How To Fix Your Squeaky Bed Once And For All

Nothing beats the beauty of a long, uninterrupted sleep. There are several things that can keep you from enjoying restful sleep.

Such factors include noisy neighbors, stress and feeling unwell. The last thing you want to see on your list of the reasons you cannot sleep well is a squeaky bed.

It is both annoying and embarrassing to have such a bed in your possession. When you run your day, you want to ensure that nothing comes between you and your productivity.

When you do not sleep enough, there is no way you will be efficient when you need to work.

So, one way to add to your productivity is to ensure that your sleep is uncompromised.

What causes a squeaky bed?

In many instances, all you need to do is to check the joints of your bed frames and fix the loose nuts. That is an easy way to buy back your sleep.

Silence a squeaky wooden bed

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The traditional wooden beds were held together by bolts and nuts. However, that has changed with the modern times versions.

The designers are now simply fitting the beds using hooks on the bed slats that are longer, on the headboard and foot-board.

These beds are held together by both gravity and the weight you apply on the bed. The slats lay horizontally and they hold the mattress in place.

Most of the slats are held together with wood screws. If the screws are loose, then automatically you have a squeaky bed.

How to regain back a silent bed

When you have squeaky and noisy bed, there are several things you can do to resort back a silent bed:

Here are simple things you can do;

Check the source of the squeak:

Apply pressure on both the headboard and the foot-board and check where the noise is coming from. Check keenly on the hooks where the bed rails hook to the bed frames.

When you discover that spot, check and see whether you need to lubricate it with wax, tighten the loose screws or readjust the frame.

Check the metal joints between the wooden pieces:

When you check where the wood bed frame attaches, there is usually a metal joint on the footboard and footboard.

The joints produce the squeaky sounds when they rub on each other. The rubbing could be from the metal to the wood or from the wood to the metal.

When you determine the source of the noise, remove the mattress completely. Ensure all the bolts are tightly fitting and add a few wood screws in areas you deem fit.

Readjust all the parts of the frame that fit without the use of fasteners. Check that both sides of the bed rails fit in well.

If you notice that everything is in place, yet you still have the squeaky sounds, then you will need to lubricate the noisy areas.

Lubricate the joints of the bed frame

When lubricating your wooden bed, do not use cooking oil or chemical lubricant. Do not use WD-40 either.

The mentioned lubricants smell and collect dust, and that is definitely not what you want. The recommended lubricant is wax, for example, the bees wax.

Paraffin is another excellent option to lubricate your bed. Ensure you do not use any oils, but use a wax material for the same.

Silence a creaking metal frame bed

If you have a metallic bed especially a portable one, check the intersecting joints when you get the squeaky sounds. The noise is a result of the intersecting pieces grinding against each other.

The springs in the foundation of your mattress can also produce the squeaking noise when they rub against each other.

To silence your squeaky iron bed frame, first remove the mattress and sit on the metallic bed. Bounce on it as you identify the areas producing the squeaky sounds.

The next step is to remove the screws and the nuts from the rails and the frame. Get a plastic washer and place on each screw, and do the same for all the screws.

Keep tightening the bolts as you proceed. This is the best practice in maintaining a bed frame. This will apply more if you are using an adjustable base.

At the corners of your bed, look for the interlocking connectors or the springs that cause the squeaky sounds.

Spray those areas with a petroleum-based lubricant thoroughly. That should help stop the noise.

Last but not least, use an electrical tape to wrap the legs of the frames. Check for the areas where the rails attach to the bed.

The tape will cushion the rails such that they will not rub against each other.

How to stop the squeaking noise from your box spring

It is possible to think that the squeaking noise from your spring box is a result of the internal structure of the box itself. However, that noise results from the interaction of the spring with the bed frame.

When you need to fix the noise, what you need to do is to create a padding on the area that is causing that noisy interaction, or grease it.

Below get the steps to take to fix the noise

  • Start by locating the noise.

To do that effectively, get someone or a pet to get on the bed and create the squeaking sounds as much as possible.

This will help you to mark the areas that are producing the noise.

  • Do a further check

Once you identify the spot where the noise is coming from, check under the bed or on the sides where the spring meets the bed.

Remember, to increase durability, many spring boxes have metal tipped corners which rub against the frame of the bed especially if its a foldable metal bed.

Check whether those are the areas the noise is coming from. Now pad the areas that are causing the noise.

It is the opportune time to make use of the old tee-shirts or the socks that do not match.

Place the fabric between the bed frame and the box spring and concentrate on the squeaking areas you identified.

  • Grease of the joints of the bed

Proceed to grease the joints if you had identified that the joints of the bed frames are the source of the squeaking sounds.

Next, loosen the bolts and generously lubricate them. Firmly screw them back together, just be careful not to apply too much force.

You might end up stripping the bolts if you do. Tighten the bolts every three to four months.

  • Tighten all the loose bed nuts and bolts

If you have babies who play on the bed, the bolts could loosen up after a while. When you sleep and shift on the bed in your sleep, that too causes the bolts to get loose.

If you have done all the above and the squeaking does not stop, consider a plywood buffer.

Place the plywood between the bed and the mattress, and enjoy a silent night.

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