A Look At The Best Iron Bed Frames

There is a wide variety of iron bed frames in the market today. In this post we will go all out to make it easier for you to pick the best that suits your needs.

Review of the top iron bed frames

  1. Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed with Headboard and Footboard
Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed, Modern Design, King Size - Black
  • TIMELESS ELEGANCE - Give an instant pick-me-up to your bedroom with this cozy,...
  • Sturdy metal frame Construction with metal side rails for stability and...
  • Center metal rail and legs for added support. Includes metal slats to provide...

If you want to get fresh insights and new ideas for your house and sleeping area, this is the best option. It is a great platform bed that has an easy design, and the bedposts come with round finials.

This metal bed has a particular color and style theme, which lets you seamlessly blend it using accessories and bold colors to liven up any room.

It has side rails and metal slats, and even middle support legs that help this product offer you full comfort and support for the best night’s sleep. You do not need a foundation box, and you can make a fashionable appearance with this bed.

You can get this product in many different sizes, including Emperor bed, King, Queen, and Full size. There are metal side rails for offering durability and stability, while the middle legs and rails offer additional support. This product comes with incorporated metal slats, so you do not require box springs. The bed features two base height choices for convenience, either six or eleven inches.


  • Added support thanks to center legs and rails. Has metal slats to offer comfort and support
  • You are guaranteed durability and stability
  • You can get it in King, Queen and full in multiple colors
  • Footboard and headboard have decorative round finial posts


  • You don’t need box springs
  • Contemporary design to complement any décor
  • It comes with center legs, metal slates, headboard, side rails, and footboard
  • Simple to assemble
  • It will fit many types of mattresses
  • Sturdy frame for holding adequate weight


  • Assembling takes a while

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  1. HAAGEEP 18 Inch Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed High Platform Bedframes with Storage Size
HAAGEEP 18 Inch Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed High Platform Bedframes with Storage Size Black Metal
6,100 Reviews
HAAGEEP 18 Inch Queen Bed Frame No Box Spring Needed High Platform Bedframes with Storage Size Black Metal
  • ✔ HEAVY DUTY: Strong frame with sturdy steel slat structure, no squeak noise...
  • ✔ NO BOXSPRING: Match standard size twin full queen king size mattress, no box...
  • ✔ WITH STORAGE: 18 inch high platform bed frames with 16 inch of ample under...

If we look at iron beds that cost under $200, this is the best. This product is extremely durable as it is sturdy and strong. The bed frame will often last for many years, and it offers a perfectly comfy sleep.

It is 18-inches tall and offers a beneath clearance of 16-inches. You can use the clearance for storing important items in the bedroom and even other things like books, suitcases, etc.

This product has quite sturdy and strong steel slats. These help in getting rid of the need to use a mattress foundation or a traditional box spring. The strong stats offer the best support to your mattress together with the steel bed frame’s sturdy and strong legs. These function as contact points on the ground and ensure the stability of the frame.

The steel bed frame’s design is modern, and it will fit all kinds of modern room decors. But it will easily go well with a traditional home as soon as you cover it using the bedding and the mattress. This product comes with a minimalist design with quite strong slats and strong legs as well.

The bed will accommodate an array of different mattresses no matter what they are created with. This steel bed frame goes with latex, memory foam mattresses, and spring mattresses as well. The mattresses don’t shake or slide and remain secure and stable. It comes with an 18-inch bedding height, in addition to the mattress’s thickness.


  • No need for box spring
  • Comes with strong slats
  • 18-inch high bed frame
  • An underneath clearance of 16-inches, and you can use these spaces to store bedroom essentials, etc.

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  1. TEMMER Black Metal Bed Frame Twin Size with Headboard and Platform Mattress Base
NEEBIRGELIA TEMMER Black Metal Bed Frame Twin Size with Headboard and Footboard Single Platform Mattress Base,Metal Tube and Iron-Art Bed(Twin,Textured Black)
  • ★Solid Metal Construction★ Metal construction is more steady, and the sturdy...
  • ★Easy Assembly★ The bed frame is installed with Victorian style headboard,...
  • ★High quality frame★ The welded platform structure and the fixed screw...

This bed frame is unique and has a powder finish. It is great for teenagers and children. The slats will be able to hold weight, and the material is sturdy.

The bed’s structure provides comfort with durability. It comes with 9 legs that ensure stability. The bed has a safe design; has well-structured slats for making the bed secure for kids. In addition, it will help your mattress not to sink in.

