Is A Fleece Blanket Warmer Than A Comforter?

When you go to bed, the last thing you want is a cold night. You are probably torn between a fleece blanket and a comforter. Which is warmer, and which is better?

Let us start it off by understanding each of the products.

A look at a fleece blanket

This is basically an insulating blanket. It is made of synthetic material blend. Fleece refers to a specific polyester fabric. It has nothing to do with sheep! In fact, fleece blankets do not have any wool composition. Polar fleece is the most common.

Fleece is made from tightly woven polyester yarn. The product is brushed with a rough wire. This tightens up the blanket. It also further raises the blanket surface higher. In the last phase, the fleece blanket is sheared so that the whole product is made even.

Mostly, the fleece blankets are made of a material known as non-pill grade fabric. The fabric never balls up even after washing it several times. The surface texture is way better than most blankets.

Fleece comes in three different weight options. There is the microfleece which is the lightest. The microfleece is extremely light. It only serves well under a main warmer blanket.

The next weight category of the fleece is the hundred-weight options. These have the average weight of a sweat pant.

Then there are the medium-weight fleeces, which come in handy for jackets as well. This weight category is also ideal for warm blankets.

Is fleece blanket worth it?

Fleece is a great choice for blankets and fleece sacks. Its weight-insulation ratio is amazing, and perfect suit for a warm blanket.

A fleece blanket is not only soft but offers great comfort as well. It has a high heat retention capacity.

You can carry your fleece blanket for your trips in your backpack. You can also easily store it away in your closet. It offers great convenience.

Do you love camping? The fleece blanket will be your friend. It keeps the campers drier than any other blanket would. It does this by pulling the moisture away.

The fleece blanket will give you many benefits at a low cost. 

What about the comforter?

The term comforter is generally understood as a warm comfortable choice of bedding. However, the terms comforter, duvet and bedspread are often used interchangeably. Each of these is slightly different from the other. Let us understand a comforter better.

  • Design

The comforter is designed like a big pouch. Inside the pouch you will find fabric fillings. These are usually soft fibers such as cotton, polyester, silk or wool.

The comforter is less fluffy as compared to the duvet. It is also way flatter.

Comforters are basically filled with different fillings. Some could have down fillings or the alternatives of the same. To keep the fillings in proper position, the comforters are quilted.

So, what do you choose for a warmer night?

If your main need is a warm cover in your bed, do not panic. We are here to make it all clear, and help you make informed choices.

When you think of warmth from your fleece blanket or the comforter, it all narrows down to material.

The fleece blanket is made of one material. The comforter on the other hand is a combination of different layers of material. The comforter has fillings in between its layers.

The layers act as insulation, retaining heat. The comforters therefore give the needed warmth in bed. The comforter therefore provides more warmth than a fleece blanket.

Let’s discuss best bedding fabric

If you are in search for a warmer blanket, consider wool. Or you could get any other thick material. You probably notice that comforters generally fit the bed. The fleece blankets on the other hand generally drape on top in layers. However, how one organizes the bed is purely based on one’s taste and preference.

When you go out to purchase your bedding, the fabric you choose is key. Cotton is famous for being breathable. It is both airy and light. It is perfect for warm months.

Wool is natural, and much thicker than cotton. Wool will keep you warm in the chilly months.

Microfiber is synthetic, and usually made from small threads. Microfiber, apart from being wrinkle resistant, it is also extremely soft when you touch it.

Which one wins – fleece blanket vs comforter?

Let’s go back to the question, is a fleece blanket warmer than a traditional comforter? Some people sleep on both, some only sleep on the fleece. Comforters are very heavy. They take up much room and they are difficult to move around the bed during the night.

Fleece blankets are lightweight, many can be made smaller than a duvet and are more easily changed in case of larger sheets during the night.

The main reason people buy a blanket such is for warmth. A heavy blanket is uncomfortable to sleep in, comfort is key.

It is also important for your bedtime routine to make sure the blanket is very warm. A warm blanket goes a long way to helping you sleep at night.

Another thing you might want to consider- do you like the feel of a fleece blanket on your skin?

Some people absolutely love the feel. They cannot imagine sleeping without it. Others do not enjoy the feel. However, they would not say that it is an unfavorable characteristic.

You certainly may find a soft blanket very comforting. However, some people do not like the texture of a blanket. Are you used to sleeping in a thicker comforter? you will probably not mind at all if the blanket is thicker.

Do you like a more open, smooth surface when you sleep? You will most likely prefer a fleece blanket.

As you can see, the question “what is a fleece blanket warmer than a comforter?” can depend on what you want it for. If going out camping, a fleece blanket will come in handy. If looking for comfort and warmth in your bed, you may consider the comforter.

Whatever you go for, choose what works best for you. Give your convenience and comfort a priority. And finally enjoy some good rest.