Review Of The Avocado Green Vs Awara Mattress

Who is King in the mattress jungle?

Before buying any household material most people tend to check out for reviews online to get an insight on the product and its performance. If you are looking for a natural mattress, then this article is for you.

We seek to put two amazing brands of natural mattresses alongside each other and compare their similarities and differences in durability, performance, material, and value. We assure you that regardless of your reason for dropping by; you will learn something new.

The Avocado, having come from a certified, reputable, and trusted manufacturer who has a background and credibility to produce healthy mattresses is put alongside the new generation Awara. Awara mattress is a new brand seeking to also provide healthy sleeping solutions for you.

We will look at what the two popular latex hybrid mattresses have to offer. Carry on to see who takes the day in the battle of these two mattress greats.

Which is the best mattress – Awara Sleep or Avocado Green?

Here we go with the reviews of both mattresses.

Awara Sleep Mattress review

In this day and era, everyone is crazy about going green and most of them want everything all-natural including their mattresses. Yes, it’s being committed to the cause. Awara is one of the newest brands to table its line of natural mattresses.

Awara is a brand affiliated to the legendary Nectar and exquisite Dreamcloud. This is a first-class latex hybrid that offers a 13-inch mattress made of coil and Dunlop latex covered with soft organic cotton and a woolen batting cover. It is evident that this brand, due to its materials of production gives a healthy competition to the Avocado.

As similar as this brand looks to Nectar and Dreamcloud it is important to note that this brand is a brand that is not locally manufactured in states.

Since the global certifications on their sites do not include the Greenguard certification, OEKO-TEX certification, or GOTS certification organic quality standards, it leaves us asking ourselves if Awara meets the eco-friendly practices that have already been laid out by the pioneer brand in this market.

The Avocado or is it another ‘wannabe’ brand seeking to masquerade as eco-friendly and organic. Well, this article will shed more light on that as we look at the quality of Awara and the value we get from using it. 

Awara guarantees to offer you the ideal mattress for all kinds of sleepers while offering the ideal benefits that a normal hybrid latex mattress offers. As new as they may be to the market, Awara is already creating a buzz and giving the pioneer brands, a run for their own money. When it comes to a new brand competing against a giant that has been there and pioneered the technology, it is something to closely observe.

Avocado Green Mattress Overview

It is safe to acknowledge that Avocado Green is one of the best performing hybrid mattresses in the current market that has continually proven to be comfortable, durable, and reliable. This is evident from their previous track record of sales made and reviews given by people who have purchased the product.

This exquisite product takes the award for durability from the strong coil system and pairing it with the luxuriousness of a Dunlop latex foam. The cherry on top; you can always add the coziness with an additional 2-inch latex cooling pillow.

The mattress offers sleepers an amazing sleep since it guarantees minimization of pressure points and it is armed with a sensational cooling effect to ensure that you get the ideal rest you deserve. Just like its name, the Avocado is made of a non-hazardous and non-toxic design. If you have to go green; go all the way.

Having been handmade in the states, the standards upheld by this mattress are of the highest level as expected by the Greenguard certification expectations. Above all, the mattress is certified as an organic mattress which is quite hard for a brand to achieve. If you are looking for an affordable, durable natural mattress that has zero shipping fees then look no further.

Best price of Avocado Green compared to Awara mattress

At the end of the day, the most significant factor in mattress comparisons is the value. As natural as the Avocado is, it comes with a naturally unbeatable price. The 11-inch Avocado Queen size goes for $1399 while the 13-inch Queen-size goes for a solid $1799.

The prices are inclusive of shipping, not forgetting the amazing discount coupons that are given from time to time. On the other hand, Awara gives us a competitive price of $1499 for a Queen size.

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When compared to the Avocado there might not be much value from the Awara beginning from the quality of materials and organic certifications to Avocado being a more reliable brand that has already gained trust from the consumers.

Awara Sleep Vs Avocado Green mattress comfort

We all go to sleep for rest right?

So why should we settle for anything less than comfortable?

