Is It Better To Sleep With Or Without Blankets?

When we mention the blanket, we automatically think about sleep. We also associate the blanket with a warm night. Such freedom from the chills that come especially with winter!

But can we do away with it? Or must we always have a blanket in bed? Good question. Keep reading, we have that well handled here.

Do I really need a blanket?

Sleep experts explain that the blanket directly influences our sleep. When adults go to bed, they will easily pull the blanket closer. Nothing beats a warm night.

And then there are those nights that feel too warm for the blanket. The adults will easily push it aside, and perhaps pull something lighter.

Do kids need to cover themselves with a blanket?

It’s a common debate among parents. Should the little one’s sleep with or without blankets? There are some good reasons for both. Either way, parents want their kids to get the best sleep possible.

So, which is better to sleep without blankets or with them? The parent will check how warm or cold it is, and make the best decision. If the child is too warm, they will have restless nights. If they are too cold, they will catch the cold.

The same thing goes for adults. If you want to beat the cold in the night, you will need a blanket. If it’s too hot, you may need to use a lighter bedding.

What does the blanket offer?

  • Comfort plus security

Experts explain that the blanket makes the sleeper feel secure. It therefore helps them to fall asleep faster. That way, the sleeper does not get disrupted sleep.

  • Boost quality sleep

We spend a big part of our lives sleeping. We therefore need to get the best out of our sleeping hours. The interesting bit about blankets is that they help the sleeper produce melatonin better. This is a hormone that improves the quality of sleep. This is especially so, if you use weighted blankets.

  • Calming the nervous system

Its impossible to sleep if your body is not relaxed. When you distribute even weight on your body, you help the nervous system to relax. That is why the blanket always wins! Sometimes even when it is hot, you just want to feel the weight of the blanket to fall asleep. It is all because of how the nerves respond to that weight.

  • Keeps you warm

We agree that a cold night is not a thing to wish for- so the blanket comes in handy! It will keep you and the entire family warm for the nights. If you can avoid the cold nights, you have taken care of your health.

If you want to keep warm but you want to get away from the blanket, check your room temperature. Or you can opt to have some warm sleepwear, and skip the blanket, as- as long as the room is warm.

When the body is active, it generates its heat. At the same time, the body loses heat all the time. To keep warm, the body should not lose heat faster than it generates.

Cold air takes away the heat the body has generated. The blanket then slows down the rate at which the body loses heat.  It acts as a barrier. That is how it keeps you warm. 

How the blanket affects our sleep habits

Blankets influence your bedroom atmosphere

How does your bedroom feel when you step in? Does it invite you to sleep and enjoy some good rest? That is exactly what your bedroom should make you feel.

Part of the bedroom elements which can make your bedroom cozy is the blanket. All you need is to get an inviting warm blanket over your bed. Sleep should be something we look forward to. The blanket will help fill that gap.

When the bedroom is not warm and inviting, you may end up sleeping less. It happens when you watch TV more, or stay on social media more. To cut on those distracting habits, a warm nice-looking blanket will help.

You can also use a blanket to soundproof you room thus further enhance you sleep.

Maximizing your sleep schedule

Do you sometimes find it hard to keep it together during your sleeping hours? Are there nights you just don’t feel a little motivation to go to sleep? We fully relate. That is why we put some effort into the research, and realized that a blanket will help you through this.

The blanket reminds you that it is time to sleep. That explains why even when it is hot, it’s hard to kick away the blanket. And yes, it can get very tricky to sleep without the blanket. Sometimes the body will just need to feel the comfort from the blanket to fall asleep.

Some other times, cuddling a fussy baby in a nice blanket will lure them to sleep. Over time, it forms as part of the sleeping schedule. Keeping a sleeping schedule is critical- especially if the focus is quality sleep.

My skin wants to breathe out!

While some people enjoy sleeping with clothes others prefer not to wear any clothing. It allows their skin to breathe. Healthwise, it’s great practice to allow the skin to breathe.

Some other people feel that they wake up more relaxed if they sleep without clothes.

When we fall asleep, the body cleanses itself. It does this by dispelling toxins away. When you enjoy quality sleep, you wake up better because the body self-cleanses without interruptions.

It is therefore a valid reason to desire to sleep without covering. However, one could end up getting less sleep if they have no cover. How then do you balance the two needs?

Working with breathable blankets!

Yes, there are quality blankets that allow your skin to breathe. When purchasing a blanket, purchase breathable fabrics. A good example is cotton. It manages two functionalities at a go. It helps you keep cool at night, but it also keeps you warm.

Cotton is great at wicking away the moisture. That way, you are not hot and sweaty at night.

Cotton is also great when you need lightweight fabric. You can also get heavy weight when you need it for particular weather.

Afraid of washing your blanket regularly? Cotton takes this concern away. You can wash it as many times as you need, without losing its quality.

Down comforter is also a great choice for blanket fabric. It is usually thinner and much lighter than a down comforter. The design is such that it has some feathery layers in between the cotton layers.

Fleece will come in handy when you need something warm. It works very well especially if you need some good warmth for your children. With fleece you have a wide selection too.

Vellux is considered classic and cozy. It’s also known as a hotel blanket. It has a thin foam which is well surrounded by plush nylon. If you have allergies, this is a great choice for you. It is hypoallergenic and is great to help avoid the allergy effects.

My partner does not want a blanket!

Yes, we are aware that this happens all the time. When you share the bed, and share the blanket, each partner might need different warmth levels. What do you do in such scenarios?

Consider an electric blanket!

The electric blanket is made from synthetic materials. The electric blanket gives you the luxury to manually adjust your temperatures.  When you share the bed, each partner adjusts the blanket to their preferred temperatures.

However, you need to be careful with the electric blanket. Never keep it near the children. Also, never place anything else above it.  If the risk is far too much, consider two separate blankets for each partner. 

Can I use the blanket when it’s hot?

You realize that even when it’s hot, it’s difficult to sleep without a blanket. How can you use the blanket without getting too hot?

Naturally, when you sleep, the body temperatures fall. That explains why you can still remain under the blanket and not get overheated.

Take a shower before bedtime: Taking a hot shower before bed cools down your body. When you get under the blanket, your temperatures are cool and the blanket keeps you comfortably warm.

Cooling pillow: If you are not for night showers, consider a cooling pillow. That also lowers your temperatures, ready for the night.

Uncover your feet: Exposing the feet outside the blanket cool you too. That helps you sleep faster and enjoy some quality rest.

Sleep without clothes: If your room temperatures are in check, you can enjoy a night without your pajamas.  You can have the blanket over but sleep without clothes. Experts associate several health benefits of sleeping without clothes:

a)     It helps you sleep faster- When you do not have clothes, your body cools faster causing one to fall asleep faster.

b)     Promotes self-esteem- Study shows possibilities of sleeping naked improving one’s self esteem.

c)     Reduces vaginal yeast infection- The genitalia is both warm and moist, making it ideal for yeast growth. Sleeping under the blanket but without clothes allows the private part to air out. That keeps the heat and moisture away, reducing infections.

Sleep quality is a big deal

The quality of sleep is a real big deal. It affects our health status, and our productivity all the time. So, whatever else you do, enjoy some quality sleep. Make your blanket choice carefully!