Should I Get A Long Or Regular Sleeping Bag?

Just like our day-to-day clothing come in different sizes or mattresses, so does the sleeping bag. That explains why you would need to choose a size that works best for you.

When you think of the size of the sleeping bag, you are thinking majorly on the length of the same.

Does the size of a sleeping bag matter?

The different sizes of the sleeping bags are the children’s bags, regular and long sleeping bags.

How do you tell the correct length for your sleeping bag? The guideline should be your height. If say your height is 6 feet, go for a sleeping bag of roughly the same length.

Do not worry about the sleeping bag fitting in like the gloves! When you choose 6-foot sleeping bag, the designer will have given it room so that it measures 6 foot-8 inches long. You will therefore have the space you need to comfortably use the bag.

Our bodies naturally spread out when we sleep, and that is why you need that extra room in your sleeping bag.

Regular Vs Long sleeping bag

Just like a floor mattress, the regular size fits people who are 6 feet or under, in height. The sleeping bag measures 200 X 80 X 50cm.

The long version works for the taller people, and it works well for people who are more than 6 feet tall. It measures 220 X 80 X 50cm.

If you want to enjoy the warmth that comes with a sleeping bag, go for one that fits you well and a sleeping bag that is easy to maintain.

The need for a well-fitting sleeping bag

A well-fitting sleeping bag will perfectly wrap around you. It will give you the feeling of a perfect snuggle.

Such a bag will not feel too tight either. When it gets too tight, you will be uncomfortable in your sleep.

When you sleep, there is that amount of air space you get around your body. That is the air that you need to heat and at the same time keep warm, so that you have a warm night. Get a bag that minimizes that space, for you to enjoy high quality sleep.

If you have too much airspace, it will make it hard for you to get warm, keeping you awake even longer. That is not the experience you are looking for.

When your bag fits in well, it reduces the amount of air that will be pushed out when you roll in your sleep.

However, you would need to consider your general body comfort too. You do not want a bag that fits well but does not give the comfort you desire. Also you don’t want to get a bulky sleeping bag that is not easy to wash.

How to get your best fir for the sleeping bag

There are three major size dimensions you need to consider:

Length, the shoulder girth and lastly the hip girth.

Length: The men sleeping bags will mostly measure 6 feet 6 inches, for the regular ones, while the women bags will measure either 5 feet 5 inches or 5 feet and 10 inches. As advised above, get the one that best works for your height.

In case you are camping, or need to keep some clothes warm, get a bag that leaves room for you to keep some clothes in the bag for that most needed warmth! Brilliant idea, right?

Shoulder girth: This is the dimension across the shoulders. The men sleeping bags will mostly measure between 60 and 64 inches, while the women bags will measure 56 to 60 inches. You will be surprised the big difference four inches can make in a sleeping bag.

The more spacious ones will give you that pleasantly roomy feeling. You do not want to compromise the quality of your sleep.

Do a test drive on the sleeping bags before you purchase one. It will give you a feel of what to expect and make your best choices.

Hip girth: This is the circumference across the hips. It is mainly a little wider for the women sleeping bags, which measures roughly 60 inches. The men sleeping bags will mainly come at 58 inches.

Does the hood of a sleeping bag matter?

It does! The hood keeps the warmth in the sleeping bag constant, keeping it from escaping. Get a sleeping bag that naturally wraps comfortably and does not make your head feel like its being forced into the hood. It should be such that it moves along with your head when you shift in the sleeping bag.

Regular or long sleeping bag – which one wins?

Get the regular or the long sleeping bag based on your height. All we wish for you in uncompromised quality sleep!