No noise production thanks to the perfectly welded metal. The circular tubes prevent the mattress from scratching. This bed offers lots of storage room underneath it.

You can easily assemble the bed, and it comes with instructions. The company offers a 5-year warranty with free replacement. You also get any missing parts.


  • In addition, the circular steel bars and enclosed nuts will prevent your mattress from getting scratched.
  • It features a Victorian headboard, no need for a box spring. It comes with clear directions, all tools, and parts, assembling is easy
  • Back by a warranty of 5-years, parts available, free replacement.
  • Steadier metal construction and sturdy slats for supporting the mattress. This will prevent the mattresses from sinking or sagging.
  • The fixed screw design and the welded platform bed structure will minimize the noise produced by friction


  • Affordable
  • Sturdy design


  • May have sharp metal shards
  • Bending of tubes
  • Some shallow quality products

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  1. TEMMER Metal Bed Frame Queen Size with Headboard and Antique Brown Baking Paint Iron-Art
NEEBIRGELIA TEMMER Metal Bed Frame Queen Size with Headboard and Footboard Single Platform Mattress Base,Metal Tube and Antique Brown Baking Paint Iron-Art Bed (Queen, Antique Brown)
  • ★Solid Metal Construction★ Metal construction is more steady, and the sturdy...
  • ★Easy Assembly★ The bed frame is installed with Victorian style headboard,...
  • ★High quality frame★ The welded platform structure and the fixed screw...

This product has a solid metal construction. In addition, it has metal tubing. This bed frame isn’t intricate and will not involve other components like fabric or anything soft.

The bed frame also provides lots of storage space. It can also secure positions safely. The bed frame is perfect for those who are looking for optimal stability and strength.


There are 13-inches of storage space underneath the frame


Easy to assemble. No need for box springs. Comes also with easy assembly instructions


Tough metal. Its slats provide full mattress support that helps keep away motion


It comes with a nice antique brown hue


The bed has a stylish Victorian feel that will work well in a lot of interior design schemes. It will work stunningly in geometric and upgraded modern places. Also, it will work best in classic areas that are jam-packed with antiques.


  • It features circular steel nuts and bars that will prevent your mattress from scratching
  • The Victorian setting will do lots for all types of different living areas
  • It comes welded platform and fixed screw that reduces friction-related noise
  • The slats ensure the bed’s longevity significantly
  • You can use this bed for an array of storage uses


  • Weak metal

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  1. YAHEETECH Classic Metal Platform Bed Frame Mattress Foundation with Victorian Style Iron-Art Headboard
Yaheetech Classic Metal Platform Bed Frame Mattress Foundation with Victorian Style Iron-Art Headboard/Footboard/Under Bed Storage/No Box Spring Needed/Queen Size Black
4,371 Reviews
Yaheetech Classic Metal Platform Bed Frame Mattress Foundation with Victorian Style Iron-Art Headboard/Footboard/Under Bed Storage/No Box Spring Needed/Queen Size Black
  • 【CLASSIC AND ROMANTIC】This farmhouse styled bed features curved lines and...
  • 【HIGH HEADBOARD DESIGN】Compared with other metal beds, this queen size bed...
  • 【SAFE】Carefully designed, this mattress foundation is built of round...

If you want a vintage-looking, practical bed frame, this product is the best option. This bed frame comes with round corners and curved lines in a matte black finish. This creates a stylish and warm ambiance. You can choose from three sizes (Queen, Full, Twin) to suit your needs.

This bed frame is made using a metal slatted frame for lasting durability and solid support. It is easy to clean, simply a mild cleaner and damp cloth to wipe. The high headboard will protect your head and offer you a comfortable sitting space.

Perfect for temporary stay, dormitories, guest rooms, apartments, bedrooms, and teens’ rooms. Having a classic shape, this bed comes with circular corners to offer you protection from unintentional hurt.

Underneath storage

You get 12.5 inches of clearance space underneath the bed, roomy to suit your storage needs

Powder-coated surface

This will help resist scratches and rust; durable for lasting use.

Strong support legs

These offer level support and stability. They do not shake and are free of noise

Footpads offer protection

Anti-slip pads minimize slides and scratches

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Why buy a Metal frame?

