The Best Thickness For Your Memory Foam Mattress

When shopping for the best mattress, without a doubt memory foam mattress is a perfect choice. But it’s a waste of time when you don’t buy the correct density and thickness.

What defines the density is the mattress’s weight per cubic centimeter, which renders it soft or firm.

What thickness is best for a memory foam mattress?

The thickness of memory foam mattress ranges from 2 – 14 inches and the model comes with its own qualities.

2-inch thickness:

Sometimes when you’re shopping for the comfort of this type of mattress but seem very costly, you can always invest in a 2-inch foam mattress topper.

These are ideal and comfy for removing all pressure sores from your body. You should ensure that the 2-inch mattress is:

  • Temperature efficient. Preventing your mattress from trapping heat and offer a comfy sleep.
  • Waterproof. For protecting the mattress from stains from bodily fluids and spills.
  • Hypoallergenic. This will help in protecting you and your loved ones from dirt allergens, germs, and dust mites.

3-inch thickness:

Consider purchasing a 3-inch foam mattress topper if you don’t like the 2-inch foam mattress topper. A 3-inch model will offer you lots of benefits, such as:

  • Lasting comfort. When you use a topper to top your mattress, it will ensure that your mattress’s firmness and flexibility stays intact, which makes the mattress lasts for years.
  • Keeps stubborn stains at bay. By choosing a waterproof mattress topper, you will help protect your mattress from stains caused by bodily fluids and spills.

4-inch thickness:

This type of mattress is ideal for those searching for a memory foam mattress’s outstanding comfort for a cheaper price.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the correct density.

  • A low-density memory foam mattress is soft to protect you from soreness when you wake up each morning.
  • If you want a more durable and firm mattress to help keep you afloat for long go for high-density.
  • When sharing the bed with your partner, a mattress that will help isolate motion and allow you to sleep peacefully is a medium-density 4-inch foam mattress.

5-inch thickness:

A mattress that ranges higher than 5-inches often comes with two or more layers to offer you better support.

  • A 5-inch memory foam mattress if a breeze to set up, turn. All you should do is air dry it in the washing machine.
  • This mattress often works well as a stand-alone mattress for small children and as a mattress topper too.

6-inch thickness:

  • You should get this type of mattress if you find it hard to climb on your bed and want a mattress, which is comfy and doesn’t provide lots of height to your bed at the same time.
  • Its many solid layers will help keep you afloat even when topped on a mattress that’s very hard.
  • The weight of this mattress is usually less than 45 kilos, which makes handling easier.

7-inch thickness:

  • This mattress is also low-cost than setting up a standard mattress and foam mattress topper together.
  • The weight of 7-inch memory foam mattress ranges between 35 to 45 kilos, which makes it great to use in RVs for additional comfort.
  • This type is perfect if you want to get a pressure relief mattress that can deal with lightweight sleepers easily and is easier handling

8-inch thickness:

Thinking of the comfort level you want, 8-inch foam mattress will be the perfect option to suit your needs because:

  • If you want a low-cost, standard mattress then this the best choice.
  • The lightweight (less than 45 kilos) 8-inch foam mattress is easy to install, turn, and transport.
  • The mattress is thick and comfy enough for supporting the shoulders, hip, beck, and back.

9-inch thickness:

  • This mattress is perfect if you aren’t too heavy. The reason being, the foam layer is more than that of 8-inch but lesser than 10-inch or higher memory foam thickness.
  • While a mattress that’s less than 9-inches won’t support a grown adult’s body weight alone, the 9-inch foam mattress is the best option to consider.

10-inch thickness:

  • The highest density in this type of mattress thickness will support an average grown-up, weighing about 113 kilos, with ease as the foam layer is sufficient.
  • This mattress comes with the best foam layer that’s supported by a sturdy firm base for the best comfort.

11-inch foam mattress:

  • Additionally, in this thickness, more foam helps make it smoother. There’s a greater feeling of being afloat in this type of memory foam mattress.
  • This thickness is perfect when it comes to mattress thickness as it’s able to support a sleeper weighing over 113 kilos.

12-inch foam mattress

  • This mattress comes with two extra inches to provide you with the best feeling of being afloat when you are asleep. It also offers you more relief from pressure when you’re restricted to bed for many hours.
  • This mattress thickness supports a couple well.  For example, if your partner is weighing about 113 kilos and you want a mattress that will isolate motion properly, then this 12-inch memory foam mattress is the best choice.

13-inch foam mattress:

  • This mattress may not be comfortable for regular patients. The reason being, when combined with the foundation’s height, the bed’s height can get high.
  • The 13-inch memory foam mattress is a little bit heavy to help in supporting the patients who are overweight and want added comfort.
  • If you don’t like the 12-inch or the person who will be using this mattress is a patient, consider getting the 13-inch mattress thickness.

14-inch memory foam:

  • Mattresses that range from 14 to 16 inches are generally custom-made for patients who are overweight and need the best support for spending hours on bed.
  • You should ensure that you do not get a low density of this mattress as an obese patient may sink into it.
  • For added durability, you should use a solid base mattress to support a 10-inch foam mattress.
  • You should also envision the mattress’s height on top of the foundation before buying one. If someone is obese, he or she may find it difficult to climb the mattress.

Knowing memory foam mattress thickness needs to be your top priority when you’re planning to buy one.

The reason being, it will impact many factors like weight, ease of handling, and climbing height of the person it’s appropriate for.

So decide wisely from foam mattresses in the market in different densities to suit your needs.

It is good to also note that the same principles apply when buying a pillow.