron bed in an outdoor location with low humidity levels. Remember, the climatic condition of your area will determine the time needed for the paint to dry.

Step 8: Apply additional coats

Three coatings are usually enough when painting a wrought iron bed. But this often depends on the manufacturer’s instructions. At times, you will have to apply more than three coatings. On the other hand, some paints work best when applied in one coating. Regardless of the case, always allow the paint to dry between each coating.

Step 9: Leave the paint to dry

When you finish painting the wrought iron bed, leave it to dry. The time needed for paint to dry depends on the paint type and climatic conditions. Nonetheless, experts advise leaving the wrought iron bed overnight if you want it to dry completely.

Step 10: Check for any flaws

At times, the wrought iron bed surfaces may appear to have drips and bubbles. This usually indicates a problem with the paint surface. Even out all imperfections on the wrought iron surface using fine-grit sandpaper. You can also apply a new layer of paint to the affected area.

Which paint should you use on wrought iron?

The best paint to use on wrought iron is exterior-grade enamel paint. Always use direct to metal paint that is specially designed to protect the wrought iron from rust. Use a paintbrush to apply the paint in fine and long strokes for the best results. These types of paintwork well when applied in two coatings.

The Dos and Don’ts of Painting Wrought-Iron Furniture

When painting wrought iron furniture, there are several tips you need to incorporate to make your work easier. They include:

Wiping the furniture:

Before painting wrought iron, you need to get rid of any dirt and grease particles on the surface. Use a clean cloth soaked in acetone or alcohol to get rid of grease particles from the wrought iron surfaces. After you finish wiping the wrought iron, do not touch it with your bare hands. Use protective gloves instead.

Purchase an ergonomic attachment:

An ergonomic attachment works towards preventing finger fatigue. A lot of spray painting can hurt your fingers. All in all, an ergonomic attachment helps you paint efficiently while relieving you from any discomfort.

Wear protective clothing:

Ensure you wear protective clothing when spraying paint. Paint fumes can affect your respiratory health. So, make a point of wearing a face mask and gloves when painting a wrought iron bed. Do this for both small and large projects.

Should I paint my iron bed frame often?

Wrought iron usually needs painting frequently. Painting wrought iron makes it highly resistant to rust and aging. Luckily, painting a wrought iron is not as complex as most people think. All you need to do is use the right painting equipment and follow the correct procedure.

Before you start painting a wrought iron bed, it would be best to dismantle the bed frame. Clean and prime the bed for an even painting surface. Experts advise using painting spray cans for best results.