Plush Mattress Crib Topper For Better Baby Sleep

The mattress topper is a removable layer that is made to sit on top of the mattress to provide cushioning and also enough support. For the crib, your baby needs all the comfort that he can get.

A crib mattress topper would suit the situation. In case the baby’s mattress is excessively firm then you can use a mattress topper to make the mattress softer. The plush mattress describes how soft the mattress is.

For a baby, the plush mattress is essential but you can add a mattress topper to help the crib mattress to be softer and more comfortable.

With a quality kids bed and a plush mattress topper you will help the baby to get good enough sleep.

What is it made of?

The plush mattress crib topper is made of a 100% breathable layer of Tencel. This layer is known as the cloud layer. Its second layer is absorbent.

It is made with a safe material hence no dangerous bulk. It has a waterproof layer that is safe for the baby. This layer is known as the TPU layer. It has another layer that acts as a quiet heat barrier.

It also adds durability to the topper. The plush mattress crib topper is made with fibers that are safe for the baby’s crib.

Features of the plush mattress crib topper 


The plush mattress crib topper is made in such a way that the circulation of air is on point.

They are made with a breathable material that is well capable of regulating the temperatures, it like getting a sleep sack that also allows good air flow.

During winter they provide an extra amount of warmth for the baby and during the summer heat is reduced too.

This factor makes the whole crib experience enjoyable for the baby.

The best plush mattress crib toppers are made from microfiber which is known to be far much better and durable than bamboo and cotton.

Waterproof and stain-resistant 

The crib experience could be so much better for you as a guardian and for the baby too, when you have a waterproof topper for the crib mattress.

This helps you be sure of a dry surface for baby all through. In case the baby pours food or even wets him or herself in the crib you can just wipe dry the mattress topper.

Just imagine, if that kind of mess is done to the mattress directly, then you know the hustle, making it worse if it happens during the night.

This waterproof factor on the mattress topper is such a genius move. The microfiber that is mostly used to make crib mattress toppers is stain resistant and easy to wipe out stains of any kind.

They ensure the durability of the mattress since they are woven tightly making even the topper last longer.

It is easy to clean 

Apart from ease when it comes to making the bed, the crib mattress topper is easy to clean hence helps prevent a lot of infections and discomfort.

The crib mattress topper despite being plush and comfortable to sleep in is also waterproof.

It is a hypo-allergic cover that helps to prevent dust mites, allergens, molds, and even bacteria.

It is also easy to remove hence making it easier to clean and dry it without messing up the crib mattress.

It is even healthier to use since you can take it out anytime for sun exposure to ensure proper sanitation of the baby’s area of sleep.

Why should you buy a plush mattress crib topper?

  • Better sleep for the baby if the topper is soft and supportive

The soft mattress topper is essential for the baby’s sleep. The toddler will have sound and comfortable sleep relieving your stress as a parent.

The mattress topper is made in such a way that it may turn an uncomfortable crib mattress to be a zone of complete comfort. It ensures a blissful and sound sleep for the baby.

It is made in such a way that it is cushions and helps to contour the child in a comfortable state to sleep in.

  • Ensures reduction of heat and moisture

If there is something that is more relieving, it is the fact that the baby sleeps in an environment that is conducive.

A fresh and comfortable topper for the mattress crib results in an extra level of quality rest for the baby.

It is a stress reliever when your little one sleeps in an environment that you are sure you will not wake up to check, whether the baby is hot or even sweaty because it has all been taken care of.

You all agree that you sleep better when knowing that the baby is sleeping in a safe and healthy environment.

The material that is used helps to regulate the temperature during sleep.

It is regulated in such a way that it is neither too cold nor too hot, but just the right temperature for the baby’s comfort.

  • Creates the best environment for baby’s sleep

Knowing that the baby spends a good amount of time in the crib then it is safe to ensure that you get a plush mattress crib topper to relieve you extra stress of whether the comfortable or not.

The crib’s mattress plays a huge role in the baby’s development. No one should take chances, if you sense any discomfort then the crib mattress topper should come in handy here.

The plush mattress crib topper ensures that the bed is fit and good enough for the baby to sleep in or even spend time in.


The topper is an added cost but at the same time, it is an added advantage if you are not on a tight budget.

When you consider all the benefits that the crib mattress topper has then the extra cost of the crib mattress topper will not astonish you.

It helps you maintain the crib and its mattress hence making the crib cleaner, safer, and more comfortable for the baby to rest in.

The plush mattress crib topper is a luxury that you need for your baby or small kids bed.


Speak of comfort and sound sleep and the fact that the baby will not suffocate while on this mattress topper. It is a pure joy knowing your baby is sleeping in a safe environment.

It may have a disadvantage but if you think about it, the plush mattress crib topper is necessary, because its benefits surpass the disadvantages.

The baby is exposed to an environment that you can control. The crib mattress topper being plush is also easily washable. In addition, it is easily portable just like a foldable mattress.

The plush crib mattress topper is soft enough for the baby to rest on well. As you choose a mattress topper and bedding ensure you buy the best quality.

The baby’s area of sleep is not a place to take chances on for the sake of your baby’s safety.