Tulo Mattress Vs Casper Mattress – Which To Buy?

Buying a mattress online gives you the advantage of a variety of options, and you are spoilt for choice. The disadvantage, however, is that making a choice becomes a hard task. A good way to tackle the problem of choice is to go with a familiar brand.

Recognized brands in the market such as Tulo and Casper will hardly disappoint. Casper mattress has a big name in the market while Tulo grows in popularity every day. One believes they have a mattress that can suit every need while the other one offers plenty of options.

We are going to look at Casper and Tulo mattresses so that you can have an in-depth look at each to understand their benefits. Read on to learn everything you need on the brands in order to make an informed choice.

Tulo Vs Casper mattress – which is the best?

Let us check out these 2 great mattresses in depth.

Tulo mattress review

Tulo is not the initiator of the ‘bed in a box’ idea, but the brand is offering newer and more innovative feel to the same. One of the best things about this mattress is that even if you buy online and it is delivered at your door, you can try it out at a mattress firm store.

It is a rare opportunity to find- where you can try an online mattress before buying. The good news is, even if it was not possible to try out the mattress before purchase, we can assure you that you’d still find a perfect mattress for yourself.

It has three comfort options that come in 10 inch and four layers of foam that is very comfortable. Every single one of these options relieves pressure and provides support.

It is also compliant and structured for the perfect feel, all wrapped in a breathable cover that has a soft feel. All the three options (soft, medium and firm) are possible to get from 750 dollars. What more could one want?

Casper mattress review

They creatively came up with the term ‘bed in a box’ and it is possible that you first heard it on radio- they run adverts on radio. This is the reason why many people trust the Casper mattress to be one that meets various needs.

It has 12-inch foam that has four layers which bring about medium firm comfort. The layer at the top is flexible than most brands and it tends to imitate latex. Casper mattress also has a very conforming memory form and that combination brings about a pressure relieving surface and also makes movement easy.

It has also been built to be durable and with great support. Lastly, a white cover completes the look. You should also try have a look at their quality waterproof mattress protectors and exquisite weighted blankets.

Casper vs Tulo mattress best price

Casper mattress value

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Casper Sleep Original Foam Mattress, Queen
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The value of both mattresses is almost the same, although the best value medal, we would give the Tulo mattress. Casper queen size goes for 995 dollars. This is inclusive of almost 3 months night sleep trial, free shipping and 10-year warranty. Those are great points for a single mattress.

Tulo mattress cost

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Regardless of the comfort option you choose, Tulo queen size will be 750 dollars. This is inclusive of free shipping, 10-year warranty and 120 night sleep trial which is the same as Casper but more affordable. Tulo has the best options for example the Tulo Live mattress, price and made from best quality materials.

Casper compared to tulo inbuilt materials


Every single one of the 4 layers of this 12-inch Casper mattress is absolutely lovable. The layer that comes first is a breathable one and full of comfort. This layer has a great springiness and capability to return to its initial shape after every night.

The layer is elastic which makes it soft without too much sinking. The breathable feature brings about a cooling effect on the mattress. Bear in mind that this particular layer is different from the initial Dunlop that were among the first Casper brands.

It had almost the same benefits at a similar price though the quality may have varied. The second layer is made of memory form. It has an adaptive feature that helps to relieve pressure on the sleeper so that one doesn’t turn too much trying to get comfortable.

This feature makes the mattress more suitable for side sleepers. The layer that follows is made of polyfoam. It provides great comfort and helps with even distribution of weight. As a result, there is a fine transition from the top going to the bottom layers.

The bottom layer is the thickest and made of heavy polyfoam. As this is the foundation of the mattress it gives it great support and brings about the durability of the mattress. The base is firm enough to prevent the sleeper from bottoming out.

It is also flexible enough to let the other layers do their job. The wrapping of this mattress is a high quality woven polyester cover. This white and gray cover fits well and gives the mattress a durable feel. This is the ‘icing on the cake’ on the awesome Casper mattress.


