Is It OK To Sleep With A Blanket Over Your Head?

Some people will prefer the blanket above their heads. Some others will not want the blanket above the chin.

So, is it okay to cover your head when you sleep? Let us dive right in!

Dangers of covering your head in sleep

Brain Damage

Yes, covering your head can easily damage your brain. Experts show that 23% of the people who cover their head in sleep develop dementia.

Dementia is an extreme condition where the mental ability is interfered. It is extreme enough to affect one’s daily living.

When you cover your head in sleep, you reduce the airflow. When your mouth and the nose are not covered, they have minimum flow of air. In such a status, the brain does not receive enough air to function.

Unclean air

Your brain and the entire body need to enjoy clean air when you sleep. This does not happen when you cover your head. You become like one in a womb-like residence.

Such a sleeper inhales dirt, bacteria and even dust. Such are the things you find under the blanket. You become like one in a dust-filled bubble. This triggers allergies. It also makes sleeping uncomfortable. 

Carbon dioxide levels increased

When you cover your head under the blanket, oxygen levels go down. The carbon dioxide levels increase, which poses danger to your health.

It gets worse if you keep breathing in increased carbon dioxide. It means that your brain receives less oxygen.

Difficulties falling asleep

When you cover your head in sleep, sleep quality could get compromised. This could then lead to insomnia.

Most people feel comfortable to sleep under cover. However, when you are extremely warm, you could find it hard to sleep.  The covers could also hinder your breathing, making it harder to sleep.

When you cover yourself completely, it increases your sweating levels. In the process, your skin pores clog up. This could lead to tangled hair or even acne. 

Suffocation risk

Covering your head is extremely risky, especially if you have underlying issues. Such issues include asthma, cardiac disease or sleep apnea. Covering your head could accelerate these conditions.

The sleeper keeps breathing what they already breathed out. In the end, the sleeper’s health is at a great risk.

Sleep Apnea risk

This is a sleep disorder that happens when the sleeper’s breathing gets disrupted. When one has such a condition, covering the head in sleep makes it worse. The explanation goes back to reduced airflow.

Reduced alertness during emergencies

When we sleep, we want the least possible distractions. Some people cover their heads to keep the noises away.

However, hearing the noises is sometimes necessary. It keeps you alert and alive. What happens when you cover your head? You become less sensitive to outside stimuli. You block both the noises and weird noises around.

The danger is that you will not be sensitive to any unusual happenings round you. In case of break-ins, sudden fire, or anything close, you will not notice. This is a bad thing.

What could seemingly be an innocent comfortable habit could be so risky. To avoid such dangers, do not cover your head in bed. The body and the brain will enjoy the feel of fresh air. This is even better when you have a humidifier in the room.

Sometimes, breaking a habit could be very hard. If you find it hard to sleep without covering your head, start off with a light sheet. Use it over your head in place of the blanket. Eventually move from that, to not covering your head at all. You will not only get used to it, but you will love it!

If you won’t cover your head with a blanket, what next?

We now understand the dangers of sleeping with your head under the blanket. Our read will be incomplete if we don’t give you solutions. What solutions do we have? Keep reading on.

Wearable blankets

There are both wearable blankets for adults and for kids. It is extremely comfortable and soft. It gives you the freedom to indulge in any activity. You can watch the TV, get yourself some sandwich or work on your laptop. You can do all that as you carry your warmth around.

While at it, you can fold your sleeves and use your hands to work. Its usually oversize, so that it fits any size or shape.

This blanket does not only keep you warm. It also keeps you from suffocating. It does not come near your face. It has a hood to keep your head warm.

It is also easy to wash, and completely comfortable. It can serve anyone as it accommodates all sizes and shapes.

It has large warm pockets. What you could check out are the possible tight wrists.

Covering your head in sleep is not always bad. It keeps you breathing warm air. It also keeps you secure from the insects at night. However, the dangers of doing that outweigh the benefits.