The Best Way To Fix A Broken Bed Frame

What causes a bed frame to break?

Comfortable sleep is an important part of productive sleep. To achieve this, one ought to sleep in a comfortable place.

Comfort is partly contributed by the choice of a good bed. Bed frames serve the purpose of holding the mattress in place.

Without proper support from the bed frame, the mattress will move around making your sleep time a very uncomfortable affair.

A weak bed frame can be unstable and can let the mattress sag. This may then require the replacement of such a bed frame.

In some instances, an ill-fitting bed frame can be a cause of the nighttime accident by breaking and collapsing.

What would break a bed frame you may ask?

Some factors would lead to the breaking of a bed frame. The strength of the bed frame is dependent on the quality and the type of material that is used in making it.

Bed frames made of metal seem to be stronger and may not easily break while the wooden ones are known to split and break over time.

Again, the type of wood used in making the bed determines its durability and how much pressure it can resist. Some types of wood are stronger than others while some types, due to their quality, can easily break.

A bed frame may break at different parts depending on how much pressure is put on it. Sometimes the bed frame can be ill-fitted and misaligned when it is being installed.

This will result in pressure being put on the wrong parts of the bed frame. This can result in a crack that, if not noticed, can result in the breaking of the bed frame due to the pressure that is put on the bed during sleeping.

The wrong installation process can result in the breaking of the sidebars or the railings. Another factor that can cause the breakage of beds would be the weight of the occupant.

A person with a lot of weight can cause the breaking of the sidebars as well as the railings of the bed.

This would happen gradually, as the cracks form, which would eventually result in the breaking of the bed. However, there are instances in which items are placed on the bed.

Should the weight of these items be too much for the bed to hold, it will cause a strain on it that will eventually crack the bed frame.

How to repair a broken bed frame

If you were asked how a broken bed frame can be fixed, there are some factors to be considered in the repair of broken beds.

An important factor that will determine how the bed is repaired is the type of material that is used in the making of the bed. This also controls the type of breakage the bed frame has.

Commonly, two types of materials are used to make beds: metal and wood. For an iron bed, the best method of repair would be welding while the wooden ones will need a bit of woodwork.

It is important to also consider the type of breakage on the bed frame. Which part of the bed frame is broken?

Is the foot board, the headboard, the sidebars, railings or the leg?

This will determine how to go about the process of repairing the bed. Wooden bed frames are most commonly used in the making of beds and usually crack and split out of usual usage.

The type of crack or split will determine the method you use while repairing the bed-frame. The beauty with the wooden bed frames is that wood is easy to repair and can be efficiently fixed.

Steps in repairing a broken bed frame

This guide will be for repairing a crack in a wooden bed frame.

  1. Define the extent of the crack

This will determine what will be needed in the repairing process. It will help you to decide whether wood glue will be sufficient or you will need a few nails to fix the frame.

Small cracks may only require putty or wood filler to repair them. A wood filler shrinks as it dries thus pulling the cracked parts together as it dries.

If the putty does not match the color of wood on the bed frame there may need to color it to match the wood color.

  1. Assemble the required tools and disassemble the bed

You must gather all the equipment that you need for the repair process.

Some of the tools you’ll need to have include:

The equipment and materials you may need will be determined by the work that needs to be done in the repair.

It is also advisable to disassemble the bed for ease of access to the broken area and also to avoid creating other cracks during the repair process.

  1. Clean the broken area

If you are to glue back together with the cracked piece, it is important to clean the area before applying the glue to maximize on the glue’s adhesive properties.

Cleaning these areas require sanding the cracked portions and wiping them so that they do not form air pockets when the glue is added to it.

  1. Apply the glue

The wood glue can be applied to the cracked area at this point. You can use the common wood glue in fixing the crack or something stronger like epoxy.

Apply the glue along the crack length and use a thin rod to spread it along the wood grain. Ensure that it saturates the wood perfectly.

  1. Clamp to dry

Clamps need to be fixed to hold the area being repaired in place as it dries. Once you have tightened the clamp, wipe off the excess glue that may have been squeezed out during clamping.

Then you can let the glued area stay clamped stay overnight or as per the instructions on the brand of the wood glue.

Once the glue has fully cured, you can remove the clamps and sand off the glued area to smoothen it and for a neat finish to the repair work.


Now your bed frame is ready to use!

Its time to avoid bed breakage

To avoid the trouble of repairing a broken bed all the time you need to construct or buy a bed with quality wood.

By buying or building a bed frame using the best wood you are sure of a bed that will server you for a very long time. Furthermore, a quality bed will give your bedroom an executive feel and look.