Strong metal frame with excellent weight-bearing capacity for the best durability and stability

Regardless of whether it’s for your own comfort or decor, a bed is perhaps an essential piece of bedroom furniture. There’s an array of choices in the market; however, many people want something durable to match the design they want. Today, the best iron bed frames are one most common items out there.

A regular iron bed frame has the side rails, foot, and head and might have other added parts, like slats or support rails. This bed frame type is created with different metals, like iron, steel, etc.; however, it is popularly called an iron bed frame.

Due to its metallic structure, an iron bed frame is popular for its durability and strength. It’s actually the best material to make a folding bed. It does not sag, bend, or rot as it grows old. If you want a bed frame that can support your mattress and/or raise it from the ground, an iron bed might be the best option.

Various types and components of an iron bed frame

There are lots of differences as to how this bed is made. This pertains to the type of add-on used to put this bed together. Here are some iron bed frame terminologies.

  • Bed rails

Bed rails are put at the bed’s side and include two rails, separate from each other. These might feature metal or wood. To use them, you should get a footboard and a headboard since without bed railings cannot stand.

  • Bed frame

This helps support box springs and mattresses. Although both might be attached depending on your preference, it’s a standalone structure different from the footboard or headboard.

  • Angle iron

Angle iron is used in structural support and is part of an iron bed frame bent at the right angle and created with iron or steel.

Benefits of using the best iron bed frames

There are lots of bed frames out there; however, the two kinds that cause most are wooden and iron bed frames. Here are the benefits of using the best iron bed frame, particularly in contrast with the wooden type.

  • Easier movement

Some people like arranging the bedroom from time to time, and if this is you, do not fret. An iron bed frame isn’t as heavy as you might think. Some are even lighter than platform beds or solid wood frames, based on the metal type used to build them.

  • Less maintenance

Wood is affected by the environment, like incest activity, temperature, and humidity. For this reason, you should maintain the wooden bed frame thoroughly for it to last for years. Conversely, metal cannot get damaged by pests or insects and, therefore, needs less maintenance. This will make them last for many years, even with less maintenance.

  • More design variety

You can get these beds in an array of colors and shapes. This is due to the fact that when heated, metal gets flexible. This characteristic lets designers mold the metal into various footboards and headboards as needed.

In addition, an iron bed frame is more multipurpose when it comes to colors. This means you can use whatever finishes or colors you like to add aesthetic value to the space.

Consider leaving it as it is, like with a wrought iron bed frame, to provide your room with a modern or classic look. An iron bed frame is also great for children since you can paint any color the children love.

  • Superior durability

Durability is one of the most obvious benefits of an iron bed frame. Metal is a tough and solid material that will age well, and with the correct building, it will stand up to any weight. As soon as you have bought this bed, you will be able to use it for many years to come since it is very durable.

An iron bed frame is made to have stunning pieces such as scroll designs, twist details, together with other leaves. Iron is the most durable type of metal.

You should ponder this through as it is possible to mold an iron bed frame into any style you want. This will help you use the bed frame for years to come. The easiest way is to match your bed frame with the bedroom’s theme to generate a pleasant flow.

American iron bed

The company that makes these beds offers an array of iron beds that will confuse you when it comes to choosing the best type to purchase. American Iron Bed Company has categorized their beds by creating an easy process of surfing and buying.

You can buy the beds depending on your preferred type or size of the bed. In addition, there are different collections of these beds. It’s simpler to zero in the collections into type or size.

Iron canopy bed

An iron canopy bed is the best option if you have a strong personality and want to get a bed to compliment it. Iron beds will provide you with the look of a strong structure while offering your bedroom the best appearance at the same time. Often, people will either buy a bedroom the furnishings piece by piece or as a furniture set.

When you’re buying this bed type, you might want to buy it by itself and then furnish the rest of the bedroom, depending on the bed. A bed created with iron sitting in the center of the room draws the attention of anybody seeing it.

However, you still want to have the right furnishings surrounding your bed that match with it. There are many good advantages of having an iron canopy bed in the bedroom.

One good advantage of these beds is that they all come with durability and sturdiness. The beds are firm and provide the look of dominance in any room you place them in.

In addition, due to the durability feature that this bed frame has, you won’t need to worry about replacing the bed for many years. Iron is a sturdy material and cannot easily get damaged or broken. The beds stay new from the time you own them until you dispose of or sell them.

Another advantage of having this type of bed is the elegant look it gives the bedroom. There are lots of different things you can do to decorate and design a canopy bed. You can buy some canopy bed drapes created with various materials to accent the bed or provide it with a strong yet stylish appearance.