After a long day’s work, you deserve a comfortable sleep. Well, the avocado itself might not be something you wanna sleep on, however, the Avocado mattress is a whole different kind of narrative that squeals comfort. A tender push provided by the responsive latex that generally creates contouring support relieving pressure by distributing the weight of the sleeper evenly.

The strong coil system seals the sleep with perfect posture. Just imagine a standard Avocado mattress stands at a thickness of 11 inches with a moderate medium feel that is between 6.5 to 7 thicknesses on a firmness scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is the softest and 10 being extra firm.

A layer of soft 3 inch Dunlop latex gives an ideal sleeping solution for stomach and back sleepers. The soft yet firm finish plunges you into a ripple of comfort as your body hits the bed. Unlike Avocado, Awara is the ideal solution for all types of sleepers. The news of that level of convenience is great, right?

The medium-firm mattress can be referred to as the universal fit since natural latex is more preferred than the leisurely responding memory foam. Latex is proven to be more comfortable and dense compared to the foam hence the Awara gives the softer feeling you need as the wool quilts give you the plushness and luxury that you need.

Are you a fan of the side sleeping?

The Awara gives you a 4-inch layer of dense latex rubber coziness that contours and conforms to your body from the shoulders to the hips for a more comfortable sleep. As much as Awara is not super soft the minimal buoyancy gives you room to easily move around.

If you are a back sleeper, the dense, durable and supportive mattress ensures that it gives you perfect lumbar support relieving pressure which is every back sleeper’s dream. Stomach sleepers haven’t been left behind since the dense latex pushes back on you without sinking. Awara is ideal for all kinds of sleepers.

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Sleeping Cool for both Awara and Avocado Green

In all honesty, extreme heat can be the most uncomfortable thing during sleep and no one likes an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Sleeping cool has become one of the most important must-have considerations when purchasing a mattress.

If you are a hot sleeper the Avocado was made with you in mind. This is one of the most recognized mattresses when it comes to sleeping. The use of natural materials during the manufacturing of the mattress makes it cooler since the coil system helps facilitate a free flow of air ensuring that the sleeper is cool at all times.

The presence of a Dunlop latex further ensures you remain cool since it is naturally well aerated. The specific material used helps you reduce dipping also plays a huge role. As long as you do not sink, you do not get too hot.

Joma wool, which is the top layer helps whisk away the heat since wool is naturally breathable. The Awara also shares the same agenda as the Avocado which is to keep you cool throughout the night since most of the materials used are similar.

Materials used to make Avocado green and Awara Sleep

Avocado Green believes in not only being healthy for the environment but also providing a healthy sleeping solution for you and your loved ones. The Avocado uses 100% natural Dunlop Latex Rubber that is fully certified organic wool and organic cotton.

The mattresses use either a 3 inches or 5 inches’ latex making the mattress sustainable comfort layers. The rubber used is the natural Dunlop Rubber that is harvested from the sustainably sourced Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree.

It is important to note that no trees are harmed during this process and what you get in return is refined anti-microbial, VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free, eco-institute certified pure latex. Though coils are quite modest, for them to meet the green standards; Avocado Green uses recycled steel.

Coils provide support as well as minimizing disturbance during sleep, and provide maximum breathability. When it comes to comfort, Awara knows that way too well and they deliver that from the inside out. This piece of latex hybrid is a 13inch of awesomeness.

Starting from the bottom, the mattress consists of a heavy-duty 9-inch premium and a 5-inched zone system of coils that create support and body alignment. Topping to that, a 4-inched layer of awesome and cushy Dunlop latex. This final layer leaves you with ease as you toss around since it distributes pressure evenly avoiding the sinking sensation.


To top it up; the impressive Awara is topped with a clannish moisture-wicking layer of comfort and luxury. The soft and organic cotton aims to keep the mattress clean and give you the best sleeping experience. The Avocado as well gives a great finish with the 100% cotton giving the mattress a comfortable, yet firm and breathable finish.

Motion Transfer for Awara and Avocado mattress

Some aspects of a mattress require the ‘Less is more’ concept and this is one of them. Both Avocado and Awara got you covered with this. The avocado mattress is well known for its density and the fact that it is heavy-duty.

