Should I Get A Queen Or Full Size Bed?

In most instances, individuals confuse a queen bed with a double bed. But these beds have significant differences. Also, they each meet distinct individual requirements.

Usually, a queen bed is slightly bigger than a double bed. So, most couples tend to go for the queen bed since it offers extra width and length.

In this article, we look at the notable differences between a queen and a full-size bed.

Differences between a queen bed and a double bed

Dimensions of the bed

A queen bed measures 60 by 80 inches. Conversely, a double or full-size bed is 6 inches less in width and 5 inches less in length than the queen bed.

Thus, the double bed measures 54 by 75 inches. As a result, the full-size bed provides a personal area of 27 inches while a queen bed offers an individual area of 30 inches.

Costs of the bed

Queen beds are more massive and bulkier hence more expensive. Besides, their accessories are more pricey than those of the double bed. So, if you have a tight budget, a full-size bed will be your best option.

Users of the bed

Couples highly commend Queen beds. Even though double beds can accommodate couples, they do not offer extra space. Thus, they are not the best option for couples who are active sleepers.

Recommended rooms

While homeowners can place queen beds in master bedrooms, full-size beds are common in standard rooms. They are mostly used by hotels and guest rooms with limited spaces.

So, if you have limited space, the full-size bed is a good option. There is also the option of buying a foldable full size guest bed.

Advantages and disadvantages of a queen bed

Pros of a queen bed:

Compared to the double bed, the queen bed has extra length. Thus, they offer additional space for sleepers to toss and turn throughout the night. Also not forgetting it is simple to spread a queen bed.

So, couples can have a restful night’s sleep on the queen bed. Moreover, single sleepers can also sleep comfortably with their pets at night. As a result, they boost your physical, mental, and emotional health.

Cons of a queen bed:

  • Occasionally, the queen bed could be smaller for couples who love extra personal space. So, a king bed would serve as an alternative.
  • The queen bed is pricier compared to the full-size bed. Thus, it may not be a good option if you have a fixed budget.

Full-size bed advantages and disadvantages


  • The double bed accommodates limited spaces. Thus, you need not worry if you have standard size rooms. It can fit these rooms, and you’ll get them at affordable prices.
  • A double bed is less expensive than the queen bed. Therefore, it is a good option for individuals with less to spend.
  • A double bed provides ease during transportation. It is less bulky, thus easy to carry.
  • The majority of hotels, resorts, and guest rooms use the double folding bed. Additionally, it is the best bed size for children transitioning into teenage hood.


  • Since it has limited space, it may not be a comfortable option for couples. Therefore, it could lead to discomfort at night. As a result, couples can develop bedsores, among other health complications.
  • If you are exceptionally tall, the double bed can leave your feet hanging over the edge. As a result, you will experience discomfort when sleeping.

Queen bed vs. King bed Comfort

The size of a mattress influences and individual’s comfort at night. More significant and thicker mattresses would be more comfortable to sleep with.

The size of the mattress should support both your height and weight. So, if you have a lot of weight, consider buying a queen bed instead of a double bed.

Also, since the queen-sized bed is more massive, it prevents your feet from hanging over the edge. If you sleep with your partner or child, consider purchasing the queen bed.

Queen bed vs. King bed price

Bed frames for queen beds are more costly due to their size. They also need a headboard, which adds to the costs. Unlike a queen bed, a double bed only accommodates two pillows.

Moreover, queen size bedsheets are less costly than king size bed sheets. They are also easily accessible; thus, manufacturers tend to lower their prices.

Occasionally, king size duvets and bedsheets are hard to find. So, the few manufacturers can overprice them. Thus, you’ll spend less buying accessories for a double bed.

Queen bed vs. king bedroom size

Before buying either of these beds, always measure the size of your room. This way, you can determine your most suitable bed size alternative. As seen earlier, the king bed is much bigger than the queen bed.

So, if you don’t have a large master bedroom of more than 12 by 12 feet, the king bed would not fit. These beds are only accommodated in massive rooms.

On the flip side, a queen bed can fit in a room measuring ten by 10 feet. Thus, if you have a standard room, consider purchasing a queen bed.

The majority of individuals in apartments buy queen beds due to standard rooms. Furthermore, note that the queen size bed always leaves room for adding extra décor or furniture.

So, if you want to spice up your bedroom with additional furniture, the queen bed would be a good option. King size beds will limit you if you want to customize your room.


When contemplating between buying a queen bed or a double bed, there are many factors to consider.

There is no better option between the two because it all depends on what you need. The queen bed is more massive.

Thus, it is costly and only fits in larger rooms. So, as much as you desire to buy a queen bed, you have to consider your room space.

On the other hand, a double bed is a good alternative if you are a single sleeper. It is less bulky and offers easy transportation.

As seen from the above article, both the double and queen bed each offer their advantages and disadvantages. Your needs and budget will ultimately determine the type of bed you will choose.