The Thuma Bed – Full Analysis And Review

Have you ever thought about your need for a bed?

Most of us don’t, and it is okay. If you are a 20 year old sleeping on a mattress dropped on the floor, older people would not even worry.

As we grow older, our bodies demand for better and more comfortable sleeping positions. A bed frame of your ideal height helps you transition from a sleeping position, to sitting up, to standing.

Some people consider a bed to be traditional in nature, and even if it is borrowed from time, the modern bed is classier and cozier.

Keeping a mattress on a frame allows it to stay aerated and free from mold and pests. Of course, we cannot begin to show you just how important the space underneath the bed is for storage purposes.

One absolute favorite bed frame is the Thuma bed frame. The ease by which this bed can be assembled beats many other frames in the market place.

Why the Thuma bed is one of the best?

Thuma beds are classy because they are made of good quality materials, yet simple for easy assembly and disassembly.

Thuma bed design

This bed’s design is minimalist, but still creates a modern look in your bedroom. The quality craftsmanship on this bed is not only unique, but also eco-friendly.

The exposed Japanese joinery used on this bed gives this bed strength to withstand movement and weight. The frame is made of repurposed and up-cycled materials, saving the environment from excessive damage.

Another unique feature of this frame is the fact that each bed has the rounded handcrafted corners, a protective feature against shin injuries. The wood brings out the imperfections on this bed in a naturally attractive way.

The tool-free frame makes it easy to assemble and disassemble even for a person living alone. When assembled, the walnut finish of this bed not only screams aesthetics, but also class.

The wrapped slats on this bed are strong enough to hold up to 1500 lbs. (680 KGS) of weight. Unlike other slats, the eco-fi felt cushioning on the slats make this bed durable and quiet.

The slats are designed to give your mattress the support it needs to sit on your bed, even with excessive movement. The headboard, which is really a pillowboard is exactly that, a pillow support. There is no connection to the bed frame, which leans this feature towards the functionality end rather than beauty.

Where the traditional headboard for most bed frames serves an aesthetic purpose, this one functions as a support and barrier needed to keep your nice cooling pillows on the bed. It also protects the head when sleeping against hitting the wall if your bed is placed against the wall.

Material used to make a thuma bed

Thuma uses the best materials in making their beds. This bed frame makes a name for itself because it uses recycled materials. While the bed has a walnut colored finish, the frame is repurposed rubberwood harvested from the rubber tree.

The repurposing here means that the tree has reached its peak in latex production and only waits to be rid of, hence used in making furniture. The craftsmanship on the wood is so natural that the bed has all the natural knots and graining.

The slats are from the same wood, but finished with felt, which is recycled plastic. The pillow board is cushioned in 100% polyester pebbled linen-weave.

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This headboard comes in two colors, light linen and dark charcoal color. Even though this could sound like two boring colors, the headboard comes with a zipper, making the cover replaceable and washable when need arises.

The tapered foam filling makes this headboard comfortable to lean against, making it semi-functional compared to headboards attached to a bed for their beauty.

Packaging and shipping

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The manufacturers of this bed place extra effort in packaging their shipments. The bed comes in three boxes, tightly packed to protect the merchandise from scratches and dents.

This package does not use Styrofoam. Thuma prides in using all natural products in making their beds. In every step of production, the company places effort in remaining eco-friendly, which reflects in using natural non-chemical treated wood to make their beds.

It is only considerate to do the same in packaging and shipping, because Styrofoam is a harmful air pollutant. One of the downsides is that Thuma does not manufacture in large quantities.

The shipping can therefore take as long as two weeks to reach the consumer. While it is not a standard norm, the company can use customer retention strategies in case of a delay, to reassure the buyer during the waiting period.

However, if your order is in stock, you may receive your delivery in 1-5 business working days, again, a factor dependent on the country of the buyer.

One thoughtful thing about the packaging is that the three boxes makes it easy to bring the pieces into your house, compared to one large package.

The lighter weight of each of the package is also an added advantage with this kind of wrapping, making it easier to navigate even on stairs.

For the consumer with a small room, unwrapping these packages in the space could present a challenge during unwrapping and assembly. It is advisable to unwrap the packages in another room and move the pieces as you go along.

Assembling the Thuma bed

The assembling and disassembling process is easy and does not require the use of hardware or tools. The boxes are labelled 1-3. You should carefully examine the unwrapped boxes to make sure you have all the pieces for your bed.

Place the pieces where you feel your bed sits best in the bedroom. The legs have ‘u’ joints, which make it potentially easy for one person to fix. With the leg standing upright, insert the long rail into the joint.

While supporting this side, pick the shorter rail and do the same. Repeat this for all the sides until the frame of your bed is standing. Place the center leg where the center rail is and screw it.