The curtains can be different hues, so you won’t have a hard time looking for a set of curtains for the bed that provides you with the best look.

Many people buy these beds due to the look they provide; however, these beds can also make sure that you get a good night’s sleep. The never-ending qualities they have and the ease of decoration make these beds the best bedroom furniture piece you’ll like.

Reasons for buying an iron four poster bed

  • Decorative

This type of bed comes with a decorative value for the room itself. It is not only a beneficial piece of furniture but also a touch of style. To own a bed that stays trendy, it is best to get this type of bed.

  • It is not only for adults

An iron four poster bed is an ornamental option for children too. To their eyes, it resembles a mystic area, where their imagination can run wild, which will be all their own, which leaves the adults outside.

  • Private area

Even in your house, you might want a little extra privacy. An iron four poster bed lets you stretch your rest behind shut curtains, even when everybody else is already awake.

  • Compatible with any style

An iron four poster bed, with selected colors and materials, can be ideal for any interior decor style, be it contemporary or classical.

  • Gives your bedroom appeal

This type of bed provides a unique appeal to the bedroom, separately from the rest of your furniture. It’s anywhere between gallant and romantic, particularly if decorated by light drapes; they can animate your bedroom and provide it with feeling.

  • Geometrically ‘minimal’

This type of bed is always linked to the aristocracy and upper class; from a structural viewpoint, it’s essential. This characteristic makes this bed particularly appropriate to be put in linear areas, where the style is minimal and rigorous. You only have to choose basic options: white curtains and simple lines.

  • It looks vintage

This type of bed provides your bedroom with a vintage touch. The vintage streak makes it look stylish.

  • Romantic ambiance

No matter the curtains or sheets you select, this type of bed will always make the bedroom rather romantic. A sanctuary for your soul, both metaphorical and physical, that will let you shut out the rest of the world.

Iron toddler bed

If you want a sturdy bed for your child, getting an iron toddler bed is best. You can get these beds in an array of styles to suit the style of your child and offer your child a good night’s sleep.

What to consider in an iron toddler bed

Thankfully, lots of toddler beds are made in the same way. There are specific things you need to consider. Here are some important features that you should consider when you’re out shopping for this bed.

  • Weight capacity

Every toddler bed comes with a different weight limit. Once more, this depends on your preference too. Usually, the standard limit is about 50lbs, and some are higher, particularly those you can use as day beds.

  • Material used to make the bed frame

This depends on your preference. There are beds created with plastic, metal, wood, and some even upholstered.

  • Easy moving around

Some parents prefer an easy-to-move bed. This might be because you are planning to reuse it with another little one in a different room. It’s lightweight; this will simplify your life.

  • Safety offered by the bed

There’s no parent who wants their little one’s stuff to be poisonous. You should ensure they are harsh chemicals-free. In addition, you’ll want a bed that’s low to the ground and have some kind of rails or guards in place for preventing the little one from falling out.

Advantages of a wrought iron bed

Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed with Headboard and Footboard | Modern Design | Queen Size - Grey
13,613 Reviews
Novogratz Bushwick Metal Bed with Headboard and Footboard | Modern Design | Queen Size - Grey
  • Sturdy metal frame Construction
  • Metal side rails for guaranteed stability and durability
  • Center metal rail and legs for added support

Whether the interior of your bedroom is traditional or modern, you’ll find that these beds are the perfect choice option for furnishing the bedroom. Stylish and luxurious, this type of bed will give even the most regular interior some stylishness.

From bold modern designs to classic, chic styles, wrought iron can be handmade and customized to meet your professed look.

A metal bed frame is versatile and is available in an array of finishes and colors to meet your bedroom’s decor. This is an outstanding option for kid’s bedrooms since you can paint them in any color.

  • The bed frame is lightweight

These beds are more lightweight than platform beds and solid timber, making them simpler to move or carry.

  • The bed frame offers safety

Handmade wrought iron is safe, eco-friendly, and dependable. As a result, allergy sufferers and kids can use them without any risk. You just have to ensure the paint used is not poisonous.

  • It is easy to maintenance an iron bed

Unlike timber, iron cannot fade or warp over time. With that in mind, a wrought iron bed is hard to break and doesn’t need a similar amount of care and clean-up that upholstered beds and timber do. When it comes to rust prevention, the metal only needs an anti-rust coating.