The coils underneath the Dunlop latex are tough enough to absorb vibrations caused by your movements. As much as there will be additional buoyancy than that found in a classic foam mattress we promise that it will not keep you awake at any one given time.

Rumor has it that the Avocado is the most favorable sleeping solution for couples. Similarly, Awara also uses Dunlop latex and innerspring technology to minimize buoyancy. We acknowledge the presence of slightly more buoyancy than most foam mattresses but we can consider that like a little more fun added to the other amazing aspects of the mattress.

Awara Sleep Vs Avocado Green mattress edge support

Truth be told this ought to be one of the least sorts after aspects in a mattress. However, the Avocado does not overlook the minority. The presence of thicker reinforced gauge coils around the edges is not something that you can easily miss.

The advantage of edge support is the fact that you do not fall asleep with the fear of falling off the bed when you move closer to the edge. Awara follows suit, however, they are slightly different since they do not have the reinforced edges.

It is, however, the major characteristic of any hybrid mattress that uses a coil system. It does guarantee supplementary edge support as per the design of manufacturing.

The trial, Piloting Period, and Warranty

The duration where one tries or samples the product and warranty provided for are a representation of the manufacturer’s confidence in its brand. It stretches to how much the company is willing to guarantee the customer the service and longevity of the mattress.

The Avocado gives you a 100-night trial period with a warranty of 25 years for you to test and enjoy your mattress. Awara on the other hand offers a 365 (1 year) night trial period paired with a 20-year warranty.

Within the first year if you don’t feel the value for your Awara mattress feel free to reach out to them. Amazing, right?

Avocado Green compared to Awara mattress delivery

This is one of the most important aspects of any product or service. The mode, time frame, and packaging during delivery will kick start the attitude of the buyer towards your products. So, let us delve in and take a look at how these exemplary mattresses do when it comes to delivery.

Online purchases will always come down to how the delivery was made. The first commandment to online mattress purchase is ‘Thou shall not settle for less than the best delivery service. The Avocado gives you two delivery options for your mattress.

The first option, which is more pocket friendly is having your mattress rolled up and shipped for free to where you are. The second option is having the mattress delivered to you through FedEx for $99 which will cater to your home delivery and set up in your respective home.

One option screams pocket friendly whereas the other one is outright convenient. Well, whichever works for you; they got you covered. If you choose the free delivery option; remember that the rolled-up mattress is quite heavy and weighs approximately 96lbs to 130lbs depending on the size of the mattress.

This means that an extra set of hands is needed to help you with the setup. Awara believes in not paying extra for a timely delivery. The mattress arrives outside your door shipped for free. The well-packaged mattress is stuffed in a box making it easy to unbox and setup.

Once you have completed your order, the mattress takes two to three days to be shipped and another two to three days for it to be delivered at your doorstep. Since both mattresses strive to be as organic as possible, there is minimal air or gassing that occurs as the mattresses puff up to their optimum size.

Both brands being organic brands that focus on using non-toxic and non-hazardous material, the only scent you will experience is the new mattress scent – nothing more. However, if you experience some discomfort from the scent you can ventilate the room as the mattresses set.

Avocado uses cotton, natural latex, and wool. Both mattresses take minimal time to expand and ensure that you set it on a flat surface.

Awara Vs Avocado Green mattress – which on wins?

Many buyers are more than willing to try new things hence they want to experience the service Awara offers as well as the comfort the brand is known to offer. However, it is hard to overlook the credibility and trust created by Avocado overtime.

More so because the Avocado has been the flag bearer for credible, comfortable, organic, and natural mattresses with a duo option of either an 11 inch or 13 inches plusher without forgetting all the benefits the mattress has. The Awara offers just one option at a similar price to the Avocado.

The organic certification for the Awara is a little shaky not forgetting that the brand has little customer feedback. At the end of the day, we will always choose a credible pioneer brand that has great prices, fully organic, and has the best materials and reputation.

We acknowledge the effort Awara put to get this far. Not today Awara, Avocado takes it home.

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