Best Mattress Topper To Keep You Cool

It is important to sleep cool to get a good night’s sleep. When the body relaxes, the temperature starts dropping. This helps to influence blood circulation and body revitalization and healing.

Supporting cooler surroundings lets you sleep without interruption. However, when you get overheated, it will interrupt your cycle of sleep. For this reason, you want the best bed cooling system readily available for your relaxation.

Specific kinds of mattresses might offer physical relaxation but end up creating heat sinks, and retaining body heat that might result in a discomforting rest. Fortunately, there are some options to help in creating a cooler rest.

Sheets will be beneficial; however, if you are really struggling with an answer, you might want to get a cooling mattress topper. You can find toppers on an upper mattress layer while others have underneath the top sheet.

Toppers and pads come in sizes, which are compatible with regular sizes of mattresses. In addition, you can also use them for creating a dual-firmness surface. The toppers are made with the comfort of the user in mind.

The important feature of a cooling topper is that it will help in moderating body temperature the entire night, which prevents too much sweating. Warm sleepers will get the most benefit from these toppers.

Which mattress topper is good for cooling?

Most of these products available today are created with latex, polyfoam, or memory foam, each one providing its benefits. You might also see them stuffed with wool that absorbs moisture away from your body. This helps in keeping you warm when it is freezing and cool when it is cool.

Cooling effect of Latex toppers

This is an open-cell, breathable material that’s valued for its sustainability and durability. The material often keeps sleepers on and not in the mattress. This helps to prevent the build-up of heat around your body.

While natural types will be costly, they help in maintaining good temperature neutrality. In addition, they are unlikely to get indentations compared with synthetic latex or other memory foam. Most latex toppers are ventilated using pincore holes, which let better airflow.

Polyfoam toppers cooling effect

Convoluted and open-cell toppers help in improving air circulation. This helps to let your body heat escape from you rather than accumulating on the mattress surface. Polyfoam is an inexpensive mattress topper material.

The disadvantage is that toppers made from this material will ultimately get permanent body indentations.

Gel memory foam toppers cooling

Most manufacturers use a top gel layer, gel beads, or gel infusions to stop heat retention in fiberfill or foam toppers.

Cooling effect of memory foam toppers

This is a common material for toppers as it provides better-quality motion isolation and pressure relief. Unluckily, memory foams, especially high-density types, have traditionally been notorious for trapping heat.

Present-day cooling foam toppers steer clear of this by infusing the foam with graphite, copper, charcoal, or other substances that help in drawing heat away from your body.

Tips for buying a cooling mattress topper

When you are looking for a cooling mattress topper, you will want to consider the specific cooling properties, firmness, depth, and materials it has to offer.

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Here’s is some important factors to help you choose the best topper to suit your needs.

Firmness of the topper

Mattress toppers are available in a range of firmness levels and are most regularly used in softening a very firm mattress. A mattress topper isn’t meant to change your mattress’ firmness completely. Rather, it’s meant to improve its comfort with additional layers of material.

Of course, the kind of material will affect the topper’s overall performance and feel. However, before considering materials, remember that you should not use a mattress topper as a way or restoring an old mattress that needs replacement (no matter how firm it is).

Instead, think of how a topper’s firmness can complement your existing mattress’ feel.

Depth of the mattress topper

A mattress topper’s thickness or depth speaks a lot about its overall support, feel and easy when it comes to spreading the bed. They usually range from a thickness of 2-inches to 4-inches; however, (on rare instances) will be up to a depth of 8-inches.

People, who are searching to change their mattress feel, or heavy sleepers, may like a thicker mattress topper. The reason being, they often provide pressure relief and additional cushion.

On the other hand, people that want to add a thin cushioning layer, or small sleepers, may prefer a two-inch mattress topper.

So, before getting into the details of the material when shopping, carefully decide how much additional support and softness you require.

What kind of sleeper needs to get a cooling mattress topper?

This topper is ideal for anybody suffering from waking up sweaty and hot. When looking for the best cooling topper to know if you need one, several factors will play an important role.

These include medical conditions like menopause, comfiness preference, sleep position, and the weather where you reside.

  • Sleepers with menopause

Peoples sleep comfort and need preferences change as they grow old. Women with symptoms of menopause, for instance, usually find these toppers to be a relief from hot flashes during the night.

The best sleep will be difficult to find amid that type of overheating and hormonal flux during the night is a common problem. This type of topper will help to control the temperature in between extreme hot flashes.

  • Stomach, back, and side sleepers

For instance, back sleepers often require a decent amount of support on the spine, so a thinner topper is the best option. Side sleepers can get the best rest on a cooling foam topper as it is much thicker and softer.

Stomach sleepers require a firm sleeping surface to ensure their backs don’t curve while sleeping.

Added comfort

Based on your preferred kind of cooling mattress topper, a few of them come with the added advantage of creating a comfiness layer where there existed none before. For those who are unhappy with their present mattress but are scared to add on a traditional mattress topper because of fearing to get burnt during the night, this is the best choice.

  • Sleepers in humid and warm conditions

These toppers are an amazing addition to homes in areas where conditions are humid and hot. It can be costly running your air conditioner full throttle throughout the day, and buying a cooling mattress topper will help with saving energy during the night.

The most important thing is that it will help you sleep well at night.


Sleeping hot is an awful experience; most people may be waking up dehydrated and sweaty. The reason being, their bedding is not quite breathable or might be the fault of their mattress.

People who think the mattress they are sleeping on is causing them to sleep hot should not worry. The reason being, they may not have to purchase the entire mattress and might instead buy a cooling mattress topper.