This mattress also has 4 layers totaling to 10 inch of quality foam. The layer that comes first on this mattress is 2 inches and 3.25 pounds memory foam. It uses particles of titanium and cool flow of ventilated memory foam. It relieves pressure points for the sleeper, and helps to equally distribute weight.

Under this layer is a flexible poly foam. It has a unique peak, which comes in handy, as it allows breathability. The layer also comes with ideal comfort and great flexibility that makes movement easy. This is ideal for couples, as none will be disturbed by the other’s movements.

The layer that follows is 1.5 inches and 2.5 pounds firm foam with high resiliency. The layer has a unique technologic feature. It brings about mattress durability and gives it a bounce back ability. This layer provides great support and allows great transition.

The last layer that also happens to be the foundation is 5inches and 1.8pounds. This durable and supportive layer lets the upper layers do their jobs. It’s a layer you’ll be glad to have as it gives high performance and provides long lasting support.

The mattress is then covered by a Tencel fabric and a breathable polyester. To top it all up, this cover has polyester elastan material within it to ensure maximum durability.

Cooling effect of the tulo and casper


All foam mattresses companies do their best to keep the sleeper cooler than their competitors. Casper does have several great designs for keeping the sleeper cool.

First and foremost, the woven fitting cover at the top has a breathable characteristic that keeps the sleeper from overheating. The Casper mattress is also generally firmer. This means that sinking is less which also means that heat doesn’t build up and there is more circulation.

Are you aware that Casper was designed with a top layer that is open celled?

This acts a great deal to pull heat away from the body of the sleeper and also acts as a barrier to the memory foam.


Naturally foam tends to trap heat. The Tulo however has taken measures to ensure that heat is released. First and foremost, Tulo has a breathable layer that allows for heat to be released. Bear in mind that lacking a convoluted layer of foam or coil system means that your sleep will be warmer than it would be with these Tulo options.

Comfort offered by tulo and casper mattress

Casper mattress

Casper has one great mattress that fits everyone for a good reason. The universal feel in this mattress will not disappoint. The feel it offers is medium to medium firm that ranges from six to six and a half, on a scale of 1-12.


A real life review was carried out, which made it so easy to understand how Casper fits different types of sleepers. It gives ideal lumbar support and relieves pressure on the shoulders and back. Stomach sleepers are also not left behind.

Its firmness is enough and it doesn’t allow back bowing. Side sleepers are also catered for. It is great unless one prefers a softer version where hips and shoulders will sink.

Those sleepers who happen to be heavy and are also stomach sleepers, adjusting to the side is advised for more support. In conclusion, Casper will be great for classic comfort but it cannot be perfect for every single person.

Tulo mattress

This mattress has three great comfort options which means it is perfect for everyone. Simply put, all options coming with firmness will have a pressure relieving layer at the top that tends to hug the sleeper and have an easy to move on layer that comes in second.

To add to this, it has a layer that allows for smooth transition and a strong base foam. This combination of layers provides a balanced supportive feel with each of the three options.

The following is the breakdown:

The first option we tackle is the soft one. On a scale of 1-10 it falls on a 3. This makes it ideal for back and side sleepers because the extra softness allows the hips and shoulders to sink in for more comfort.

The second option is the medium one. This one falls on 5 on the scale of 1-10. This mattress is almost perfect for everyone as its softness is enough for one to sink a little in the hips and shoulders but also firm enough where needed.

This particular option is best for couples as it allows for that in between. Lastly is the firm option that ranges from 7.5 to 8 on a scale of 10. It is best for back and stomach sleepers. The top support that is cushioned will be firmer than soft.

This option will be great for heavier people as it will feel soft for them. Bear in mind you have an opportunity to try out the firmness options so you will end up with the choice that gives you classic sleep.