The bed frame is ready to carry the center rail, which sits on horseshoes positioned on the inner side of the rails. This rail is fixed by hand tightening the screws through the short rail to the center rail.

The rolled slats are then laid on the bed, making sure all the pieces are held in place by the slat stops. The center leg is a leveler that can be adjusted as needed.

The bed is ready for use, all you need to do is place the mattress on the bed frame, and the pillow board between the wall and your mattress. This process takes about 30 minutes to an hour.

Quality of bed frame

The bed is ready to use, offering the sleeper a sturdier feel compared to other beds. The quality and steadiness of this bed is uncompromised, whether sitting on a carpet or on your floor.

This bed frame is quiet, making it forgiving for the sleeper who tosses and turns excessively in their sleep. The subtle creaking noises experienced with other beds are noticeably gone with this bed.

This is largely due to the felt wrapped around the slats, and the quality in manufacturing expertise. The felt also holds the mattress in place, so the sleeper does not have to worry about any mattress movement, even if the bed is for a child’s room.


An observable construction plus is the even placement of felt on the slats, which gives full support to your mattress. For the buyer who believes in value for money, this bed’s stability negates the need and use of a foundation or a box spring to add support to the mattress.

The height of this bed and the slat placements allow the mattress to breath because of consistent airflow. For the consumer who loves reading a book before sleeping, the cushioned pillow board is strong enough to allow this little pleasure.

It is firm and protects you from the hard wall while sitting up in bed. It is necessary to keep in mind that this board is not as soft as a comfy cushion, therefore relaxing might not be so easy.

For the tossing and turning sleeper, the board, which is a barrier, keeps your pillows in place the whole night.

Cost of the Thuma bed

The big question now would be, do you get value for your money with this purchase?

The eco-friendly process of production, makes this bed worth every coin you spend on it. The thought placed in manufacturing the Thuma bed makes it a favorite among users who can afford it.

Thuma produces this bed in four different sizes;

  • California King size
  • Queensize
  • King size
  • Full size

The California King and the King size go for, check price.

The Queen size is priced at $ 895, and the Full at, view price.

These prices, do not include the shipping fee, which is dependent on your location. Thuma beds come with a free trial period of 100 nights, allowing the consumer a chance to return their purchase in case of dissatisfaction.

For a bed that is able to hold any mattress placed on it, you truly cannot argue with the value in this purchase. The durability of this wooden bed is rivaled by few frames.

After a tool-free assembling process, this bed frame requires minimal maintenance, making it a top choice for the minimalist decorator. The only attention is obvious, dusting. Keen attention has to be taken to protect the natural wood from moisture to prevent rotting and warping.

The fact that the pillow board is removable makes it easy to clean, depending on the color choice you make for this piece. Besides that, this bed won’t need a lot of maintenance.

The market is flooded with classy, modern, and minimalist wooden platform beds. Thuma is one brand among many. There are alternatives for the cost conscious buyer and the functionality minded consumer.

The Zinus Deluxe wood platform bed is a cheaper alternative that offers a similar frame, yet goes at the quarter price of the Thuma bed. One con about his alternative is the lack of a head board.

If you like the idea of reading or watching TV just before dozing off, this bed might not be ideal for you. Many online shops offer an uncountable variety of alternatives, offering a similar frame look and function to the Thuma bed.

The bamboo wood bed is one such example. It is sustainable, durable, and aesthetic, with a much lower price range and a variety of finishes for a budget conscious decorator.

On the other hand, you could be willing to spend a little more on a bed, just for its head board functionality. The Tuft & Needle Company is an example of a high end producer.

The platform bed by this company, the Tuft & Needle wood bed frame is not only appealing, but also has a functional head board. This platform bed is built to be more durable than the Thuma bed, making its high cost quite understandable.

The head board is more usable besides its artistic value. The fact that Tuft & Needle is a one stop shop makes this producer appealing to a less fussy consumer.

You can purchase a Tuft & Needle mattress as well as accessorizing items for your bed at the same shop you get your bed, making shopping easy and hassle free.

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Why buy the thuma beds

The bottom line is that Thuma bed frames are a favorite for many shoppers, with good reason. The company does not sacrifice style and sophistication for functionality and minimalism.

Made from repurposed natural wood, this bed is eco-friendly and boasts of a unique craftsmanship in its manufacturing. The simplicity of the clean lines, the thoughtfully curved bed corners, and the natural wood frame make this bed a splendor in its simplicity.

The functionality of the pillowboard could have used some extra thought to add to the beauty of the bed, though it still serves the purpose. For the decorator who loves bed placements that are away from the wall, this pillowboard and the bed would not be ideal for you.

In this way, the Thuma bed limits decorating creativity for the adventurous decorator. That said, this bed’s durability is still a safe choice for the once-for-a-lifetime decorator.

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