How To Paint Antique Iron Bed

Indisputably, antique iron beds are stylish and elegant. Currently, it can be challenging to find a legit antique iron bed.

So, if you have an old one in your house, you would rather revamp it through painting. Fortunately, painting an antique bed is a relatively straightforward process.

All you need to do is follow all the steps involved and use quality paint. In this article, we take a look at a detailed procedure of painting an antique iron bed.

Painting an antique iron bed

Step 1. First, select a suitable location for painting. The paint contains harmful fumes that can harm your respiratory health. So, it is always advisable to paint the antique bed in a well-ventilated area.

An outdoor location is usually perfect for painting an antique iron bed. Moreover, it would be better to paint on a sunny day. Avoid painting in humid or windy areas.

Step 2. Purchase all the necessary materials for painting. Generally, you should have quality paint and a paintbrush. Ensure you buy all painting materials from a reliable manufacturer. Also, consider buying props to support the antique bed when painting.

Step 3. Before you start painting an antique iron bed, disassemble all the temporary fittings of the bed, including the frame. This way, you’ll be able to paint the antique iron bed thoroughly. You need not worry; dismantling the bed frame is not as hard as most people think.

Once you separate the different parts of the bed, analyze their condition. If you notice any signs of corrosion, take it upon yourself to repair the bed. At times, you may have to replace the antique bed. Take the antique iron bed to an outdoor location for painting.

Step 4. Next, start getting rid of any old paint and rust on the antique bed. Over time, old paint is likely to chip. You cannot afford to paint new paint on top of chipped paint. So, use appropriate equipment to chip away old paint.

Additionally, use anti-rust products to get rid of the rust present on the antique bed. When the rust on the antique bed is too much, think of replacing the bed. How do you remove chipped paint? More often than not, fine-grit sandpaper is the best material to remove chipped paint and rust from an antique bed.

Step 5. Put back the bed frame among all the disassembled parts in place. It would be much easier to spray paint the bed when all the parts are in their place. Do this carefully to prevent damaging the bed. At this point, props can help you fix the bed.

Step 6. Afterward, start cleaning the antique iron bed. Wiping the bed using a clean fiber cloth to get rid of dust and grease particles on the bed. It would be best to use a damp cloth to clean the bed.

Pay attention to all hidden corners of the bed as you do this. Cleaning your antique bed provides a uniform surface for painting. When you finish cleaning the antique bed, leave it to dry.

Step 7. Start preparing the surface using a paint primer. Paint primers help you obtain an even surface for painting. Primers act as the perfect base coat for painting. Even so, ensure you use a quality paint primer.

So, purchase a paint primer from a reliable manufacturer. Additionally, ensure you follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines when using the primer. Always leave the primer to dry in between coatings.

Step 8. Once the primer is dry, start spraying paint across all the surfaces of the antique bed. Before using spray paint, it is essential to read and understand all the usage guidelines. At present, there is a wide range of spray paints you can buy. They come in different sizes and colors.

So, always purchase spray paint that meets all your requirements. Leave the spray paint to dry in between each coating. Typically, you should apply about two to three coatings of spray paint on the antique iron bed. After painting the antique bed, leave it to dry for approximately 12 hours. If possible, leave the antique iron bed overnight to dry.

Step 9. When the drying time is over, examine the antique bed. At this point, check for any bumps or bubbles that might have occurred during painting.

If you notice any, use quality fine-grit sandpaper to even out these imperfections. You can also rectify painting mistakes using a thin layer of paint; afterward, leave it to dry.

What color should paint an antique iron bed?

Unquestionably, it can be challenging to choose the right paint color for your antique iron bed. Although experts recommend using subtle and neutral paint shades for your antique iron bed, the color you choose often depends on your requirements.

First, before painting the antique iron bed, note that you need to use a special paint primer. It would be best to use a galvanized etching primer made especially for metals.

Best colors to paint antique iron bed

  1. Acrylic latex paint

One of the best paints to use on your antique iron bed is acrylic latex paint. Acrylic latex paint is lustrous. Thus, you will undoubtedly love it. One of the main advantages of using acrylic latex paint is that it offers high durability.

Acrylic latex paint comes in a wide array of colors. Always choose a color that complements your interior décor. For example, if you have a modern interior décor, grey, white, black, among other subtle shades, will look good in the antique iron bed.

  1. Oil-based enamels

Oil-based enamels help you obtain a lustrous appearance in your iron bed frame. The best thing about oil-based enamels is that they offer high longevity. When applying this type of paint, ensure you do so in a well-aerated area.

Oil-based enamels usually radiate very strong fumes that can pose a danger to your health. So, don’t forget to wear protective garments when using these paints. Oil-based enamels come in a wide range of colors; choose a color that suits your requirements.

  1. Epoxy paint

Epoxy is also a great paint option for your antique iron bed. Unlike oil-based coatings, epoxy is less strong yet offers maximum durability. When using epoxy, ensure you use a primer first before application.


After several years of use, your antique iron bed becomes more prone to wear and tear. As a result, you need to paint your antique iron bed to retain its glossy appearance. It is essential to choose quality paint for your antique iron bed.