Motion transfer of Casper vs tulo


The best feature about a foam mattress is that it’s almost a guarantee to have zero motion transfer. Casper is not an exception. The materials it has been made with will have little motion transfer. It is therefore ideal for couples who have different sleeping time or those that toss and turn.


Tulo just like Casper performs great in the motion transfer attribute. It is great at isolating movement. The variety of foams it uses makes this possible most especially memory foam that happens to be great at absorbing vibrations and cutting disturbance from your partner. In spite of the comfort option one chooses with Tulo, there will not be a problem with motion transfer.

Edge firmness of Casper vs Tulo

Casper mattress

This is one of the things you should never overlook. If you are the kind of person that sits at the edge of the mattress either wearing shoes or folding clothes you’d like great edge support. Casper mattress in this case is similar to most mattresses made of foam.

It is unfortunate that the edge support is fine but can’t compare to a mattress with inner spring. Sleeping for this mattress is great from whichever edge to the other. However, if you’d like to sit you will not experience support from this one.

Tulo mattress

The firm option from Tulo would get a medal on the edge support feature. Although Tulo has a typical edge support, one wouldn’t feel the difference whether sleeping at the middle or at the edge. However, if sitting on the edge is something you intend to do more often, you are advised to get a mattress that offers more support.

Off gassing for both Casper and Tulo mattres


While un-packaging your Casper mattress, there may be a slight odor. We understand the concern this could cause, but relax, and do not worry about a thing- because the fumes are not toxic. Like most boxed mattresses, Casper will have a smell that comes mostly from the plastic. This is called off gassing.

Most of the people do not notice it but if you happen to have a sensitive sense of smell, you can give the mattress from 12hours to 24 hours and the odor will be gone. Open windows speed up the process. After the smell is gone you can relax and enjoy your mattress


Tulo mattress has less off gassing as compared to Casper. Having been made in the United States it cuts off any odors or fumes that may be noxious. After it has been rolled out and has taken its shape, if its smell of newness bothers you, let it breath for 12 hours or there about before you use it.

After you have given it enough time you may sleep and enjoy your Tulo mattress. Unboxing for this one is easy it would shock you! Those are the pleasant surprises we are all looking for, especially when we buy products.

Packaging and delivery of both mattresses


The aim of acquiring a mattress online is to ensure that delivery and setting up becomes easier. Casper mattress will be delivered at your door step in a white and blue box weighing about 85 pounds. This means it will be difficult to move around the mattress and you may need an extra set of hands.

What you’d need to do as the first thing is to place the mattress where you would like it to be. You can count on us when we tell you that it is more difficult to move an opened mattress than the box itself. Once you have placed the mattress where you desire, get it out of the box and cut the plastic away then watch it take its shape.

Amazing fun!


Un-packaging your Tulo will almost the same experience as that of un-packaging Casper. The box will arrive at your door step in orange and white and will weigh about 85 pounds. This makes it difficult to carry around the mattress which means an extra set of hands will be very helpful. After getting the mattress to its desired position, get it out of the box, cut the plastic away and enjoy seeing the mattress take its shape.

Warranty and trial period – Casper Vs Tulo mattress

Trial periods for Casper and Tulo are standard. The sleep trial of 100 nights verses 120 both have industry standards. The warranty of 10 years is also standard for both mattresses. Free shipping is also a common characteristic for the beds that come in a box.

The warranty of Tulo is designed to coincide with wear and tear that comes naturally for the mattress which is a pleasant fact. It means that the companies making these products are sure of the quality they have invested in them.

Our choice – Tulo or Casper mattress

Casper is the first famous one size for all bed coming in a box. The fact however is that one size doesn’t fit all. We all want plenty of options to choose from when it comes to sleep and Tulo offers just that. Tulo spoils you for choice.

The price is lower and the quality of materials speak for themselves. In as much as Casper is more popular and has a name, we would advise you to go for Tulo if you want more than just average sleep.

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