  • Iron bed is quite durable

Apart from the qualities of being aesthetically appealing, a wrought iron bed has practical benefits. If you want to buy a long-lasting bed, wrought iron is the best option. Talking about longevity, this bed outshines all other bed designs and materials due to its sturdy metal construction.

Due to their sturdiness, these are solid bed frames and can stand up to any amount of weight without structural damage. This durable, sturdy furniture can serve you well for a long time. In addition, these beds might even be a family inheritance handed down for generations.

Wood or wrought iron bed is a beautiful and rugged way of putting emphasis on the bedroom. Provide it with a little masculinity, with a rustic power touch, as you lay on the bed, feeling the wood’s warmth with the iron’s cold intensity.

Cast iron is often used in bed frames, which come with a modern and clean look. It’s made through the pouring of molten iron in a mold and can be stained or painted to make it look better.

A cast iron bed frame is one of the most dependable and durable choices in the market when it comes to offering support for the mattress. They are durable and cheap, lightweight, and have an appealing and sleek design.

The color scheme and furnishings used for decorating a bedroom with a black iron bed make a range of unique decorating styles with a chic flair.

Antique iron bed

NEEBIRGELIA TEMMER Metal Bed Frame Queen Size with Headboard and Footboard Single Platform Mattress Base,Metal Tube and Antique Brown Baking Paint Iron-Art Bed (Queen, Antique Brown)
  • ★Solid Metal Construction★ Metal construction is more steady, and the sturdy...
  • ★Easy Assembly★ The bed frame is installed with Victorian style headboard,...
  • ★High quality frame★ The welded platform structure and the fixed screw...

Because of their age, antique metal beds, although they have a timeless style, are still prone to the faults of early industrial time and materials, which include using lethal lead paint.

Here are some considerations when looking for an antique iron bed.

  • Missing parts

Missing parts like bed screws, finials, frames, bolts, and slats can be hard if not impossible to replace in antique types. It is essential that you carefully consider antique metal beds’ condition and quality. In addition, their distinct advantages have unique things to consider.

Your buying process needs to be as considerate as the workmanship of the bed you want to purchase. However, there’s always the option of a new iron bed created with antique molds. This will provide you with the look you want, a standard size, and the precise finish you require.

  • Loose castings and spindles

Casings are decorative or simple components made by heating molten iron. After that, they are poured into a mold that will secure the spindles and frame posts together. Spindles are decorative turnings or plain rails.

If you look at the spindles and castings of antique beds and find that they are unusually loose or aren’t completely fused, this greatly reduces the bed’s value and is hard to fix.

  • Flawed castings

This issue is a sign of either substandard, dangerous repair or substandard workmanship. A flawed casting might appear shaped differently or smaller compared to other castings.

  • Metal pitting

This is a kind of rust in metal that creates tiny holes over time. If you see this on an antique bed, it is an indication that the bed has started degrading with age. You should ensure that you look carefully for this kind of damage.

  • Broken frame or castings

This is one of the hardest repairs to handle in this type of bed. Frame and castings combine the bed’s structural integrity, making them one of the most essential elements of bed quality.

If this type of bed has a cracked or broken castings or frames, this may be a sign your bed was either a victim of degrading quality due to age, poorly repaired, poorly created, or stored in the wrong way.

The frame needs a nonstandard size mattress

If you want an antique iron bed, you need to measure the frame to make sure that it will fit a contemporary standard-size mattress. If the bed frame needs this type of mattress that should be customized, you might be in for an anticipated expense.

White iron twin bed

You may want to go for a simple king size iron bed or a white iron twin bed so that you can decorate extra pieces of bedroom furniture or colorful bedding for a stunning-looking room.

The most popular bed is the queen size. This size offers a couple of sufficient spaces. It can be good if the couple prefers to sleep with a pet or children. People who want adequate space can choose the queen size too. Generally, a queen size measures 60X80 inches.

The full size is ideal for couples or young adults. This can be the best for the guest bedroom as well. The standard size for this bed is 53X75 inches. Consider also getting the double size or single size to suit you and your family’s needs.

Verdict – why a metal bed is a must have

Iron beds have been used for centuries; still, it’s growing in popularity. It returns with new varieties, and people love it. Nowadays, metal or iron is a popular option when it comes to furniture or beds.

People have a preference for contemporary and newer designs. These beds offer the best longevity. They are also aesthetically appealing, comfy, and pocket-friendly.

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